10 Step Process to Run Successful Online Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding has always been an integral part of all organizations. A well-planned employee onboarding program is necessary to make it easier for new employees to get along with the company’s working culture and employees. With great onboarding, you can increase employee retention by 82%.

Now that remote work culture has become more prominent, it is necessary to plan and conduct online employee onboarding effectively to deliver a life-like experience to the employees. 

In this blog, we will talk in detail about Online Employee Onboarding and how you can plan an unforgettable experience for your employees in the utmost seamless manner. 

What is the Meaning of Online Employee Onboarding? 

As the name clearly defines, Online Employee Onboarding is the onboarding process conducted in web space. It is the process of providing basic training to the new employees who have received the offer letter and successfully joined the organization. Apart from Online Employee Onboarding, it also goes by the name Digitized Employee Onboarding. 

Online Employee Onboarding is more advantageous than its offline counterpart. Apart from enabling users to save time, they are quick to set up and allow employees and the authorities to save money. Not only this, but to join an online employee onboarding meeting, all that the employee needs to have is a compatible device and a stable internet connection. 

What Are The Advantages of Online Employee Onboarding? 

Conducting employee onboarding through an Online Employee Onboarding Software has its own advantages. Some of those advantages are explained below: 

1. A Time-Saving Process: 

The first and most important advantage of going online with your employee onboarding is it allows you to save time. With the involvement of technology and the online employee onboarding software, all the aspects of the process are covered digitally. Hence, enabling the employers and employees to save time. 

2. Brings Diverse Set of Minds Together: 

With the usage of technology, there’s no extent to which you can reach out. Since there’s no restriction, with an online onboarding process, as an employer, you get the chance to tap on a wide range of people. It provides an excellent opportunity for employers to hire diverse minds and talents for their companies. Not only this, but with the digitization of the onboarding process, one can easily access the employees easily and effectively. 

3. Less Effort and Exhaustion: 

Things take more time in the physical onboarding process; it involves too much paperwork, rounds of traveling back and forth, waiting for days to get an answer, and so much more. However, with online employee onboarding, things get a lot quicker and less demanding. Thanks to the efficient online onboarding system, technology has taken over all aspects, and the paperwork and other formalities can be covered within seconds.

How Do You Conduct Online Employee Onboarding? 

Now that you know the meaning and the advantages of online employee onboarding, let us go through the steps that one needs to take to ensure that the employees have a smooth onboarding. 

1. Have a Fixed and Defined Plan: 

If you are planning to conduct online employee onboarding, it becomes vital to have a plan of action. Having a plan will make things a lot easier for you. If you have hosted an employee onboarding program earlier, you can take that plan into consideration, and analyze it. Also, depending on the success of your previous event as well as the fact that it is going to be an online employee onboarding, you can modify the plan. 

2. Deliver Compelling Content: 

While you imagine your online onboarding program, how would you expect it to be? Do you want your employees to enjoy the process, or join it just for the sake of it? If you want to deliver an engaging experience to your employees, you must know that the content you will deliver to them would play a crucial role in the same. While you prepare the content for the online onboarding program, keep all the guidelines in mind and prepare your content accordingly. Keep it short, and compelling enough to hold the attendees’ attention. 

3. Introduce Your Company Culture: 

Online Employee Onboarding events are an excellent way to introduce your company’s work culture and environment to those who will be joining your organization. Introducing and making your employees aware of your company’s values and work ethics become altogether more important when they will get on board with you right from the beginning virtually. Being a part of the management team, you need to ensure that all your employees are on the same page. Along with it, they should have a clear understanding of the company’s objectives, ethos and work culture. 

4. Provide them All the Necessary Tools: 

As a management member, you need to ensure that your new employees have all the required tools before they start their work. Hence, send them a hamper which consists of some goodies and other essentials such as a laptop, mobile, notepad, and others. 

5. The Online Onboarding Process is Not a One-Day Process: 

While you are planning the employee onboarding, don’t try to fit everything in one day. Don’t host an hour-long orientation session just for the sake of it. Onboarding is something that the organization can stretch for days until the hire is not acquainted with almost everything related to the organization. You can plan an entire week for their induction and make it altogether an exciting experience. All you need to do is plan the event strategically and choose an engaging and easy-to-use HR Onboarding Software. 

6. Choose the Best Employee Onboarding Software: 

The next and probably the most important step while conducting online onboarding is choosing the right HR Onboarding Software. There are several platforms in the market that claim to deliver the best services. However, as an organizer, you need to ensure that you choose the Best Employee Onboarding Software. One such software is Mixhub; It is one of the most customer-recommended software for hosting several online events, including online employee onboarding. 

7. Encourage Your New Joiners to Interact With Others: 

New joiners might feel awkward and alone at first; It is why you should encourage them to talk to others and expand their networks. One way to do this is by pairing them up with an old employee. That person would be their ‘go-to’ person for all office-related queries. Also, it would help them get along with other employees of the company. 

8. Boost a Sense of Belonging Among the New Joiners: 

Boosting a sense of belonging for the new joiners in a physical setup is a lot easier. However, you can do the same with the help of efficient HR Onboarding Software when it comes to the online medium. You can ask the team members to make the new joiners feel welcome by hosting online team coffee breaks, happy hours, and other kinds of activities. 

