A Complete Guide to Ideating And Executing Successful Online Conferences

The last two years have very well acquainted us with the concept of virtual conferences. Online conferences have gained tremendous popularity and have become everyone’s go-to choice.

A trend that changed the dynamics of hosting events and conferences, virtual conferences will completely take over the regular conferences in no time.

If you are also planning to try your hand at virtual conferences, this is the guide you should follow.

Here, we will be talking about everything you need to know about virtual conferences.

What Do You Mean by Online Conference?

As understood by the name, an online conference is a conference hosted over a Virtual Conference Platform. The attendees can be a part of a conference, interact with each other, and access the content through their devices. As mentioned, the technological factor that makes it possible to host conferences over the internet is a digital event platform.

Since Virtual Conference Platforms are accessible through the internet, the attendees do not have to travel or spend money and time to be a part of a virtual conference. All they need to do is log on to the Virtual Conference Platform.

Online conferences have proven to be more beneficial, quick, money, and time-saving than the traditional conference setups.

Also, online conferences emerged as a beacon of light during the pandemic, when hosting in-person conferences wasn’t possible.

Also, contrary to popular belief, online conferences are as immersive and engaging as their physical equivalents. The only requirement is to have a proper skill set and an efficient online conference platform.

How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

Virtual conferences and physical conferences resemble each other in many ways. They are similar; the only difference between them is the mode of hosting. Where virtual conferences are completely technology-driven, physical conferences are held at a physical location.

Hosted on a Virtual Conference Platform, one might think that a virtual conference is a kind of rocket science. However, contrary to this, planning and hosting a virtual conference is as easy, if not more, as planning a physical conference. Planning and executing your ideas on an online conference platform is way more beneficial and instantaneous than planning a physical conference.

To attend a conference on an online conference platform, all the attendees need to do is simply sign up on the Virtual Conference Platform from their device.

Virtual conferences are way less demanding than their in-person counterparts. The only requirement is an online conference platform compatible device and a stable internet connection.

Did You Know?

Around 22% professionals prefer hosting multi-day virtual conferences, as they believe they are more impactful for the business objectives.

Source: Thrive My Way

What Are the Advantages of Virtual Conferences?

There is no doubt that online conferences are beneficial to organizers as well as the attendees. Some of them are:

Easily Accessible:

The first and foremost advantage of virtual conferences is that they are easily accessible. Since they are hosted on Digital Event Platforms, they completely eliminate the need to travel to attend a conference. It helps people save money that they would have spent on tickets, hotels, food, etc. Also, it is not always feasible to travel from one place to another. All these things get eliminated in the case of virtual conferences. The attendees can attend the conference from anywhere in the world. Virtual conferences allow the organizers to tap into a wider audience, which increases the attendance rate of the conferences.

More Flexible:

The next advantage of hosting virtual conferences is they are more flexible. Since there are several online conference platforms that are multi-device and browser compatible, they provide flexibility to the attendees. The attendees can access the online conference platform from any device of their choice from any part of the world. Not only this, they allow the attendees to multitask while the conference is going on. On top of that, with these platforms, the attendees do not have to wake up early and spend hours reaching the venue to join the conference. They can simply log in a few minutes before the conference goes live.

24/7 Availability:

Talking of the next advantage, virtual conferences are available round the clock, which the attendees can access anytime. Several Online Conference Platforms allow the organizers to record the online conferences and later use the recordings to refer to at any time of the day. It comes as a great advantage. It is because no matter how hard they try, the attendees end up missing a few pieces of information during physical conferences. Virtual conferences don’t let the attendees do that; they can always refer to the recording in case of any doubt.

Data Analytics:

Next and possibly one of the most significant advantages of using an online conference platform to host conferences is getting detailed analytics and statistics of what has happened at the conference. Keeping a count of attendees and their activities is something that is impossible in the case of physical conferences. However, efficient online conferences let you do that with utmost ease. The real-time data is of great importance for the organizers when it comes to analyzing the strategies, measuring the success of the conference, and planning future events.


Like we said earlier, when it comes to hosting conferences on online conference platforms, the attendees, as well as organizers, don’t need to spend hefty sums of money. The major expenses of the organizers include the online conference platform. Also, the attendees only need to spend on the registration fee. Apart from that, online conferences eliminate all other expenses that generally come with physical conferences.

