How to Setup Live Streaming Studio For Your Event ?

Once a very alien concept, online events, and online event technologies have now become an integral part of our lives. With new advancements daily, the online event industry is going at a very fast pace. Talking of the advancements, there’s a lot that the online event industry is seeing on a daily basis. One such concept is a live streaming studio, simply called the broadcasting studio for online events. 

There are several online event platforms that offer a professional setup for live streaming for events to their users. One such platform is Mixhub

Mixhub’s broadcasting studio for live streaming for events is unique in several ways. Not only this, one factor that makes this platform special is how easy it is to broadcast the events live from this setup. 

This blog talks about how one can set up the professional broadcasting studio for live streaming of their event in the most convenient way, with a platform called Mixhub. 

But before diving into the process, let us understand the meaning of a live streaming studio or broadcasting studio, as it is popularly known. 

To define it in simple terms, a live streaming studio is simply a technical setup that comes with all the features an organizer needs to produce and live streaming for events. Talking of Mixhub’s live streaming studio, it comes with all the advanced tools and features that give organizers the complete freedom to plan, produce and live stream their events. 

Features of Mixhub’s Live Streaming Studio: 

1. Backstage Access:

Organizers and speakers can interact before the session and do all the last-minute checks.

2. Raise Hand:

Attendees can raise their hands if they wish to be a part of the panel and interact with the speakers directly. 

3. Audience Engagement Tools:

Attendees can interact with each other, organizers, and even the speakers while the session is going on. 

4. Screen Sharing:

Speakers get to share their screens to add value to their content. 

5. Multiple Scenes:

Organizers get to manage the run show of their entire event in different segments, called scenes. 

How to Set Up Mixhub’s Live Streaming Studio? 

As we mentioned, Mixhub is a very easy-to-use platform. Now only this, setting up the studio is simple and can be set up with a few clicks. All you need to do is follow these easy steps: 

  1. To begin with, you first need to register yourself with Mixhub. Once done, you would need to click on create an event.
  1. In the next step, you will be required to fill in the basic information related to your event, including its name, logo, and other details. Schedule the event for any date and time zone. 
  1. Once done, head to schedule and click on the session you wish to produce and live stream. On selecting the session, head backstage by clicking on ‘Go Backstage’. 
  1. Choose the microphone and camera from the drop-down menu, and opt for joining the session. 
  1. Now, talking of the backstage features and tools, Mixhub’s live streaming studio is equipped with several advanced features. Some of them are: 

1. Backstage 

2. Media Attachment Zone (Video, Images, PDF, Background Image)

3. Session Timer.

4. Celebration gifs

5. Interaction Zone (Chat , polls, Q&A’s, Join, Public Chat)

6. Live users.

7. Scene Creation based on your show flow

8. Backstage and Frontstage Chat.

9. Backstage and Frontstage Audio Controls.

10. Session Recordings

11. Text overlaying / Display name

Mixhub is one of the most advanced platforms that has redefined the meaning of live streaming for events in the most revolutionary ways. With its live streaming studio, one can give life to their ideas in the simplest and easiest ways possible. 

To get the advantage of this new-age way of delivering events, book your demo today, and enjoy the benefits of Mixhub’s live streaming platform, including a free trial for one complete month. 

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