Live Streaming & Webcasting

Why Should Your Brand Implement Live Streaming For The Next Event

Live streaming services or streaming media services are simply the LIVE transmissions of audio and video content or both of an event over the internet. Live streaming services can be broadcasted to millions of people in HD quality and it can be watched by viewers and subscribers over multiple devices such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, laptops, sports arena or any digital screen simply.

Sometimes we are not able to attend the event happening at its venue or sometimes maybe a brand simply chooses to interact with the audience over the web. In such a scenario, high-quality live streaming services come in handy. Viewers for the broadcast can interact with the broadcast organizer or fellow viewers through text chat, comments and more by posting questions or posting replies for questions asked by fellow viewers or the host himself.

A live streaming service provider like Dreamcast provides its client with different platforms for live streaming. One of such is YouTube streaming service comprising of equipment, technical support, staff expertise and operations.

Usage of Live Streaming Services

Dreamcast empowers its clients to share their event and experiences by means of YouTube live streaming services. Uncover a news story, deliver learning and education with online streaming of courses and classes, organize events such as corporate conferences and annual meetings, host informational sessions on health and lifestyle, cover sports and other events  LIVE for your subscribers and potential clients on YouTube with Dreamcast.

Political speech by ministers, product launch and campaigning of your brand at a shopping mall or a commercial centre, sessions at literature and art festivals across multiple venues, connecting over the web for medical advice and operation, television show or a radio event, musical concert and commercial selling, it’s all workable at Dreamcast.

Here are some benefits which further justifies the use of YouTube streaming service

Quick To Access

YouTube live streaming services deliver content to the user as and when they need it. The speed is lightning fast and allows quick access to the audio/video stream. Unlike a traditional download where you are required to download the entire file after which the file can be used, live streaming services offer immediate content for access. Take music videos on YouTube: When you stream a song or a video, you can click play and start listening immediately. You don’t have to wait for the file to download before it can be accessed.

Encourages Engagement and Collaboration

Live events encourage user-engagement. A great social experience is generated by a large number of viewers viewing YouTube streaming of an event encouraging community interaction.

People can put in their feedback or questions in the comment box and post reactions on YouTube. It’s a great platform to host a global Q&A session or launch a web-based product or service etc.

Best For Delivering Real-Time Content

YouTube live streaming means content being delivered in real-time which makes it very good for live events like live television shows and special one-time events.

Videos Can Be Archived

Once you’re through with YouTube live streaming, you get your hands on the archived video that can be used as an on-demand file or can be utilized to be put up on other social media networks.

Economical Pricing Plans

Live streaming services for YouTube streaming come at an incredibly low-cost now given their popularity, technology available, advantages and assistance to brands, corporate and individuals. Seminars, webinars, workshops can be broadcasted LIVE conveniently to the global viewers over the web. Going LIVE is easier today than before.

End Thoughts

YouTube is a social media giant where a major portion of the global audience dwells and about 3 billion hours of videos are streamed per day. In an era where smartphones can live stream seamlessly and televisions are being designed with the inherent capacity of adjusting more with the web than with the cable, your business must consider leveraging its social media marketing, exposure and reachability via YouTube streaming.