Mixhub vs Zuddl: A Quick Comparison

Online events are indeed more convenient, a lot quicker and more effective than their in-person counterparts. Though online events are known for delivering faster results, hosting online events is not a piece-of-cake. Hosting online events requires planning, brainstorming, discussing ideas, forming strategies and a Suitable Online Event Platform. Here, we will talk and compare the top two online event platforms preferred by maximum event organizers- Mixhub vs Zuddl.

Let us dive into the blog and see which of these two platforms meet your requirements in a better way.

1. Mixhub: 

Mixhub is a 3D online event platform that lets users plan and host their events all by themselves in the easiest and most convenient way. Mixhub is known for empowering users with the ability to ideate, execute and manage their events just the way they want. 

It has redefined the meaning of freedom in the most technical and advanced ways. With it, users no longer have to rely on the online event platform company to plan and design their events. 

All they have to do is subscribe to the online event platform, and host events whenever they like, and however they prefer.

Best Suitable For 

Mixhub is a robust online event hosting platform that lets users create and deliver events of all kinds and categories. 

However, when it comes to the best cases of using Mixhub, one can use this solution to deliver excellent

  • Webinars
  • Online Meetings
  • Online Conferences
  • Online Networking Events

Key Features of Mixhub: 


Mixhub is a customizable online event software; it means users can add a touch of personalization to their technology-based online events.


It is a scalable online platform; it means it is compatible with hosting events beyond their type and scale.


It  is a browser-based solution; it means no need for downloading additional applications and software.

4.DIY Interface:

It has a unique DIY interface, which means users plan and host events on their own.


No compromises happening when it comes to the security of users and their events. This platform is completely safe and secure.

Tools Offered By Mixhub: 

1.Broadcasting Studio: 

The feature that makes this platform unique and a highly sought-after choice is its professional Livestream broadcast studio for events. This feature enables users to deliver their events in the most seamless, expertised and professional manner.


Organizers can record their online events, save the recording and later, share them as per their requirements.

3.Detailed Analytics Dashboard: 

This platform offers an exclusive detailed analytics dashboard that helps users analyze their strategies and planning for events.

4.Live Polls and Live Chat: 

To keep attendees engaged and maintain a consistent audience engagement rate throughout the online event, users get features such as live chat, live polls, Q&A, and so much more.

5.Backstage Access: 

For all those last minute preps and technical checks, organizers get backstage functionality, similar to their offline counterparts.

Pricing Structure of Mixhub: 

It  comes with a custom-priced model consisting of three plans. Organizers can pick and choose which model they would prefer, depending on their requirements and needs. 

It offers three different subscription models. However, one advantage all its users get is they all get to use this platform absolutely free for one whole month. 

Apart from it, other two plans of this platform are Growth and Enterprise plan.


Zuddl is another similar online and hybrid event platform, which comes with a super easy and convenient interface. It is an all-in-one online platform with all the features that organizers need to deliver their events in the most seamless and subtle ways. 

Features of Zuddl: 


Zuddl is a customizable platform, which means users get to personalize their online events by themselves. 

2.Drag and Drop Functionality: 

It comes with a Drag and Drop interface, which means users can design the platform simply by dragging and dropping elements. 

3.Audience Engagement and Networking Tools: 

To enable attendees to interact, communicate and network, and keep them hooked, Zuddl offers a wide range of audience engagement and networking tools. These tools include Q&A, Raise Hand, 1:1 Networking Tools and so much more. 

4.Live and Detailed Analytics: 

Users get the advantage of live and detailed analytics which helps them measure and analyze their strategies and calculate their ROI. 

Pricing Structure of Zuddl: 

Like Mixhub, Zuddl also comes with a subscription based and quotation based pricing plans. 

Zuddl comes with only one pricing plan, that costs $2000 at one time purchase. This makes Zuddl a less convenient plan for small scale organizers and freelancers. Unlike Mixhub, it doesn’t offer a free plan to its users. 

Similarities and Differences Between Mixhub and Zuddl

Feature MixhubZuddl
Use CasesWebinars, Online Conferences, Online Meetings, and all kinds of online events. Online trade shows, Online career fairs, sales kick off, etc. 
Broadcasting StudioYesYes
Free PlanYesNo

Final Word: 

When we compare both the platforms, it can be seen that Zuddl and Mixhub both have almost the same features. However, one feature that makes complete difference is the Pricing structure of both the online event hosting platforms. 


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