Selecting a Virtual Exhibition Platform: How to Make the Right Choice ?

Virtual exhibitions are one of the most popular online events that gained popularity in recent years. The reason for such popularity is that the attendees don’t have to board flights and cross oceans to attend an exhibition. Everything is available at the tip of our fingers. 

Now that virtual exhibitions have become excessively popular, everything from planning to hosting online events has changed completely; Everything has gone online. Seeing the statistics, it can be said that virtual exhibitions are going to enjoy this much fame in the near future as well. 

The platforms that allow users to host virtual exhibitions are called virtual exhibition platforms. But, these platforms are more than that. 

Here, we have compiled an entire blog that would talk about the platforms one can use to host virtual exhibitions, i.e. virtual exhibition software. So, fasten your seatbelts and join us on this journey of online exhibition platforms. 

What are Online Exhibition Platforms? 

Online exhibition platforms are simply the online platforms that let users deliver exhibitions in web space. In layman’s language, online exhibition platforms are simply the platforms that allow users to host online exhibitions. 

Online exhibition platforms come with all the features that enable users to deliver their ideas in the easiest way possible. While talking about the features and elements of an online exhibition platform, there’s a lot that these platforms widely comprise. 

Online exhibition platforms have features and virtual spaces such as virtual booths, a virtual lobby, an auditorium, etc. Also, though it varies from brand to brand, many virtual exhibition platforms are customizable. It means that they allow users to customize their platform and add or remove elements as per their needs and requirements. 

In short, the advanced online exhibition platforms come with all the features that let organizers deliver online experiences that resemble physical exhibitions. 

We feel we have talked quite a bit about the meaning of online exhibition platforms. But do you know what exactly online exhibitions are? Is it what we are about to tell you, or have you been assuming them all wrong till now? Let us find out. 

What are Online Exhibitions? 

Talking about online exhibitions, they are another kind of online event that enable companies and exhibitors to display their products and services to a wide range of audience over digital space. These kinds of exhibitions are similar to their physical counterparts. The only difference lies in their medium of hosting. 

Where physical exhibitions are hosted at physical exhibition halls, online exhibitions are hosted on a digital space called virtual exhibition software. 

Over the years, online exhibitions have become excessively popular, and several renowned global brands are hosting exhibitions on a regular basis. But what exactly is the reason behind the growth of online exhibitions? 

The Advantages That Come With Online Exhibitions: 

Here are the most popular advantages of hosting online exhibitions: 

1. Global Brand Visibility and Exposure: 

One of the top advantages of bringing exhibitions online is that they enable users to present their brands to a global audience. With online exhibitions, reaching out to the target audience becomes a lot easier. It also enables users to enhance and boost their brand visibility and gain more exposure. 

2. Fewer Expenses, More Profits: 

Another notable advantage of hosting online exhibitions is they are more profitable. They are less expensive to host, and in return, they help organizers generate more ROI. 

3. Organic Leads: 

Talking of the next advantage, online exhibitions allow users to generate more qualified leads for their brands. Since online exhibitions let users target a global audience, it increases the chances of getting more traffic and eventually, generating more qualified and organic leads. 

4. Networking and Interactivity Opportunities: 

The next advantage of hosting online exhibitions is that they provide ample opportunities for attendees and organizers to interact with each other. The attendees can grow their personal networks and communicate with professionals from across the globe. Not only this, but the organizers can also interact with their attendees and know their target audience better. 

5. Repurposing of the content and accelerate brand identity: 

With a virtual event platform, engagement and brand exposure can begin well before the main event and continue through content creation and reuse. The data you collect tells you which assets drive the most engagement and what your audience says about them, and you can use those insights to add, remove, or change content to drive interaction between participants – to maintain content networking and value. With virtual event platforms, viewers can access content on demand and have content available whenever they want. 

6. Gather valuable insights:

Virtual exhibition platforms come with analytics tools that can be used to capture data and insights which you might not garner at an onsite event. By using reporting tools, you can understand the highlights of the event, analyze audience behavior and improve your digital engagement.

7. Build a global community:

An online virtual platform allows you to create personalized event networking with better attendees engagement. This could be more difficult to achieve in in-person events. You can create a spark and a space that brings people closer and build relationships with your organization.

You can connect with your throughout the life cycle of the exhibition doesn’t matter whether it is a live day or not. You focus on pre-event activities, post-event activities, and throughout the live period. This fosters relationships and opportunities for you to build a community regardless of moment in time and physical location.

What Are the Features You Should Look For in A Virtual Exhibition Platform? 

When it comes to hosting an online exhibition, the most important thing that decides its success is the virtual exhibition platform it is being hosted on. 

However, since there are several platforms available in the market, it becomes challenging to select one particular platform. 

