Boost Networking at Your Online Events With These Effective Tips.

Online events have taken over traditional methods of connecting with people and hosting events. Traditional events now feel like something belonging to a different era altogether. Online events have very seamlessly made us dependent on technology even more now. 

Online events have widened the horizons of connection, communication, and interaction in ways like no other. It is only due to the availability of online events and online event hosting platforms that we are able to connect with people from across the globe without having to worry about geographical constraints. 

There is no doubt that connecting with people in a physical event, meeting them in person, and being able to interact with others without a screen in between feels different. However, that doesn’t make virtual event networking less effective. Online events networking has literally helped us make connections from all corners of the globe without leaving our comfort zones. 

There are several ways you can boost networking at your online events. Here we have compiled a list of the best tips one can use to make the most of online events networking. 

Best Tips for Seamless Networking at an Online Event: Organizers’ Point of View

All organizers, assemble! Here is a list of the best tips you should consider for seamless networking at your next online event. 

1. Use an Online Event Platform with Advanced Audience Networking Tools: 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is use an efficient and advanced online event platform to host events. When choosing an online event solution, prioritize the networking tools it provides to the users. Always look for tools such as live chat, live polls, Q&A sessions, surveys, etc. It is through these tools attendees will be connecting with fellow attendees, speakers, organizers, and even exhibitors. 

Pro Tip: Mixhub, a robust online event platform, comes with a set of the best and most advanced tools that enable attendees to form connections hassle-free. Try this platform if you wish to deliver seamless experiences to your attendees. 

2. Make Full Use of Social Media: 

In the age of digitization and social media, it is difficult for a person to stay aloof from the extensive impacts of social media platforms. In fact, as an online event organizer, you should make full use of the capabilities of social media. Create a page for your online event on major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Apart from it, create communities, come up with your own hashtags, event-dedicated filters, etc. It would bring people interested in your event on the same page and give better opportunities to connect with each other. 

The impact of social media on today’s world is no longer hidden from anyone, and making use of it can change the dynamics of your event. 

3. Use Tools Such as AI-Matchmaking: 

One thing that is most important in connecting with people is having the same interest. You won’t be able to connect with people if you don’t share any field of common interest. Hence, you need to consider this factor for your attendees as well. Always include tools that would enable people to connect on the basis of common interests. One such tool is AI-Matchmaking; this tool filters out common interests between attendees and helps them make better connections. 

4. Make Breakout Sessions and Fun Activities a Part of Your Online Event: 

It sometimes gets challenging for people to form connections at a large scale, especially when it is a large-scale event. Hence, it is always suggested to host breakout sessions and fun activities; they allow attendees to know each other more and connect effectively. 

For example, if you are hosting an online conference, you can host a virtual coffee break for an hour or so. What you can do is divide all your attendees into small groups through the breakout rooms. It would allow them to connect with each other more easily. 

Best Tips for Seamless Networking at an Online Event: Attendees’ Point of View

If you are attending an online event in the coming time, and wish to expand your network, here are some tips you should always keep in mind. 

1. Show Up Early: 

While attending an online event, ensure you show up a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time. It will allow you to not only adjust your settings, mic, and webcam but also give you enough time to adjust to the virtual settings. Also, there will be chances that the organizers will be present there, which would allow you to interact with them and make things easier for you. 

2. Introduce Yourself Effectively:

First impressions don’t last forever, but in some cases, they do; introducing yourself in one such case. In the case of an online event, there would be chances that organizers would split the attendees into smaller groups. If that happens, you will be required to introduce yourself. Therefore, it is always suggested to prepare a short yet effective introduction of yourself. Keep it short yet informative. 

3. Be an Active Participant in Discussions: 

One of the most effective ways to boost networking and connect with fellow attendees is to have active participation in discussions and discourses. Sharing and listening to others’ opinions has always been considered one of the best ways to know others and start a conversation with fellow attendees. Therefore, don’t shy away and be an active participant in all the discussions. 

4. Speak First; It’s Normal: 

When thinking about connecting with people in an online event, don’t shy away from speaking first. You can ask questions, introduce yourself, break the ice in a breakout room, etc. Speaking first will help you open up to other attendees and let them know about your presence at the event. 

5. Know How to Listen: 

While almost everyone can be a good speaker, it takes few to be active listeners. Try to be in the category of those few people. While attending an online networking event, it becomes important to listen to people. It shows how much you pay attention to others and respect their opinions. Always remember, a good connection is only formed when you know the balance between speaking and listening.


6. Engage in Real-time Chat

One networking tip for events is to use the event platform’s private messaging tools to connect with other attendees.

Unlike in-person events where private conversations are rare during presentations, virtual events have no limits.

To start a meaningful conversation via chat, you can ask the network what they think about the topic or what the speaker has to say.

Side talk helps build trust with new people. Done right, it will make them feel that you value their opinions and ideas.

7. Know the Outcome you Expect:

Be specific about why you want to meet new people and expand your professional network.

Maybe you just want to ask a few questions to expand your industry knowledge or become a potential mentor.

Find out how you can provide the greatest benefit and set goals. Also, touch on how you can leverage resources to support them. 

6. Ending a Conversation is an Art, Learn It: 

It has been noticed time and again that while most people know how to begin a conversation, they don’t know how to end it. While ending a conversation, thank the other person for their time, and ask how you can stay in touch with them. Also, remember that the experience of connecting with people in an online event is not always going to be pleasant. In this case, you can always keep the conversation short and move ahead to connect with another person. 

Pro Tip: You can also add their names once in a while during the conversation to add a personal touch.

7. Follow Up: 

Once the event is over, follow up with the people you connected with during the event. Depending on the contact information they shared, you can drop in a message to them and tell them how you liked meeting them. Maintaining a professional relationship needs effective communication as well as some effort. Hence, you can share emails or messages once in a while. 

Online events are nothing without networking and connecting with people. In fact, it is considered one of the top reasons people attend events. 

Hence, you need to know that if somebody is attending your event, they would surely like to explore and expand their networks. Therefore, always invest in an efficient online event platform that comes with the best networking solutions. 

One such online event hosting platform is Mixhub. You can use this platform to deliver exclusive and unforgettable experiences. You can book a demo on Mixhub today. Don’t miss it; it is absolutely free. 

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