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When Rituals Fuse with Technology: India’s First Metaverse Wedding Reception

After the astonishing popularity of virtual events, another concept that is currently on the boom is the metaverse. Seeing the current rates at which the metaverse events are getting popular among the masses, it is safe to say that the upcoming years will be the ‘Meta-Years’.

People are going gaga over this technological trend; one example is a young couple from Tamil Nadu, India, who hosted their reception digitally. The digitized wedding reception of Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini, India’s first metaverse reception made it to the headlines in no time. The couple got married in the tribal village of Sivalingapuram; and, hosted their reception virtually, making it possible for their friends and family to be a part of this metaverse event.

For those who don’t know, the metaverse is the 3D digital representation of the real world. It allows people to interact with each other through their digital representatives, ‘avatars’. Metaverse combines different technical formats like virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain together.

Keeping the current pandemic scenario in mind, the couple decided to go all virtual with their wedding reception and opted for the meta reception. For this, a start-up, TardiVerse, worked for a month to create the metaverse where the ceremony took place.

Explore the Key Highlights of the Incredible Meta-Wedding Reception of the Tamil Nadu Couple:

  • This metaverse event had special-edition NFTs introduced by GuardianLink.
  • Being Potterheads, the couple opted for the Harry Potter theme, and the ceremony also had a musical concert conducted through the metaverse from Chennai.
  • What caught everybody’s attention was the digital avatar of the bride’s late father. According to the report by the Indian Express, the groom wanted to create a 3D avatar of the bride’s father who passed away last year. Being into the crypto and blockchain technology himself, Dinesh thought of getting all technical with his wedding reception and came up with this idea of metaverse ceremony.

Even if it would take a few years for the Indians to get accustomed to this technology, this young couple has already opened a door for all the possibilities and opportunities that come with this technology.

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