How to Host Webinars for Free?

We all know how crucial of a role webinars play in the lives of marketers. Several statistics show that as many as 95% of marketers and business professionals rely on webinars to promote their products and services to a global audience. There are several reasons why organizers find webinars reliable. But, what is the meaning of webinars, and how can you host webinars for free on webinar software? 

In this blog, we are going to take you through a few concepts of webinars and ways to host a webinar for free on webinar tools.

What is a Webinar? 

One can define a webinar as an online event where a speaker or a panel of speakers addresses an audience. Webinars are generally formal, and the intent behind hosting a webinar is generally to share knowledge with the audience and address them about a certain topic. Webinars are generally engaging, where the audience puts across their doubts, queries, and questions through the audience engagement tools of the webinar software. 

In simple terms, you can define webinars as seminars conducted on webinar tools. 

As an organizer, here are the most prominent purposes you can fulfill with webinars. 

  • As said, webinars are generally hosted to educate the audience about a certain topic. The best thing about today’s world is that people are willing to learn new things, and it is the reason they will surely turn up for the webinar. Hence, while you educate someone about something, it automatically helps you set yourself up as an authority. Therefore, you can host webinars to make your audience trust your brand. 
  • Webinars are hosted on a larger scale; therefore, they are a great way to introduce your new product and services to a large audience through one platform. 
  • As we told earlier, the fact that makes webinars different from other forms of online events is that they are interactive. As an organization, you can use this fact to form a connection with your audience. 

What are Webinar Tools?

The platforms that allow organizers to plan and host immersive webinars are known as webinar tools. These webinar tools come with several advanced features that help the hosts replicate a real-life event digitally. 

Earlier, webinars were not that interactive; however, with the passage of time, webinar tools started to offer several advanced tools. These tools now let attendees interact with each other, enable speakers to share their screens, record the webinars, and, most importantly, get quantitative results of the webinars quickly. 

Not only this, there are several webinar software in the market that enable users to deliver their webinars quickly, easily and absolutely free. One such prominent webinar tool is WebinarPlus. It is one of the best webinar platforms, which you can use to host successful and unforgettable webinars without having to spend even a single penny.

How Can You Host Webinars on Webinar Tools for Free? 

Now that you know what webinars and webinar tools are, let us move ahead and see how you can use webinar software to host webinars for free. 

1.Select a Team of Professionals: 

We all have grown up hearing quotes like, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Hence, if you want to host webinars that people remember for the time to come, you need to start with selecting your team. Know that the team you select will be given certain responsibilities and affect the success of your webinar directly. Hence, while picking up your team, be sure of the kind of team members you want to work with. 

2.Select the Subject of the Webinar: 

Now that you have your team with you, it’s time to do a little brainstorming and select a subject for your webinar. When you are looking for a suitable subject for your webinar, make sure you know what interests your audience and what doesn’t. Select an impactful topic that would draw your audience’s attention. 

3.Schedule Your Webinar: 

In the next step, you need to pick a suitable date and time for your webinar. While you schedule your webinar, consider all the factors that might affect your audience attendance rate. Make sure the date you choose doesn’t clash with any significant event. Not only this, select a date and time that goes well with your targeted audience. This factor will ensure the maximum audience attendance rate. 

4.Choose a Suitable Free Webinar Software: 

It is probably the most vital step of hosting a webinar; choosing the suitable free webinar software. Owing to the popularity of webinars, the online event industry has a plethora of webinar software available. You can choose any of those platforms to host your webinars. However, while choosing a platform for your webinar, be clear about your theme, subject, your target audience, budget, and other considerations. 

Though the online event industry is flooded with several webinar software, we would recommend you to choose Webinar Plus. It is an advanced webinar tool that would help you host webinars for free. 

5.Promote Your Upcoming Webinar: 

Now that all your webinar preparations are done, it is time to let the world know about your webinar. Promote your webinar effectively; it is the only way you will get more attendees to your webinar. To promote the webinar, you can use social media advertising, paid media advertising, traditional media, email marketing, and many other ways. 

6.Rehearse Before Hitting Up the Stage: 

Now, many organizers tend to overlook this step; however, you need to ensure you don’t end up doing this. The significance of practicing doesn’t need any emphasis. Therefore, it is always recommended to rehearse enough before the webinar. One or two rehearsal sessions will help you know the technicalities of the webinar software. 

7.Collect Feedback: 

If you think hosting a webinar is all till having an audience and addressing them, you are wrong. No event is over until you know your audience’s reviews. Hence, in this case, also you need to know what your audience thinks your webinar was. You can send them feedback forms as soon as your webinar gets over. It is a crucial step to measuring the success of your webinars and maintaining a great relationship with your audience. 

8. Analyze and Learn:

Analyze attendee feedback, engagement metrics, and overall performance of the webinar. Use this data to improve future webinars and refine your webinar hosting skills. Based on the feedback and analytics, identify the aspects of the webinar that worked well and those that need improvement. Celebrate the successes and take note of the areas that could be enhanced. Understanding your audience’s needs and preferences will help you tailor future webinars to better suit their interests.

Webinars have been a part of the top marketers’ top choices for promotions. The only reason behind this is the numerous advantages webinars offer to organizers. 

When it comes to hosting a webinar, it is not as tricky as one might think. The only requirement for planning a unique webinar is an efficient webinar tool. Webinar Plus, a free webinar tool, is one such webinar platform that has been delivering successful webinars for quite some time now. You can also get your hands on this webinar tool, and deliver exclusive webinar experiences. 

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