22 Online Christmas and New Year Party Ideas to Make Your Celebrations Merrier

The festive season is here, and what we hear are carols, jingle bells, and all the excitement buzzing around. Christmas and New Year brings you an opportunity to reunite with friends, family, and colleagues and make memories for a lifetime. With a Virtual Christmas and new year party, you get to create unique memories in a unique way. Now that it’s the festive season again, we are sure you are looking forward to hosting your near and dear ones and hence, searching for some online Christmas party ideas. 

Hence, after recalling several virtual parties, asking our friends, and surfing the internet, we are here with the best and unique 21 Online Christmas Party Ideas that will ensure it is a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Eve for you. 

So, without any ado, let’s dive into the pool of ideas and choose the best for your virtual Christmas and virtual new years eve party.

Best and Most Unique Online Christmas Party Ideas: 

#1 Virtual Christmas Party On a Screen:

Plan an entire virtual holiday party by bringing your teammates, friends, or family on an online meeting platform such as Mixhub. This party will have some games, gossip sessions, fun challenges, and a night full of laughter. Wish to make it more relaxing and memorable? Ask your guests to show up in their favorite pajamas and socks. 

Laugh your hearts out with your colleagues, make memories for a lifetime and boost team bonding. 

#2 Virtual Mixing Session: 

Are you also of the opinion that a virtual Christmas party is not as fun as an in-person party? No. Infuse some boozy vibes into your party by hosting a virtual cocktail mixing session. Deliver custom cocktail kits to your guests before the party, and host a mixing session that is fun and engaging. 

#3 Winter Chalet: 

It is a complete Christmas and holiday-themed event where you and your guests come together on an online meeting platform, have a chit-chat session, narrate some winter legends, and simply have a cozy get-together. Contrary to some popular and jazzy party ideas, it is simple and guarantees a relaxing time for everyone. 

#4 Christmas Bingo: 

Who says you can’t include activities that bring out the competitive sides of your employees? Play a few rounds of Christmas Bingo with your guests, and boost the chances of interaction among them. Make it fun and lifelike by sending e-Bingo cards to your guests before the commencement of the party. 

#5 Christmas Laughs:

How would you like to celebrate your Christmas and end this year? On a happy note, right? What better way than an online comedy session to ensure the same? Host an online comedy show at your Virtual Christmas Party and laugh till your stomach hurts. Ask your guests to prepare something or invite a stand-up comedian to guarantee a memorable time for your guests. 

#6 Virtual Magic Show: 

Make your celebrations magical by hosting a Virtual Magic Show. You can learn and perform tricks by learning from YouTube videos or having a magician onboard. You can get custom magic kits created or use items from your home as well. 

#7 Online Paint n Sip Session: 

What better than sipping some delicious drinks and inviting everyone to unleash their hidden Picasso? Conduct an Online Workshop where you and your guests will learn something artsy while sipping some hot chocolates or wine maybe. You can collaborate with some artists and they will teach you and your guests to paint. 

#8 Online Hot Chocolate Tasting Party: 

The holiday season for us is wearing our warmest sweaters, taking the coziest pair of socks out, and sipping some hot chocolate while enjoying a movie. Sounds like a perfect winter night to us! This Virtual Christmas Party, host an online hot chocolate tasting session for your colleagues, where you all will try hot chocolates of different flavors. For this, you can either send recipes to your guests or send packaged hot chocolates. 

#9 Virtual Photo Booth: 

Is it even possible to not click pictures at a party? Though you are not together, you can still get some fun pictures clicked on Christmas with Virtual Photo Booths and Virtual Backgrounds. All you have to do use an online event platform that comes with virtual photo booths at your party and seal all the precious memories and smiles for life.

#10 Online Holiday Dinner Party: 

You and your guests don’t need to be physically together to enjoy a delicious dinner together. Add a twist to your regular Virtual Christmas Party and host an Online Holiday Dinner Party. For it, you can decide on a menu before the party and ask everyone to prepare it or order it. To make it more real, you and your guests can set your tables similarly. 

#11 Virtual Carol Jamming: 

The essence of Christmas lies in singing carols and having a gala time together with your near and dear ones. Host a Virtual Carol Jamming session, and sing carols with your friends. This Virtual Christmas Party idea will add a touch of reality to your virtual celebrations. 

#12 Virtual Movie Marathon: 

You can never go wrong with a movie night with your friends and colleagues. Host a Virtual Movie Marathon, and watch some top-rated movies. However, we suggest you follow a theme and watch movies around the same. You can later have a discourse around the same with your guests.

#13 Decorate Christmas Tree: 

Decorating the Christmas Tree is an important tradition of Christmas; Make this tradition more special by decorating your christmas trees with the presence of your friends around you. You can host an Online Christmas Tree decoration contest for your guests. It won’t only get everyone into a festive mood but also let them show off their skills. 

Most Fun Online Christmas Games Ideas

#14 Virtual Holiday Coworker Feud: 

It is one of the most unique Online Christmas Games you can plan with your colleagues and have a fun-filled Christmas celebration. In this game, the teams will come up with fun and quick answers to random questions presented by the host. This game would bring out the competitive spirits of your guests and fill your celebrations with thrill and excitement. 

