Unique Online Event Hosting Ideas For Universities

Events have been an integral part of colleges and universities, for they breathe fresh air into the rather boring culture. It has always been events that tend to attract new students and keep the old ones entertained. Since colleges and universities also faced the wrath of the pandemic, live and physical events had come to a halt. However, it was the time virtual events and virtual education took hold of the steering wheel. 

Ever since then, online college events and virtual event solutions for colleges have gained enormous popularity. 80% of people join virtual events for educational purposes. And ever since the introduction of online events for colleges, things are just getting better. 

If you are also planning to host virtual events for colleges and wish to gain some more knowledge about them, you are on the right platform. 

Here, we will talk about everything online events for colleges and universities. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let us know more about online events for colleges. 

Meaning of Online College Events: 

As the name clearly describes, online college events are simply the events that colleges and universities host for their students, teachers, and other members on board over a web space. 

A few examples of such events are online annual fests, orientation sessions, MUNs, and so many more. 

Like every other event, college and university events were also hosted physically; however, things changed in the past few years, and we have a newer, better, and more convenient version of these events. 

Online university events are hosted over virtual event solutions for colleges and universities. Also, as we mentioned, online college events are not only about virtual education sessions, webinars, and lectures. It is a vast sea with endless options and creative solutions. 

Talking of the advantages of online college events, here are a few factors one should note: 

1.Participation From Across the World: 

Like every other online event, the advantage of hosting online events for colleges and universities is they allow students to connect from across the globe. We all know how diverse colleges and universities are, and attending every physical event becomes impossible at times. 

One thing we have learned from the pandemic is that life is very unpredictable, and things can go wrong at any time. Considering situations like this, it is better suggested to stay prepared all the time. Online events allow people to stay connected all the time, even when there are travel-related restrictions.

2.Cost Efficient: 

The next most significant advantage of virtual college events is they are cost-effective for both attendees and organizers. Talking from the organizers’ point of view, one needs to think about the venue, accommodation, refreshments, stationary, and many other things in case of physical events. Also, while talking from the attendees’ point of view, they have to spend on travel, hotel, and many other things. With things being online, neither attendees nor organizers need to worry about all these factors, enabling them to save huge amounts of money. 

3.Better Engagement: 

45% of Virtual event organizers said their primary goal for an online event experience is to create engagement with their target audience. In the case of physical events, the attendees and organizers don’t get enough opportunities to connect with others. However, with online college events and virtual event solutions for colleges, students get a database of all their fellow attendees, and they can connect with multiple people at one time. Also, they don’t have to worry about others disturbing them. 

4.Detailed Analytics: 

One of the most important advantages of hosting online university events is they let organizers analyze their events in detail. With a powerful and the best live event platform such as Mixhub, you can get a detailed and real-time analytics dashboard, which would enable you to analyze which of your strategies were a hit and which couldn’t perform at par. 

5. Real-time Feedback and Surveys:

Virtual event platforms enable organizers to collect real-time feedback from attendees through interactive surveys, polls, and other engagement tools. This immediate feedback loop is invaluable for organizers to gauge the audience’s level of satisfaction, understand their preferences, and assess the effectiveness of the event in real-time. During the event, organizers can use live polls to gather opinions on specific topics, allowing attendees to actively participate and share their views. Additionally, interactive surveys can be conducted to gain insights into attendee experiences, content relevance, and areas of improvement. This real-time feedback provides valuable data that organizers can use to make on-the-spot adjustments and tailor the event to better meet the needs of the audience.

Most Popular Types of Online College Events: 

Like we said, virtual college events are more than regular meetings, lectures, virtual educational sessions, and webinars. Here are the most popular types of virtual college events: 

1.Online Conferences: 

Online conferences are generally formal events that consist of discussions, Q&A sessions, lectures, etc. There are several online conference platforms that let users host immersive and engaging online conferences with utmost ease. Not only this, online conference platforms like Mixhub offer users audience engagement tools such as live chat, polls, Q&A sessions, etc. These tools enable attendees to connect in real-time. 

