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How Facebook Live Has Made Live Streaming Easy

Modern technology has made Live Streaming, which was earlier considered as complex, costly, and time-consuming, now accessible to everyone. With services like Facebook Live, users are more than ever exposed to this facility. This is seen as an effective platform for every brand, business and individuals to connect with their core audience. It may be as common as your friend live streaming his party to as professional as a brand broadcasting their product launch.

To keep people interested, Facebook has been adding features to the “Facebook Live”. Earlier the videos started appearing more prominently in the news feed. After that, they have added the option to “react” to live videos which gives a different perspective of feedback from the people watching it. They have also made the live streaming open to all devices, including hi-def cameras and drones. It opens the gate of new opportunities for businesses and brands.

The change in the algorithm which was announced by Facebook made it easy to share your content by appearing more in the news feeds of your follower. This asks for more specific choosing of what content goes live or what doesn’t. This is because the live content would be available on everybody’s feed at a higher frequency. The chance your audience has of viewing the live content would be much higher.  This means that if the content you put is not up to the mark, this might lead to bad marketing and loss of followers. The best strategy would be to deliberate about what content to post live and capture the best feedback of the audience. If you let your audience know beforehand that you are about to go live, it will help your audience be ready for it and will also help gain more viewership. Also, make sure to post a recap of the live stream and a link to the video.

You should understand how the platform works before you start live broadcasting. Do a research and learn about the best practices for doing live streaming on Facebook. Facebook offers to stream with both front and back cameras of your phone and now that it is open to a number of other devices, there are many options in front of you. The topic can be announced and described as well in the post for live streaming just like the regular post on the social network. These are some of the things to remember which can help you make most of the live webcast.