Hopin or Hubilo, Which is a Better Online Event Hosting Platform ?

Gone are the days when sending a meeting invite on Whatsapp and having them over a simple meeting platform would do. Times are advancing, and people want more than normal and ordinary. And to deliver extraordinarily, online event organizers need extraordinary platforms. When it comes to excellent online event hosting platforms, two popular names that pop up in mind are Hopin and Hubilo. In this blog, we are talking about Hopin and Hubilo. 

Without any ado, let us jump right into the blog.

What is Hopin? 

Hopin is one of the most renowned all-in-one online event planning and hosting platforms. Being a highly scalable and flexible platform, it lets users plan and hosts their events beyond any scale and type. Hence, if you are an independent organizer or small or large business owner, you can make use of this platform and deliver exclusive events. 

When we talk about what makes Hopin, Hopin? There’s actually a lot to count on. It comes with a very advanced and powerful interface with tools such as virtual reception areas, lobbies, stages, networking sessions, and so much more. 

Also, talking of features, one gets tools such as live analytics, ticketing, email automation, and much more. 

What is Hubilo? 

Like Hopin, Hubilo is also an online planning and hosting platform that comes with modern tools, features, and approaches, letting users deliver unique event experiences. 

Hubilo can actually be used for several kinds of users and events, be it small to mid-scale organizations. One can rely on this platform to host educational events, webinars, expos, networking events, and much more. 

Talking of its features, one gets virtual booths, customizable touch points, a networking lounge, and much more. 

A Quick Comparison Between Hopin and Hubilo

When it comes to comparing both platforms, here we have compared both platforms on the basis of a few factors. Let us quickly go through it and find which name wins the race for the best online event platform. 

Integrating Capabilities: 


Hopin comes with integration with a wide range of software and marketing platforms such as Cvent, Slido, Twitter, Slack, Intercom, and so many more.


However, when we talk about integrations provided by Hubilo, the options are quite limited. It offers integration with Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc. 

Marketing Tools and Functionalities: 


It comes with several additional marketing tools and functionalities such as email marketing, detailed analytics, registration, referral programs, ticketing, and more. 


On the other hand, Hubilo also provides all the marketing tools similar to Hopin. However, it doesn’t provide any referral programs

Networking and Audience Engagement: 


Hopin comes with a plethora of tools to keep the audience engaged and hooked during ongoing online events. These tools include live polls, live chats, video chats, surveys, group and 1:1 chats, etc. 


Talking of the tools provided by Hubilo, one gets live chat, speed networking tools, gamification, and more. 

Detailed Analytics and Dashboard: 


With Hopin’s detailed dashboard, one can get live details and statistics of activities pre, during, and post events. With its dashboard, one can know the number of attendees, activities on sponsor booths, time spent by attendees in the event, and several other things. 


When it comes to the reports one can get from the analytics dashboard, there isn’t much of a difference between both platforms. However, the dashboard of Hubilo is more elaborated, and it disseminates information with graphs, making things more understandable. 

Customer Support: 


Hopin comes with round-the-clock chat and email support for its users. Not only this, but it also provides a Knowledge Base as well as training sessions to the users. 


When it comes to customer support, it offers chat support along with a Knowledge Base. When we move higher with the plans, users get a call and email support on this platform. 

Pricing Plans: 


Hopin comes with different pricing plans, the first and most basic plan of which is completely free of cost. It comes as a great advantage for organizers who wish to try this platform for some time before moving ahead with other plans. 


The most basic plan of this platform starts at a rate of $99/month per organizer. What one needs to know about this plan is that it doesn’t even have the most basic features. 

Feature HopinHubilo
Integrating CapabilitiesMore options are available; it integrates with platforms such as Twitter, Slack, Slido, etc. The choice is restricted; it includes platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. 
Referral ProgramsYesNo
Free PlanYesNo
AnalyticsLess ElaboratedMore Elaborated
Customer Support24/7 chat support even in the most basic plans. Users get the call and email support in the premium plans. 
CustomizationExtensive customization capabilitiesLimited options available 
NetworkingLess Interactive Features More Interactive Features

Our Final Verdict: Their Best Alternative- Mixhub

There’s no denying that Hubilo and Hopin are the best of their worlds, and choosing one of them can be quite challenging. 

Both of these platforms have their own pros and cons. Where Hopin comes with a free plan, making it a more suitable choice, Hubilo has an upper hand when it comes to networking options. 

However, we suggest you keep your event objectives in mind before picking up one name. 

But, before you make any final choice, let us take you through their best alternative, which comes with all the features both these platforms lack. So, be it a wide range of networking options which Hopin doesn’t have or a free plan that Hubilo doesn’t, this platform has it all. 

The platform known as the best alternative to both these platforms is Mixhub. 

It is one of the best and highly flexible online event hosting platforms, known for delivering advanced and the most unique event experiences. 

Talking of the features, Mixhub offers: 

  • A professional Broadcasting Studio
  • Scalability
  • Customizability
  • Extensive audience engagement and interactivity tools
  • Free plan
  • Detailed and well-elaborated analytics
  • DIY Interface

So, while you plan your online event and before you end up choosing the wrong platform, try Mixhub once. You can book your demo on Mixhub absolutely free. 

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