#15 Virtual White Elephant: 

The Virtual White Elephant is an online gift exchange where the participants can steal or exchange mystery gifts. What one should note is, once you exchange gifts, you will be sent the gifts physically after the party. 

#16 Online Holiday Game Show: 

This game show consists of several rounds of puzzles, brain teasers, trivia, and riddles. These games are not only fun and interesting but also enable you and your guests to get into the competitive spirit and bring your minds to action. 

#17 Online Gingerbread House Making: 

Gingerbread decoration and Christmas together have an old history and hence, your celebrations also cannot be completed without an Online Gingerbread House Making contest. You can send Gingerbread kits to your guests before the party and bring your creative side to the table together.  

#18 Online Time Machine: 

Get on the journey of time with your guests, get back in history and explore the culture and traditions related to the festival. This Online Christmas Game is an excellent way to learn more about the history and different decades. Hence, it will enable everyone to gain some knowledge about the festival of Christmas and the legends associated with it. 

#19 Virtual Trivia: 

We all celebrate Christmas every year on December 25. But do you know the reason behind it? We are sure many of your guests don’t. Divide your guests into teams and make them compete through different rounds of trivia. It is a great way to test everybody’s knowledge and share some laughs together. 

#20 Online Merry Mingles: 

This Online Christmas Game will bring your guests together in a very unique way on an online meeting platform and spend quality time together. If you are someone who has friends and family all over the world, there is no better way to bring them together than an Online Merry Mingles. 

#21 Virtual Escape Game Show: 

If you are looking for some ways to boost the morale of your remote employees and fuse some festive vibes, it is the right game. This game consists of several fast-paced rounds consisting of online puzzles and games. The best part about this game is it just needs a simple online event platform and nothing fancy to be hosted. 

#22 Guess the Resolution: 

The onset of a new year is incomplete without setting some resolutions for the upcoming year. We are sure you and your friends have also set some new year resolutions. In fact, resolutions can be a great idea for your virtual new years eve party. You and your friends will guess each other’s new year’s resolution for the upcoming year. It isn’t only a good idea to create some buzz in the party, but also a great idea to learn new things about your peers.

Unique Virtual Christmas Party Ideas to Add Excitement to Celebrations: 

1. Send Tasting Kits: 

If you are planning to host some tasting sessions, don’t forget to send tasting kits to your guests beforehand. It will make your virtual Christmas celebrations more real and boost excitement among your guests. 

2. Good Food Guarantees a Happy Celebration: 

No celebration can get over without food, so can’t be yours. Enable your guests to order food of their choice while the party is going on. It won’t only make them and their choices valued but also make the celebrations more memorable. 

3. Send Gift Hampers: 

Who doesn’t like to feel special? We do, and we know you also love it when someone makes you feel special. We know your guests will love it too. Hence, send beautifully packed gift boxes to your guests. There are several online stores you can contact and get custom-made gift boxes ready and deliver them to your guests’ doorsteps. 

4. Host Online Secret Santa Gift Exchange: 

Is it even Christmas without Santa and gifts? Secret Santa is a famous tradition that several families and offices follow. Now that you cannot come together physically and be somebody’s Secret Santa, you can always do it virtually. 

Use an online tool to pick names for your Secret Santa, and send gifts to each other before the party. You and your guests would need to open the gifts during the party. You can send physical gifts for a personal touch; however, digital gifts are also in trend these days. 

5. Decide a Theme: 

Even though it is an online celebration, it doesn’t mean you can’t set a theme for your party. Having a theme for the party would enable you and your guests to get into the same kind of vibes. However, whatever theme you choose, ensure you design your online meeting platform as well as your activities and games accordingly. 

There are several Virtual Christmas Party Ideas that you can choose from to make your celebrations unique, memorable, and exciting. However, one thing you need to consider the most is the kind of online event platform you are choosing for it. Though there are several platforms available in the market, the best of all is Mixhub. Let Mixhub take care of your upcoming Virtual Christmas Celebration and host a crazy and unique online party. 

6. Invite a Large Number of Crowd: 

When it comes to physical events and parties, accommodating a huge crowd can be a major problem. However, if it is an online Christmas and new year party, you don’t have to worry about anything. Online meeting platforms like Mixhub let you accommodate as many people as you want. Therefore, accommodation isn’t an issue, and you can invite a large crowd for your online Christmas and new year party.

7. Use different rooms for your party

If you want to recreate a home party, you can use breakout groups to create different zones that represent different rooms in your house, each with a different theme. All guests can enter and exit any room as they please. You can set up a disco room for dancing and music, a games room, or a room for casual conversation and drinks. 

8. Celebrate a variety of holidays

December is a month with many holidays. Use virtual parties as an opportunity to celebrate other holidays as well. You can also ask people who celebrate different holidays to prepare special activities. This includes everything from preparing traditional meals to performing dances to playing games.

Final Words: 

There are several Virtual Christmas Party Ideas that you can choose from to make your celebrations unique, memorable, and exciting. However, one thing you need to consider the most is the kind of online event platform you are choosing for it. Though there are several platforms available in the market, the best of all is Mixhub. Let Mixhub take care of your upcoming Virtual Christmas Celebration and Virtual New Years Party. Host a crazy and unique online party, and give 2022 the perfect send off. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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