2.Virtual Graduation Ceremony: 

Online Graduation ceremonies have gained popularity in the last few years. These events let students make the most of their graduation ceremony without being physically present at the venues. 

3.Online Job Fairs: 

Online Job Fairs provide a virtual platform for students to connect with company representatives from across the globe and enable them to find job opportunities. These fairs eliminate the need to travel and appear for interviews physically. 

4.Online Alumni Reunions: 

Virtual alumni reunions enable alumni of an institution to come together, connect and relive their good old campus days. Since there are always chances that alumni of an institute get settled in different corners of the world, online alumni reunions prove to be of great advantage in such cases. 

5.Virtual Campus Tours: 

It is not always possible to visit a college and take a physical campus tour before enrolling in it, especially when the college is in a different country. Online campus tours allow students to take a tour of the campus without visiting the college in real life. 

What are the Must-Have Features in a Virtual Event Solution For Universities? 

Choosing a virtual event solution is definitely not an easy task, especially when we have a plethora of platforms available in the market. However, there are certain features that one should always consider in a virtual event platform for academic events. 

Some of these features are: 

1.Virtual Auditoriums: 

Virtual auditoriums are a must-have feature in an online platform, as they give a real-life feel to sessions, discussions, speeches, etc. Not only this, virtual auditoriums come with several features such as live chat, Q&A, live polls, and so many more. 

2.Online Booths: 

The next must-have feature in an online platform is an online booth. These booths will enable exhibitors to showcase their products as well as attendees to learn about them. Virtual booths are an integral part of online college events such as job fairs. 

3.Audience Engagement Tools: 

While you look for a virtual event platform for academic events, always choose an option that comes with a set of immersive audience engagement tools. These tools enable attendees to connect with each other as well as with the speakers, exhibitors, guests, etc. Audience engagement tools infuse the sense of reality in virtual events; you just can’t have an event without these tools. 

Mixhub is considered one of the best live event platforms that come with the best audience engagement tools. You can choose this platform and enable your attendees to connect with each other smoothly. 


You would want to make sure that maximum people attend your events, and for that, you need to have access to a platform that is easily accessible. Hence, always choose a platform with an easy and intuitive interface. Not only this, make sure that the online event platform you choose is multi-device accessible. It will enable you to tap into a wider audience and expand the reach of your online event. 

5.Detailed Analytics: 

The feature of real-time analytics enables users to analyze the strategies and measure the success of their online events. With this feature, it becomes easier for them to calculate the success of their event with the reference of statistics and data. 

Mixhub, one of the best live event platforms, comes with a detailed live analytics dashboard that provides data of an event with utmost precision and accuracy. 

Choose the Best Virtual Platform For Educators- Mixhub

One factor that plays a significant role in determining the success of your online event is the online event platform you’d choose for your event. Hence, it becomes automatically necessary to choose nothing but the best. It is, therefore, suggested to select the best live event platform, which is Mixhub. 

Mixhub comes with all the features one needs to plan and host online events for colleges and universities. 


Q. What are online events for universities?

Online events for universities refer to virtual gatherings, activities, or programs organized by educational institutions that engage students, faculty, staff, and sometimes the broader community through virtual event platforms.

Q. Why are online events important for universities?

Online events allow universities to overcome physical limitations and connect with students. They promote student engagement, provide opportunities for learning, networking, and foster a sense of community within the university environment.

Q. How colleges can use webinars?

Colleges can use webinars to deliver lectures, share research findings, host panel discussions, or provide training sessions. They are an effective way to share knowledge and engage with students worldwide.

Q. How can universities ensure the success of virtual alumni reunions?

Universities can ensure the success of virtual alumni reunions by using social media and alumni networks to promote the event, organizing interactive activities such as online games or quizzes, sharing memories, providing opportunities to network, and recognizing alumni achievements.

Do you know what the cherry on the cake is? Mixhub is a free online platform that lets users test the platform for one complete month without paying any cost. 

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