How Have Virtual Events Changed the Dynamics of the Event Industry?

Virtual events became the talk of the town when the world saw the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic two years ago. Once a completely alien topic, online events have become an indispensable part of our lives now. And, they are not going to leave the planet anytime soon. 

Virtual events have changed the dynamics of the event industry in the most unique and unexpected ways. Experts suggest that the online event industry is going to grow at the rate of 23.2% by the year 2027. 

Online events have changed the way organizers used to host events and attendees attending events unexpectedly. 

If you wish to know what those ways are, you are at the right place. 

1. Online Event Industry Helped Organizers Expand Their Reach Beyond Geography: 

The first and the most important thing that organizers unlocked through online events is reaching out to a global audience, all while sitting at home. It has always been considered one of the most advanced and revolutionary advantages of the event industry. With the help of online events, the organizers no longer need to constantly think of new strategies for audiences belonging to different geographical areas. 

Online events allow attendees to have new experiences without leaving their homes. 

Hosted on online event platforms, online events allow organizers to reach out to global speakers and enhance the events for themselves and the attendees. 

2. Cost-Effective Solution: 

When it comes to physical events, there are a lot of costs involved in their planning and execution. They involve logistics, accommodation, venues, and whatnot. However, with things going online, as an organizer, you get to eliminate all the additional costs. It would help you focus more on the quality of your online event. 

3. Multiple Uses of the Content: 

Another revolutionary advantage that organizers have with the availability of online events is that they get to utilize the content in ways more than one. The recording feature by the online event platforms has been nothing less than a boon for the organizers. With this feature, users can record their sessions, save them, and later share them, enhancing the reach of the content. It comes as a savior in the case of online conferences and meetings wherein a lot of information exchange is taking place. Almost all the online event streaming platforms, including Mixhub, come with the recording feature, enabling attendees to replay the recordings in case they feel they have missed out on something important. 

4. More Opportunities to Connect Globally: 

It was beyond our imagination that one day connecting with professionals from across the world would become so easy. Online events brought everything to the table that was once beyond our imagination, allowing us to expand the horizons of our minds even more. With online event software such as Mixhub, connecting, interacting, and expanding one’s networks became easier than anybody could imagine.

5. Detailed Analytics: 

There have always been some segments where online events have always had an upper hand over their in-person counterparts. Who would have thought the technology would someday allow us to get a summary of our events in the form of numbers and statistics? But, all due to online event hosting platforms, everything is possible now. 

With online event software, one can get the exact figures and data about how well their strategies did. 

6. Virtual Events Use Technologically Advanced Platforms:

In recent years, the virtual events industry has introduced groundbreaking technologies and tools. From virtual reality, augmented reality, live streaming to social media, organizers can use their creativity to create the best experience for attendees. For example, you can host a virtual event in an immersive 3D environment where avatar-based attendees can stop by, interact, and ask questions.

The rise of immersive technology and online event platforms is enabling brands to create better ways to create more excitement and engage attendees. These technological advances are expanding and transforming the events industry beyond convention centers. 

The Event Industry Continues to Grow: 

Since time immemorial, change has been the only thing that has remained constant. Online events gave entirely new dynamics to the event industry by expanding horizons in ways as nobody could ever imagine. 

However, things never stopped at one point, and they will never do; advancements will continue to take place. 

When it comes to the upcoming and current event trends, here’s what that is expected to happen in the event industry: 

  1. Several studies suggest that the event industry can experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.2% from the year 2021 to 2023. 
  2. Experts suggest that online events have started to serve the purpose of PR. Not only this, they have become a popular tool of mass communication. 
  3. The event space introduced new terms in the market; while full-fledged online events no longer hold the same importance, organizers are preferring micro-events. 
  4. It has been observed in recent times that one-time events have slowly shifted to the back seat. Organizers are now holding online events in a series. There are several online event hosting platforms, such as Mixhub. These platforms let users host a series of online conferences, webinars, and all kinds of online events throughout the year.
  5. Online events have emerged as a way for professionals to learn and upskill themselves. Research shows that as many as 71% of professionals have utilized online events as a way to learn new things and update their knowledge. 

Keep Up With the Latest Advancements of the Online Event Industry With Mixhub’s New-Age Solutions 

As we mentioned, the event industry has grown tremendously. Also, the picture is going to get bigger and better in the coming years. However, no matter how many trends come and go, one thing that will remain constant is every speck of the online event industry. And, that is Mixhub’s powerful online event solutions. 

Mixhub has been created keeping the current trends in mind along with the most possible future trends. Hence, irrespective of the trends coming up or the trends by gone, Mixhub can deliver you the online events of your choice seamlessly.

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