Hopin vs Airmeet: Most Suitable Online Event Platform for Your Next Event

Online events and online event platforms are something that gained extreme popularity in the past few years. The world we are living in is dominated by technology, and owing to that, we have a plethora of online event platforms in the market. Two of many such online event platforms are Hopin and Airmeet, and this blog is all about comparing Hopin and Airmeet, i.e. Hopin vs Airmeet.

So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the features that one should know about these two platforms and features where they stand apart from each other. 

Airmeet: An Overview

Airmeet is one of the most preferred solutions amongst users across the globe. A one-stop solution for online event needs, Airmeet is proficient in hosting webinars, networking events, and all other online events. It comes with an easy-to-access interface that makes it convenient for users to plan and host their events on this platform. 

When it comes to the features Airmeet provides to its users, there is a lot to count on. Let us look at what makes this platform unique and one of the top names in the online event industry. 

1. Browser-Based Solution: 

Airmeet is a browser-based platform, making it easier for attendees to attend the events without additional installations. 

2. Quality-Controlled Streaming: 

Like other online event platforms, Airmeet also provides HD streaming. However, one feature that sets it apart from others is the users get full control to change their streaming settings. It means that in case of a slow internet connection, users can change their streaming settings to low quality. 

3. Secure: 

Airmeet is one of the most secure and safe online event streaming platforms which you can use to stream your events without worrying about any security breach. Airmeet lets users password-protect their online events. It means only those who have the correct credentials can log in to the platform to attend the event. 

4. Social Lounge: 

The Social Lounge feature provided by Airmeet provides users with several opportunities to build one-on-one connections with each other during the online event. The advanced tools of Airmeet, including Speed Networking, Virtual Tables, and more, let users connect without any awkwardness. 

5. Virtual Arena: 

The virtual arena of Airmeet allows online event organizers and virtual exhibitors to exhibit their products and services in the best possible way. The advancements of the virtual booths not only make it easier for organizers to display their products, but they can also generate leads through them. 

Hopin: An Overview

Hopin is another popular name in the industry that has been delivering all sorts of online events with utmost expertise and perfection. From small meetings to extensive large-scale events, Hopin has gotten everything under the umbrella of online events covered. 

Hopin gives its users the advantage of hosting live and pre-recorded events. When it comes to the features of Hopin, there is a lot to discuss. Some of its most popular features are: 

1. HD Streaming: 

Hopin enables users to stream their events in HD without nuances and disturbances. It helps them deliver the best video streaming experiences to their attendees. 

2. Scalability: 

As we said, Hopin is compatible with hosting all kinds of online events beyond their types and scales. Therefore, users are free to use this platform as per their needs and requirements. 

3. Customizable Pricing Plans: 

As we said, Hopin is a completely scalable and customizable platform that can be capitalized as per the needs and requirements of organizers. One can get a glimpse of this in the pricing structures of Hopin. It comes with a customizable and scalable pricing structure. 

Airmeet vs Hopin: A Quick Comparison

While several features make both these platforms similar to each other, there is a lot more that is different between them. 

Let us have a look at what makes both platforms differ from each other. 

Pricing Structure: 


It comes in different plans, out of which the basic plan is absolutely free of cost and covers all the features one requires to plan and host events. 


The pricing structure of Hopin starts at $99 per organizer/month. 

Event Size and Capacity: 


Airmeet comes with an audience capacity of 1 million people, with a speaker capacity of 16. 


With this platform, organizers can have as many as 100,000 participants present in the online event, with a speaker capacity of 5 on the virtual stage. 



Airmeet is suitable for hosting all kinds of online events. However, its tools, such as live chat, Q&A sessions, live polls, and emoticon reactions, make it a more compatible platform for online conferences and meetings. 


One can use this platform to host webinars, online events, and even live streaming of online events. 

Features AirmeetHopin
AttendeesUpto 1 million attendeesUpto 100,000 attendees
Speakers16 speakers5 speakers
Manual Streaming ChangesYes No
Recording CapabilitiesYes, with Unlimited storage Yes, with 40 GB in the basic plan
Raise HandAttendees can become a part of the speakers’ panel by ‘raising hands’. This feature is limited to the use of hosts and speakers only. 
Q&AYes No
Live Streaming on external platformsYouTube and FacebookYouTube
Pricing StructureBasic plan is free of cost.Pricing starts at $99. 

Final Word: 

Both the platforms have their own sets of limitations as well as USPs, and choosing one name among both would only make sense if organizers consider their objectives and requirements. Experts always suggest considering the event goals one wants to achieve before making any choice. 

So, if you feel Hopin is best for you, choose Hopin. And, if you think Airmeet would help you achieve, go with Airmeet. 

However, there is one platform that is the perfect combination of both platforms, Mixhub. It is one of the best online event-hosting platforms with all the best features, which one can use to host unforgettable events in the most seamless manner. 

To know more about the platform, book your Free Demo today. 

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