But, there are a few features that are a must-have in an online exhibition platform. Having these features will ensure that you deliver exceptional and impressive online exhibitions. 

So, next time you are looking for an online exhibition platform, make sure it has all the features we have mentioned below. It won’t only make it easier for you to select a platform but also ensure that you execute your online exhibitions effectively and successfully. 

1. 3D Interface: 

If you wish to narrow the gap between a physical exhibition and your online exhibition, then it is suggested that you choose a virtual exhibition service with a 3D interface. Having such a platform would help you create realistic exhibitions similar to physical exhibitions. In addition to it, a platform with a 3D interface would allow you to keep your audience hooked to the online exhibition. 

These platforms would make attendees feel as if they are roaming around a physical exhibition hall, attracting them to your exhibition as well as your brand. 

2. Customization: 

The next feature you should look for in an online exhibition platform is if it comes with customization capabilities or not. With a customizable platform, you would be able to design the platform according to your brand’s requirements and objectives. Not only this, but it would also make it easier for you to reflect on your brand’s objectives and theme with your online exhibition. 

Having customization capabilities in your online platform is just like having a blank canvas where you can add elements according to your choice. Hence, with a customizable platform, you’d be able to add elements however you like. Moreover, a customizable platform would allow you to design your virtual booths depending on how you like. 

One significant benefit of having a customizable platform is that you get ample opportunities to reflect your brand ethos, objectives, and theme in a digital event. 

3. Self-Managed Interface: 

Gone are the days when you’d spend days and months designing your online exhibitions and rely on someone else to manage everything. Time is fast now, and everything happens in seconds. To keep up with the pace of this world, it is necessary to select a platform that would let you host virtual exhibitions within minutes. Hence, while looking for an online exhibition platform, make sure you choose a platform that comes with a self-managed interface. 

A self-managed online platform like Mixhub allows users to plan and host their events at their convenience. It means that they can plan events and host them within minutes, and that too without having to depend on someone else. 

4. User-Friendliness: 

As an organizer, one thing you should always keep in mind is it is your audience whose convenience comes above yours. Hence, it is important to choose a platform that is user-friendly. While you are on your hunt for virtual exhibition software, ensure that the platform you select comes with a user-friendly interface. It would make sure that your attendees don’t have a challenging time accessing your online exhibition. Not only this, it would ensure that your attendees have a pleasant and seamless experience attending your online exhibition. 

5. Immersive Virtual Booths: 

Have you ever heard about a virtual exhibition without virtual exhibitors booths? Well, virtual booths are an indispensable part of an online exhibition. Therefore, always look for an online exhibition platform that lets you set up immersive and lifelike virtual booths. Opt for a platform that comes with advanced virtual booth functionality. And when it comes to virtual booth functionalities, the more, the merrier. 

There are platforms that let users set up booths that come with networking opportunities. In addition, look for features like product demonstration videos, additional media, customer support, and so much more. 

Therefore, it goes without saying that you should always look for such features in a virtual exhibition platform. 

6. Networking Opportunities: 

One of the top reasons people attend events is to grow their personal networks and connect with people from the same and different industries. Online exhibitions cater to a global audience. So, the best you can do is provide networking opportunities to your attendees. It would help them interact with each other and grow personally and professionally. 

Therefore, it is suggested to look for an online exhibition platform that comes with networking and audience engagement tools such as live chat, Networking Tables, Video Calls, and more. 

7. Detailed Analytics Dashboard: 

How would you measure your online exhibition’s success? Or, How would you know the exact footfall at the virtual booths in your online exhibition? With the help of a Real-time analytics dashboard. Having an analytics dashboard will make it easier for you to evaluate your entire online exhibition. Not only this, you will be able to analyze all the strategies and measure the success of your online exhibition. 

Therefore, look for an online exhibition platform with a Detailed Analytics Dashboard. 

8. Bonus Points: 

Now that you know what you should look for in an online exhibition software, here are a few points that would help you make the best use of online platforms. Keep them in mind and deliver unforgettable and super successful online exhibitions. 

  • Design a customizable landing page for your online exhibition with all the necessary information required for the online exhibition. 
  • Have a detailed understanding of your target audience; have a clear idea of their likings and dislikings. 
  • Always always send a personalized email thanking your attendees as soon as the exhibition gets over. Also, attach a feedback form to collect their feedback. 
  • Conduct giveaways; send goodies to your attendees! They will love it, and it will help you generate organic traffic on your brand. 
  • Don’t neglect your social media and brand’s presence on other platforms. Always remember, “ success is always a collective effort”, be it the team members or strategies. 

Choose the Best Online Exhibition Platform – Mixhub

As we mentioned, there are several online exhibition platforms in the market that promise you of delivering immersive and unforgettable experiences. However, even you know that reality is far different than this. Not every platform is capable of delivering such powerful online experiences. 

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