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2-Way Virtual Interaction with Backstage

It’s time to move ahead from the regular way of interacting at virtual events. Dreamcast brings you the innovative feature of 2-way virtual interaction to level up your virtual events with enhanced engagement.

While interacting virtually through multi-format communication tools was in itself a great aspect of virtual events, we are taking attendee involvement to a whole new level with our latest feature.

Now, your user can move a step ahead to interact with the event speakers by indulging in 2-way video communication. They can also join the stage and discuss vital questions with the speakers through an effortless backstage process. The function is also completely controlled and managed from the backend to avoid any malicious activity. Let us walk you through the seamless steps of joining the screen with speakers:

The Phases of 2-Way Virtual Interaction

Phase 1:  The attendee can use the feature of Raise Hand to ask a question during a live event session.

Phase 2:  The attendee’s request reaches the administrative panel. Next, the support team approves or declines the request after checking the attendee’s authenticity.

Phase 3:  If the request gets approved, the admin pushes the attendee to the main session stage.

Phase 4:  The attendee can now interact with the speakers and have a meaningful conversation that also enhances their overall event experience.

Phase 5:  After the interaction with speakers ends, the admin panel can again push the attendee back from the session stage.

And, this is how you can easily boost audience engagement and involvement to amplify your virtual event.

The latest real-time interaction functionality was much-needed in diverse cases of virtual events. And, so we innovated it for you! Our newest feature will not only enhance your attendee’s event experience but also add more value to your event. Dreamcast aims & assures to provide its users with any form of features based on multifarious requirements and event goals. You name it, and we create it! Use our latest set of new virtual event platform features and organize an extraordinary event to remember.

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