StreamYard vs. Restream: Which Live Streaming Platform is Superior ?

When it comes to hosting a live streaming event, what is all that you need? A subject, speakers, audience, etc. But, what is the most important thing that you would require? A live streaming platform. And, owing to the latest platforms we have in the live streaming industry, you know that Zoom is not going to do the job for you. There are many advanced live streaming solutions in the market, and two of them are StreamYard and Restream. 

In this blog, we have compared these two popular live streaming platforms. So, if you are planning for the next live streaming, you know you can rely on this blog. 

What is Restream? 

Restream is a cloud-based live streaming solution that organizers can use to stream their events to a global audience across multiple platforms at once. 

Being a browser-based solution, it doesn’t require organizers to download any additional software or application to stream their events. 

Talking about its popular features, here’s what one should know about this platform: 

  • It is a browser-based live streaming platform, which means no need to download any additional applications. 
  • However, it also has its application compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. 
  • Being a customizable live streaming platform for events, Restream lets users customize their streaming. 
  • Restream lets users record their sessions and download them. 

What is StreamYard? 

StreamYard is another name in the list of the top live streaming platforms for events. This browser-based platform is known as one of the easiest-to-use live streaming solutions in the industry. Therefore, like Restream, StreamYard also doesn’t require users to download any additional application or software to access the live streaming. 

Talking about its features, here’s what it comes with: 

  • As we mentioned, It is a browser-based platform, which means organizers and attendees don’t need to download any additional software or application to access the platform. 
  • It allows you to customize your broadcast and personalize it according to your branding. 
  • StreamYard lets users broadcast their streams in HD quality. 

Restream vs StreamYard: Which is A Better Choice? 

Even after having so many similarities, there are a few features that make them stand apart from each other. Let us have a look at all those features: 


Restream: It is browser-based live streaming software but has its own applications, which are Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible. 

StreamYard: Like Restream, it is also a browser-based platform; however, it doesn’t have any downloadable application of its own. It is compatible with Operating systems like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, but not with Safari. 

2.Streaming Across Multiple Channels: 

Restream: Users can broadcast their streams across 35 multiple platforms, including Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and so many more. 

StreamYard: Organizers can push their streams across 5 platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

3.Streaming Pre-Recorded Videos: 

Restream: Users can stream pre-recorded videos; however, for this, they need to subscribe to the Standard Plan. 

StreamYard: Users can stream pre-recorded videos with its Basic Plan as well. 


Restream: It is known for its advanced features, including Restream Proxy.

StreamYard: There’s no such advanced feature available. 


Restream: Organizers can add multiple profiles for different broadcasts and customize them with different themes, colors, and logos. There is a built-in library of backgrounds which users can choose from as per their choice. 

StreamYard: Users can add multiple profiles and customize them; however, there isn’t any library with backgrounds to choose from. 


Restream: Users can get detailed information and reports of their broadcasts, including the average number of attendees, viewing time, chat analytics, most active commenters, and more. 

StreamYard: There is no such feature available here. 

7.Pricing Structure: 

Restream: It comes in five different pricing plans, including one free plan. These plans are: 

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Premium 
  • Business

StreamYard: This platform lets users choose any plan out of its three pricing plans, including one free plan. However, its Free plan is not as flexible as that of Restream. 

OS CompatibilityCompatible with all kinds of Operating Systems.Compatible with all operating systems except Safari. 
ApplicationHas its own downloadable Application.Doesn’t have any applications. 
Streaming Across Multiple ChannelsStreaming across additional 35 channels. Streaming across 5 channels. 
AnalyticsYes No
Streaming of Pre-Recorded EventsYes, but only after subscribing to Standard Plan. Available with Basic plan also. 
One Significant AdvantageMore FlexibleEasier to use
Pricing PlansComes in 5 different pricing plans Comes in 3 plans. 

Restream or StreamYard, Which One to Choose? 

While Restream and StreamYard have their own sets of features they provide to users, it is also important to consider the event objectives before selecting a plan. However, with the above blog, we hope it has become clear that out of these two platforms, Restream is definitely the superior choice. 

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