Top 13 Virtual Wellness Activity Ideas For Remote Employees

Technology, digitization, a fast-paced world, and instant communication, this is what our lives are all about lately. We surely have touched new heights when it comes to making the world one community, extending our reach beyond geographical barriers and innovations. However, one thing we, as humans, have been constantly lagging on is being in the best of our health. Terms and issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, and mental health disorders have become more than common, and who do we blame? We can’t stop and slow down the rapid development; however, one thing we can surely do as a community is practice wellness activities. You can host online wellness activities for your remote teams.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the best online wellness activities and programs you can host for remote employees. So, let’s dive into the blog. 

1. Virtual Yoga: 

Yoga is one of the most tried, tested and reliable wellness activities. One of the oldest techniques, yoga helps in connecting the soul, body, and mind. And, If this is the case, what better way to motivate your remote employees to start their days with a virtual yoga session? You can conduct a virtual yoga session on any virtual wellness platform such as DC Mixhub, connect with your employees and do yoga together. Invite a yoga instructor; they will help you go through the yoga postures, relieve stress, and boost energy before you start the day. 

2. Mental Health Training Sessions: 

Where gyming, working out, muscle building, and getting in shape is a trend, we all have been constantly ignoring our mental health. Not only this, continuous workload, stress, and running behind targets are adding fuel to the fire. We need to understand that the more ignorance, the worse things will get. One thing you can do is host virtual mental health training sessions for your remote employees. It is one of the most effective and much-needed wellness activities for remote employees. 

3. Host Well-Being Mondays: 

Mondays have always been challenging, haven’t they? We always find a reason to escape from Mondays, right? Well, here comes our next virtual wellness idea. You can host well-being Mondays for your remote employees. It will surely give your remote employees a reason to look forward to Mondays. One day dedicated to wellness won’t only make Mondays exciting for everyone but also help employees in relaxing, boost their morale, and get in a better mental state. For a well-being Monday, you can host a yoga session, mental workshops, games day, etc. 

4. Conduct Team Fitness Challenges: 

Fitness challenges might sound like a literal challenge for some, but trust us, fitness challenges are fun, and they become more interesting when you participate with your peers. In the next wellness program for remote employees, you can host team fitness challenges for your employees. Ask your employees to stop being couch potatoes and start moving. You can divide your employees into teams and set some goals and challenges for them. The teams would need to accomplish them within the given time frame. The team that does it the fastest wins the challenge. There are several online event platforms like DC Mixhub you can use to host such team fitness challenges. 

5. Meditation Sessions for the Win: 

Conducting meditation sessions is one of the best ways to boost the health of your remote employees. It is why it has made it to our list of the best virtual wellness ideas. Conduct virtual meditation sessions for your remote employees. Since meditation has its own rules and techniques, it’s better to take some help and guidance from experts. You can either use YouTube sessions or invite some professional for the session. 

6. Mid-Work Stretch Breaks: 

A few 10 minutes breaks between working hours will help your employees move their muscles and relax a bit. Well, there are two ways you can host this online wellness activity. First, you and your employees come together on an online event platform such as DC Mixhub and conduct a 10-minute long stretch session. Second is reminding your employees through tools such as Google Calendar. Encourage your employees to get up and stretch at the scheduled time. 

Another great way is the coffee break. A remote coffee break is one of the best virtual wellness activities for your team. These events are short video call breaks that give remote colleagues a chance to socialize. Interaction is important for teamwork and mental health. Remote workers often feel lonely or isolated from their colleagues. Communication in a virtual office is usually on-demand, but casual video chats provide opportunities for casual small talk and have been proven to strengthen relationships. The only rule for remote coffee breaks is that participants discuss non-work-related topics. 

7. Virtual Workout Sessions: 

What better than getting into your workout gear, joining your remote employees, getting your heartbeat up, and working together towards your wellness goals? With this virtual wellness activity, you won’t only achieve your fitness goals, but it will also give you some time to bond with your colleagues off work hours. For this, you can use an online meeting platform such as DC Mixhub, invite a professional instructor, and work out together with your employees. 

8. Set Team Goals: 

If you want to boost the health and work proficiency of your remote employees, then setting goals and striving together to achieve them would be a great idea. Create a sheet; Create some goals and put them on the sheet. All your employees would need to work towards achieving them. Also, connect with everyone during regular weekly team meetings and ask about updates. 

9. Catch-Up Over Coffee Breaks: 

We all connect with our fellow employees daily, but how many of you know each other well? Do you know one of your fellow team members is also a cricket fan like you? Or, do you know one of your employees enjoys the same taste in music as you? Well, hectic work schedules don’t let us breathe properly, let alone know our colleagues more. 

Here comes our next online wellness activity; host virtual coffee break hours. You can use free virtual wellness activity platforms for the same. Virtual coffee breaks will enable you and your employees to unwind from work, connect with each other and boost team bonding.

10. Host Online Health Fairs: 

We all have been to online health fairs; in fact, it is said that you should go for regular health checkups, and what better than health fairs for the same? 

Well, you can host an online health fair for your remote employees; they will make them more aware of their health. You can invite some doctors and medical experts to share some knowledge with your employees. Not only this, you can host webinars, AMAs, Q&A sessions, and even interviews. This wellness activity for remote employees will make them more aware of their health. 

11. Publish Health Newsletters: 

Now that we are a part of the professional world, we all have been coming across newsletters daily. We all know newsletters are considered a great way to spread information. Well, you can also use a newsletter to make your employees aware of their health. You can publish monthly and bi-monthly newsletters. Add information, facts, and other related content; you can also invite your employees to be a part of it. 

12. Work Together for a Few Hours: 

Working alone can get really tough at times. There are times when you crave the presence of people around you. Now that it is not possible in the case of remote working, our next online wellness activity comes to your rescue. We are talking about remote coworking hours. Working together for a few hours will allow you to catch up with each other and foster a sense of being together. 

13. Conduct In-Person Meetups: 

Gone are the days when stepping out of your homes was hazardous to your health. Even though you and your employees are working remotely, you can host offline meetups in a month or two. Creating opportunities for remote employees to connect in real-time will enable everyone in the team to know each other well and get their minds off work for some time. 

Final Word: 

Conducting regular online wellness programs for your employees is as important as working. In fact, data suggests that regular virtual wellness activities have helped in improving the mental health of the employees and boost productivity. Wellness activities are not only helpful in boosting the productivity of the employees but also keep them in a good mental space, which is the need of the hour. 

It’s high time you should also start hosting online wellness programs for employees. Start off with a free virtual wellness activity platform such as DC Mixhub. Know more about the platform by conducting your free trial. 


Q. Why is it important to organize virtual wellness activities for remote employees?

Organizing virtual wellness activities for remote employees promotes their physical and mental well-being, helps reduce stress, boosts engagement, and fosters a positive and healthy work environment.

Q. How frequently should I organize virtual wellness activities for remote employees?

The frequency of virtual wellness activities can vary based on your employees’ preferences and availability. It can range from weekly or bi-weekly sessions to monthly or quarterly events, depending on the resources and time you have available.

Q. How can I encourage remote employees to participate in virtual wellness activities?

To encourage participation, you can promote the benefits of wellness activities, create a schedule of events, provide incentives or rewards, gather feedback to customize activities to employees’ interests and make participation voluntary and inclusive.

Q. Can virtual wellness webinars or seminars be informative for remote employees?

Yes, virtual wellness webinars or seminars can cover topics like stress management, ergonomics, work-life balance, mental health awareness, nutrition tips, mindfulness, or other relevant subjects.

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