How to Host an Online Event All By Yourself?

2022 is almost over, and now when we look back at the past two years, things have changed drastically. From physical events to virtual events, and now almost back to physical events, things have come down a full circle.

However, one thing that we should notice is how online event platforms have evolved since they came into the picture. Earlier platforms that required technical expertise were popular. However, as time went on, self-managed online platforms gained extreme popularity.

There are several self-managed online platforms that let users host events all by themselves. Not only this, these platforms are in-expensive; it means organizers don’t need to spend hefty sums of money in order to host an online event.

Apart from this, what makes them the top choice of users across the globe is that most of them come with a free trial and let users host events free of cost for a fixed period.

Where regular online event platforms require assistance and tech aid, these self-managed online platforms are easy to manage. They can be managed easily and efficiently, and that too without much tech supervision and expertise.

Setting up events on these platforms is very simple, and you can plan and execute your event on such platforms in minimum steps.

We know it is hard to believe; hence, we have compiled a blog with all the steps to host an event by yourself. So, without any further ado, let us start with the blog.

Why Host an Online Event? 

Hosting an online event offers numerous benefits that make it an appealing choice for organizations and individuals alike. The virtual format breaks geographical barriers, granting access to a global audience. It also provides cost-effectiveness as it eliminates the need for physical venues and travel expenses. With flexible scheduling, online events accommodate diverse time zones, ensuring maximum attendance and engagement. Interactivity is enhanced through live chat, polls, and Q&A sessions, creating an immersive experience for participants. The ability to record and offer on-demand access to the event content extends its reach and long-term value. Overall, hosting an online event presents a convenient, scalable, and impactful way to connect, share knowledge, and foster meaningful connections in today’s digital world.

Steps to Host a Free Online Event By Yourself:

1. Visit the website of the online event platform.

2. In the next step, you have to click on Start Free Trial.

3. Now, you have to add your basic details such as username or email id. You will receive an OTP on your email id that you’d need to verify.

4. Moving ahead, Complete your profile by entering your name, and filling out the given questionnaire. Along with it, you will be asked to choose a password for your account.

5. Now that your profile has been set up, you are all set to host your first event too by yourself. What you have to do is click on Create an Event.

6. In the next step, add the title, description, and other necessary information about your event.

7. Since most self-managed online event platforms let users customize their online events, in the next step, you can personalize your online event. Consider the theme and objective of your brand, and customize your online event hosting platform. You can change the logo, lobby branding, touchpoints, background color, and even the virtual booths with such platforms.

8. Once you have customized your platform according to the requirements, your platform will be all set for you to host your event.

Hosting an event on a self-managed platform gives you a sense of freedom because long gone are the days when you’d depend on someone else for you to manage your events. Such platforms are not only easy to manage, but also enable you to save a lot of time. You can also use these platforms to deliver your next event. Start with a free trial today.

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