Environment Friendly:

The next advantage of online conferences is their eco-friendliness. One needs to travel to attend a physical conference, which leads to immeasurable carbon emissions. Not only this, but physical conferences also lead to a lot of wastage, be it of food, printed material, fuel, etc. All these factors contribute to an increase in carbon footprint, which has several harmful effects on the environment. However, this is not the case with online conferences; virtual conferences are environmentally friendly.

What are the Factors One Needs to Consider to Host Online Conferences?

Planning a virtual conference is not rocket science, but it is not a cakewalk either. It takes some planning and a few factors, which one needs to consider while ideating the virtual conference. Here are those factors:

A Well-Planned Strategy:

Before you jump into other things and factors, the first thing you need to do is have a well-defined strategy. Start your planning by outlining the objectives you want to achieve with the conference. Not only this, consider the audience you want to reach with your virtual conference. Identifying the target audience is a crucial step, as it will help you decide the content you want to deliver. After that, decide on the subject of the conference, the date and time, number of attendees, etc.

Interesting and Unique Content:

You can either deliver your content live or pre-record it to make it look flawless and avoid any glitches. However, before making any choice, understand their advantages and limitations clearly.

But, while preparing the content for your conference, make sure you keep your audience’s interests in mind. Have a clear understanding of what your target audience would enjoy more.

The Best Online Conference Platform:

Moving on, the most important factor that you should consider while planning your virtual conference is to get your hands on the best virtual conference platform available out there. Though there are several online conference software available that claim to be the best, but fail to prove so. Hence, while getting your hands on a virtual conference platform, conduct research. Learn about different options available; see if they align with your objectives and requirements or not. After comparing a good amount of online conference platforms, select the best online conference platforms available.

Effective Marketing:

The next significant factor you need to include in your virtual conference planning is an effective marketing strategy. As an organizer, never take marketing and promotions for granted; marketing can literally change the dynamics of your online conferences and affect their success. Hence, leave no stone unturned when it comes to the marketing of your online conference.

Did You Know?

More than 60% of virtual event organizers rely on social media to promote their event.

Source: Thrive My Way

How Can You Make Your Virtual Conference Stand Out?

Virtual conferences have been here for a long time, and they are going to stay in trend for a longer time. Online conferences have proven to be more effective than traditional conferences; if planned thoughtfully. Here, we are sharing with you quick tips to host a unique and successful online conference:

Deliver Relevant Content:

Hosting a virtual conference is more than just having some speakers on a virtual conference platform and discussing any topic. While planning the conference, make sure you deliver the content that the attendees can relate to. Listening to speakers talking about a subject alien to them won’t add any value to their experience, and they will avoid attending more events hosted by you.

Hence, deliver the kind of content they can relate to and find interesting. Also, brief the attendees about the subject and conference before the beginning of the conference. Not only this, conduct a quick summarizing session at the end of the conference. It will help the attendees reflect on what they learned at the conference.

Make it an ‘Easy-to-Market’ Conference:

Your best promoters are those who have invested in your conference or brand. You can ask your sponsors, registrants, exhibitors, and vendors to promote your conference. Also, provide them with the material they can use for the same.

Provide Enough Networking Opportunities:

One of the most prevalent myths about virtual conferences is that they don’t provide the attendees with enough networking opportunities. However, it is not true. Almost all the virtual conference platforms provide the users with enough networking and socializing opportunities. Hence, to avoid criticism, always invest in a solution that provides ample, and advanced networking opportunities.

Did You Know?

Around 37% professionals consider audience engagement and satisfaction rate as their KPI to measure the event’s success.

Source: Thrive My Way

Include Live Sessions:

Though virtual conference platforms allow you to deliver pre-recorded content also, we recommend you keep at least one session of the conference live. Live sessions have proven to boost the audience engagement rate of the conferences as they allow the attendees to interact with the speakers in real-time. Mixhub, one of the Best Online Conference Platforms, enables you to do the same.

Have Good Presenters:

There are various factors that affect the success of a virtual conference; presenters are one of them. While lining up presenters for your conference, make sure they have enough knowledge about the conference. While planning the conference, ensure to keep checking up on them with their preparation and the content they will deliver at the conference. It goes without saying that always select those for the same with good communication skills.

As we said, virtual conferences are not a tough nut to crack, but they are not that easy to plan and host either. But, if you want your virtual conference to be a huge success, make sure you invest a good amount of time into it.

Also, nothing can compensate for an expert virtual conference platform.

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