Mixhub vs Airmeet vs Hopin vs Zuddl vs Hubilo: The Ultimate Comparison

Online events, webinars, and online webinar platforms are something that took center stage a few years ago, and things have changed for the better since then. Talking of online event platforms, ever since the world saw the emergence of online events, there have been many platforms that were introduced in the market. 

Though it gives the organizers an opportunity to choose from a variety of options, it also becomes challenging for them to land on the right platform. However, there are a few options that are blindly trusted by users across the world. These online event platforms are known for hosting and delivering seamless online events. 

But ultimately, everything comes down to the best option, and we all know there can’t be two best options. How do you figure out which one outperforms other options? Simply by comparison. This blog is all about that. 

Here, we have picked the top online webinar platforms and compared them to see which one is actually the best. 



One of the finest online platforms, is an all-in-one solution, capable of hosting events of any type and size. It is a self-managed platform, which enables users to plan and execute their events by themselves. Not only this, it comes with customization functionality, letting users design their events keeping their brand requirements, goals and objectives in mind. In addition, Mixhub is a flexible and highly scalable platform, which can adjust to any number of audiences.

Key Features: 

  • Mixhub has its own live streaming and broadcasting studio, efficient to host professional and immersive events. 
  • On , you can stream live as well as pre-recorded events. 
  • Coming to audience engagement and networking tools, one gets many options. Some of them are Networking Tables, Live Chat, Video Call, Live Polls, Q&A, etc. 
  • This platform comes with a recording feature, letting organizers record their entire events. 
  • With its detailed analytic dashboard, users can have statistics and data from their event, and measure its success. 
  • On top of all these features, Mixhubb offers 3D virtual booths; this feature helps organizers add a touch of reality to their online events and webinars.


Mixhub is one of the most economical online webinar platforms you will come across. It is a subscription-based platform, and offers three pricing options to its customers. Here are those plans: 

  • Start Free- You can host events free of charge for one whole month. 
  • Growth: Starts at INR 15,000. 
  • Enterprise: It is a customizable plan, which users can design as per their requirements. 



One of the best online event platforms, Airmeet is one name that is suitable for all kinds of requirements, such as online workshops, networking events, meetings, webinars, conferences, etc. A completely cloud-based online solution, Airmeet comes with a user-friendly interface, making it super easy for organizers to go through the platform and access the event. 

Key Features: 

  • It comes with a simple and easy-to-access interface. It means that the users don’t have to face complications to access the platform. 
  • Airmeet is a highly secure platform, which allows only registered users to enter the platform. 
  • It offers several networking tools to the attendees, enabling them to interact with their fellow attendees in the session. 
  • One can have as many as 16 speakers in one session on Airmeet. 
  • Airmeet is a customizable platform, enabling organizers to personalize their events, and design them according to their needs and requirements. 


Airmeet comes with subscription-based plans. However, these plans are customizable, and one can customize them as per their requirements. 

Its two plans are: 

  • Free Plan
  • Standard: It starts at $99/month. 



An online event platform, built for all kinds and formats of events, Hopin is one of the most renowned names in the entire online event industry. It offers an immersive interface to the users, which makes the entire experience very engaging and exciting for organizers as well as the attendees. 

With Hopin, geographical barriers are a thing of the past. Reach a global audience and connect with participants from anywhere in the world. Hopin is a cost-effective alternative that allows you to host events from the comfort of your home or office. The platform’s customizable virtual event spaces offer a range of interactive features. Host live sessions, including talks, panel discussions, workshops, and more, on the virtual stage. You can engage with your audience through live chat, Q&A sessions, and polls. Foster networking and collaboration in virtual lounges and one-on-one meetings.

Key Features: 

  • Hopin comes with a self-managed online studio, which empowers users to design and execute their own webinars. 
  • The users can analyze their entire webinar with the detailed analytics feature. 
  • Hopin offers users with all the features to bring their entire event, including registrations, personalized emails, streaming, and more. 
  • With Hopin, you can stream your events live as well as record them beforehand. 
  • Hopin is a scalable and flexible platform; it means no matter how many attendees you wish to have, it is not going to affect Hopin’s efficiency. 


It offers four different pricing plans to its users; those plans are: 

  • Free
  • Starter: It comes at the price of $99/month. 
  • Growth: $799/month 
  • Advanced Plans: They are custom-created plans. 



One of the most sought-after online platforms, Zuddl comes with several functionalities and features that make it easier for organizers to execute their plans, and host successful events. Best suited for online meetings and webinars, Zuddl is capable of hosting all kinds of online events and hybrid events. 

Key Features: 

  • It is a customizable platform, which enables organizers to design their events all according to their needs and requirements. 
  • Zuddl Studio is one of its most impressive features. With Studio, organizers can host professional events seamlessly. 
  • Zuddl comes with Drag and Drop functionality, which makes setting up the event a lot easier and convenient. 
  • It offers social media integration, helping organizers boost the growth and reach of their event. 
  • To enable attendees to interact with each other while the webinar is going on, Zuddl offers them with multiple networking options and tools. 


It offers custom-made pricing plans to its users on the basis of their needs and requirements. Along with it, Zuddl also offers a free trial to its users. 


The next name on our list is Hubilo, an all-in-one platform built for all kinds of events, online, hybrid as well as in-person events. The prime intent of this platform is to drive engagement to one’s brand and events. It is designed in such a way that helps users deliver engaging and compelling experiences to the audience. It is a browser-based platform, which doesn’t require users to download any additional software or application. 

Key Features: 

  • Hubilo offers integration with several third-party applications and software such as Hubspot, Kudo, Kahoot, etc. This functionality helps users enhance their overall event execution experience. 
  • It offers multiple audience engagement opportunities to the users; some of the tools that Hubilo offers are emoticon reaction, live poll, gamification, etc. 
  • With its detailed analytics dashboard, organizers can easily analyze and measure the success of their webinars. 
  • Hubilo has its own broadcasting studio, enabling users to create professional and advanced webinars and events. 
  • To help organizers attract sponsors and boost their ROI, Hubilo offers them several sponsorship packages. 


When it comes to the plans and packages it offers, there are three options to choose from, Advanced, Pro and Enterprise. Along with it, Hubilo also offers a free trial to its users. 

A Quick Comparison: 

Free Trial
Plan Starting At$150/Month$2400/yr$799/Month$6000/yr$650/Month
Self Managed Studio
3D Interface
3D Booths Display
Multiple Session In Free Trial Plan
Networking Tables
Browser Based
Feedback Collection From Attendees
Attendee To Attendee Conversation
Multiligual Interface
Registration Api Keys
Exhibition Booths In Free Trials
Attendee And Speaker Interaction
Custom Chroma Key Based Streaming For Hybrid Events
Manage Mute And Video Of Speaker By Organiser
Backstage For Speakers Dry Run
Manage Backstage Mute Unmute
Qna Feature In Sessions
Send Join Request To Attendees?
Check Live Attendees In The Session
Broadcast Questions To Screen
Media Push On Stage
Backstage Chat For Speakers
Branded Lobby
Name Tage Of Speakers
Virtual Background
System Check

Final Word: 

With the above given comparison, we hope it is clear that Mixhub is one platform that comes with all the features that can help you host a successful webinar. Mixhub is a self-managed webinar platform that lets you plan and design your webinars the way you want. It comes with customization and all the features that one should have in order to deliver a successful webinar. 

The best part about Mixhub lies in the fact that it lets users deliver their webinars free of cost for one month. You should also try this platform; learn more by booking your free demo today. 

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