9. Provide Role-Specific Training: 

Do you know what is the most crucial part of the entire employee onboarding process? It is delivering role-specific training to your new joiners by mentors. According to research, assigning a new recruit a mentor boosts productivity in 87% of companies.

Apart from introducing them to the company’s policies and work culture, ensure that they have a clear idea of their roles and exactly what they are supposed to do. It is why you should conduct role-specific training sessions for the new joiners. 

10. Get Feedback and Keep Checking On Them: 

While you have conducted the online employee onboarding, it becomes necessary to know if the new joiners liked it or not. HR Onboarding Software like Mixhub would help you with the same and make it easier for you to collect everybody’s feedback. 

Not only this, ensure that you keep checking on the new joiners. Ask them if they are having any problems or not and if they are finding it easy in the organization. This human touch will make them feel comfortable and cared for and motivate them to work harder. 

What is an Online Employee Onboarding Software?  

Online Employee Onboarding Software is an online platform that enables organizers to host employee onboarding events in a digital space. Where the regular onboarding programs are hosted at a physical location, in the online employee onboarding, everything gets digitized. From document submission to role-based training sessions, orientation, and everything in between, HR Onboarding Software makes everything faster, quicker, and a lot easier. 

There are several HR Onboarding Software available in the market that helps organizations facilitate online onboarding for their employees. However, the key to a successful and effective onboarding lies in the Best Employee Onboarding Software. 

Hence, whenever you are looking for an HR Onboarding Software, take enough time, do proper research, and select the best option available. 

Mixhub is one of the Best Employee Onboarding Software available that makes things easier for organizers and helps them Conduct Online Employee Onboarding as effectively as offline ones. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an Online Employee Onboarding Software? 

Here are the most notable advantages of using an Online Employee Onboarding Software for hosting employee onboarding. 

1. Leaves A Good First Impression: 

The first and one of the most important advantages of using an Online Employee Onboarding Software is to mark the beginning of an employee’s journey in an organization, and make it memorable. Where things get less time-consuming and more seamless online, it creates a remarkable impression on the employees about the efficiency and productivity of the organization. 

2. Helps You Deliver a Customizable Experience: 

There are several HR Onboarding Software, including Mixhub that let you personalize your onboarding process according to the ease and comfort of the employees. A Customizable experience would make your attendees feel if they are attending an offline and real onboarding session. 

3. Makes Things Less Tiring For the HR: 

One of the most notable advantages of using HR Onboarding Software is that it makes things less tiring for HR. With Online Employee Onboarding Software, the management no longer has to go through the entire onboarding process for all the employees separately. Online software is efficient enough to manage everything, get everyone aboard, and conduct employee onboarding without the need for extra-human intervention like offline onboarding. 

4. Boosts Productivity: 

The next notable advantage of using an online platform to Conduct Online Employee Onboarding is it helps organizations, as well as employees, save time & money and boost productivity. Now the employees no longer have to go through hours of tiring paperwork, boring training sessions, and so much more. With Online Employee Onboarding Software, things not only get faster but a lot more fun and interacting. 

What Features One Should Look For in an Online Employee Onboarding Software? 

Considering to Conduct Online Employee Onboarding?

Have a look at some of the features you should always have in a software. 

1. Ease-Of-Use: 

The first thing you should look for in an online employee onboarding platform is its ease of use. Make sure the platform you are looking for can be accessed easily and doesn’t require too much brainstorming. We are sure you’d want to deliver a seamless experience to your employees. Hence, to ensure that, you need to choose a platform that has an easily-accessible interface. 

2. Customization: 

The next thing you should check is if the platform comes with customization capabilities or not. The employees should be able to feel as if they are attending a real orientation event. A customizable platform would enable you to design the platform according to the needs and theme of your organization; it would give your employees more of a personal experience. 

3. Audience Engagement Tools: 

While you look for an online employee onboarding platform, make sure it has plenty of audience engagement tools. It is because the audience engagement tools will help the employees connect with each other and boost their networking. Also, to say that networking is the essence of an orientation program wouldn’t be wrong. Hence, make sure the platform you choose offers advanced networking tools. 

4. Integrating Capabilities: 

To make online employee onboarding an unforgettable experience, look for an HR Onboarding Software that is capable of integrating with third-party software and applications. 

Some might find it challenging to Conduct Online Employee Onboarding and replicate offline employee onboarding in a digital space. However, with the Best Employee Onboarding Software, things get a lot easier. And, as a result, one can host employee onboarding as efficiently as offline ones. 


Q. How can I measure the effectiveness of my online employee onboarding program?

You can measure the effectiveness of your online employee onboarding program by tracking metrics such as new hire retention rates, employee satisfaction surveys, time-to-productivity, and feedback from new hires. Evaluating the quality of new hire performance can also provide insights into the program’s success.

Q. How can I make the online onboarding process more interactive and engaging?

To make the online onboarding process more interactive and engaging, consider using interactive elements such as videos, quizzes, and presentations. Incorporate virtual meetings and interactive sessions where new hires can ask questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate with their colleagues.

Q. How can I personalize the online onboarding experience for each new hire?

Personalizing the online onboarding experience can be done by assigning a mentor or buddy to each new hire who can provide guidance and support. Tailor the onboarding program to address the specific needs and interests of each individual.

To host an effective and memorable online employee onboarding for free, try your hands on Mixhub. To book your free trial, contact us today. 

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