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The Easy Way To Get A Powerful Live Streaming CDN

The past couple of years have witnessed the rising trend of live videos and the dawn of online streaming services across the globe. Whether it is subscription on digital devices or social media platforms installed in your mobiles, the use of professional live streaming is far and wide. This has led content creators to make videos for online distribution through multiple channels. 

When you look into the technicalities of 360 streaming solutions for digital marketing, you need to focus on efficient and quick content distribution to a wider audience. A streaming video should be smooth and without any interruptions, something that gives the viewers a great broadcast live streaming experience. But then the question of how to make this video content accessible to the maximum number of people arises. The answer to this comes in the form of CDN.

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, something that facilitates the broadcasting of content through the internet including texts, images, videos and many other things. Usually, your chosen online streaming services provide the gateway to a specific webcast live streaming CDN. 

cdn live streaming services

Made of networks of servers spread over CDN can connect to viewers from very near to their exact locations. A CDN also tries to minimize the number of jumps that your video content has to make in the route to reach the viewers, subsequently making the delivery faster. This means that other than a fast speed and large bandwidth internet, this is also a deciding factor in how seamless the professional live streaming is. Therefore, it is important to choose the right CDN live streaming services that streamline everything without buffering, interruptions or delays. Whether it is a live streaming social media network or using 360 streaming solutions for specific events like live streaming services for seminars; a CDN has its essence in versatility.

Benefits of CDN in digital streaming services

Now that you understand what a CDN and how it works, let us look at the reason why you should use it. Here are some of the key benefits of using CDN in online streaming services:

cdn live streaming solutions

1. Quicker access for viewers

Since a viewer using a CDN for webcast live streaming gets connected to the nearest server automatically, he or she can access the live video content very fast. The nearest server in this situation is called an “edge server” and the IP address of your viewer’s computer directs them to this.

2. High-quality service means a minimum buffering

A high-quality CDN will reduce the distance and therefore, the time that is expended in professional live streaming. This means that any buffering that usually happens when the distance between a given server and the audience is large, will be reduced significantly.

3. More resilient with increased scalability

Generally, a person hosts live streaming social media networks using a single server. However, videos can go viral on the internet without any rhyme or reason, something the will flood your server with thousands of users suddenly. This can cause either your server or device to crash during critical times, ultimately making it impossible to watch your stream. A CDN can easily take this overload in viewers and distribute it across the many servers in its network, thus finishing the stream with excellent resilience.

4. Cost-effective and technical overhead

Although it is possible to build your own live streaming social media network or a network of servers to broadcast live streaming, that is a very time consuming and expensive endeavour. A CDN does not require that much effort and money in the logistical aspects of it.

Accessing good CDN live streaming services

You can get access to good and powerful CDN live streaming services in many ways. One way is to set up a deal that suits you on your own. A general user usually spends more on bandwidth rather than petabytes of data that he/ she uses. Another way is to use the pay-as-you-go types of contracts the CDNs offer for smaller users. Here a general breakdown of the bill is bandwidth per GB of data.

Today, it is recommended to use online streaming services that are in tie-ups with the best CDNs. This will ensure that your live streaming video reaches the maximum number of people in a reliable manner. Selecting the correct digital streaming services for this task is therefore very crucial and needs prior considerations. Here is a list of things to keep in mind to choose the right one:

  • Your exact requirement, whether you want to distribute on-demand videos/live streaming ones or both.
  • The format in which you are planning to distribute the content and if the CDN can do so.
  • The amount of time it will take the users to consume your video content.
  • Expected growth in the future and related goals that you have, if any.
  • It is important to decide whether you will monetize your videos and the level of security that they need to have.
  • Another point to keep in mind is the geographical location of your viewers and how far they are from your servers.
  • And lastly, take into account the budget that you have for all of this.

Once you research the market based on the above-mentioned points, it will get easier to choose the option that best suits all of your requirements.


Professional live streaming requires online distribution of the live videos on various channels. It is often a complex and challenging task as the broadcaster has to deal with the licensing of content, marketing of the videos and engaging audiences. This all needs to be done with the additional logistical and technical work going on behind the scenes too. 

Be it live streaming services for seminars, business meetings or anything else, using CDN live streaming services for this makes everything easier and helps make the whole live video experience much more enjoyable!

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