Live Streaming & Webcasting

Is Live Streaming The Future of Social Media?

If you’re an avid Social Media user or even an average one, you might have noticed a new addition to almost all Social Media platforms. Every last one of them, from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, have introduced the ‘Live’ feature. 

This enables their users around the world to broadcast a live video to their followers & the public in general. The popularity of Live streaming social networks can be gauged from the following facts & figures. 

  • In 2015, YouTube generated more than $9B in revenue. It sees more than 4 billion daily views and has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Most of these statistics have come from live broadcasts on YouTube. 
  • Facebook saw 8 billion views a day from its over 500 million users. The site’s analysts attributed most of these views to live stream on Facebook Live.

Other Social Media platforms have also reported a steady hike in the number of people engaged with live stream events on social since the new introduction.

Marketers & companies have also been quick to engage in live streaming social networks for branding & sales purposes. Mostly for the reason that live videos are the surest way to generate revenue & to engage with your online community. Live broadcast services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, etc. allows brands to interact with their customers in a creative, real way.

Why is Live Streaming So Popular?

All the above information leads people to ask, “What exactly makes Live videos so popular?” The answer is pretty simple. As consumers, we’ve long been conditioned to watch & enjoy TV. So it’s little wonder that when major social media platforms began live streaming services, users lapped it up like ice-cream! 

In a Social Media landscape where users regularly see static pictures & 280 character tweets, live streaming is a breath of fresh air. Marketing experts have something to add to that too. Digital studies & researches have shown that when brands stream live on Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, etc. their digital revenues go up exponentially.

However, this could spark another set of questions. Namely, if videos work so well, then why don’t brands post a stream of videos & be done with it. The answer isn’t surprising. Studies reveal that the average adult consumes 5 hours of videos per day. Now, no average pre-recorded, created video can cross that threshold. What do the brands do then, to engage their viewers? Yes, they use live streaming social networks to strengthen their viewer base & forge better consumer relations. 

Live stream also has another benefit. It enables users across all social platforms to live stream their daily tidbits, any important information, live stream events on social, etc. for their followers. This strengthens users’ persona on the live streaming social network, & allows them to have fun while also generating revenue for the social media channel. 

Instagram Live Streaming solutions, along with those of Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, allow any user with specific equipment to live stream on the platform. It can be said that live streaming provides them with a window to share their stories with the world, & to highlight their causes. 

Now that you see the reasons for the popularity of live streaming social networks, it’s time to put this knowledge to test. Below, we give you a social media live streaming guide. We cover every social media platform & provide tips on Facebook, twitter, YouTube & Instagram live streaming solutions. 

1. Live Broadcast Services For Instagram

Instagram is the perfect platform for upcoming food & lifestyle bloggers, celebrities and other public personas looking to further their careers. With the sheer user base, most of the impressionable youngsters, it’s no wonder why Instagram is so preferred.

instagram live streaming solutions

When Instagram started live streaming services, people & brands were equally delighted! Not only do live broadcast services for Instagram to ensure better viewer engagement, but it also open a new, interactive avenue for brands to engage with their customers in real-time!

Studies show that brands that regularly stream live on Instagram get considerably more viewership & customer engagements than those that don’t follow suit! Instagram live streaming solutions harness this fact extremely well, & design expert strategies for consumer brands to engage viewers regularly & drive up sales! 

2. Live Stream On Periscope Live

This Twitter-owned & run live streaming platform offers standalone live broadcast on Periscope services & smoothly integrates with Twitter live. With over 10 million users worldwide, periscope live streaming service provider caters to a variety of interests from users all around. Since its launch, live broadcast on Periscope has seen over 200 million hours of live content, with about 350,000 hours of content pushed daily. Live broadcast on Periscope services allows you to stream live videos from your phone & push these on Twitter. Periscope live streaming service provider lets your followers view your live stream videos on their twitter feeds, just like regular videos. Most brands utilize the platform to increase their consumer reach & give their sales a digital boost!

live stream on periscope live

3. Live Stream On Facebook Live

When Facebook announced its live stream on Facebook live feature, it didn’t really surprise anyone. The Social Media company is known for trying out just about anything that’d further its reach among masses & generate gigantic revenues. And so, what started as a special feature quickly became available to the masses, including corporate brands & celebrities/influencers. 

broadcast live video to facebook

Facebook webcasting vendors seem to have taken a page out of Snapchat’s books, as live stream on Facebook live provides you with the option to add lenses & filters just like the latter. Brands that broadcast live video to facebook report generally higher viewership & considerably increased sales in their overall report cards. All the more reason for you to live stream on Facebook live now!

4. Live Broadcast On YouTube

The rightful birthplace of videos, YouTube has long been at the centre of the video revolution. Just like with regular creators & advertising videos, live broadcast on YouTube allows the video streaming service to harness its extensive network of creators & advertisers into higher revenues!

live webcast on youtube

Live webcast on YouTube works pretty much the same way as regular videos, just with a different set of equipment & encoders. YouTube live streaming service providers help you & your brand stand out amongst the masses through pushing fun, interactive & ‘real’ live content on YouTube.

Many brands have successfully employed Live Webcast on YouTube & have reported a steady rise in revenues, user outreach & concentrated sales! That was our Social Media live streaming guide. Live videos have the surefire potential to help your brand reach new heights & lead to both better sales & user interactions! Happy Live Streaming!