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20 Vital Post Virtual Event Survey Questions and Everything Else You Need to Know!

Right after hosting an event, the sense of curiosity hits in as you instantly wish to determine the success of your event. Well, the concept of an event survey exists for the same reason. Running a survey helps you to understand the efficacy of your event right from the perspective of your participants. Post Virtual Event Questionnaire has always been one of the most reliable sources to gain valuable insight into the event. A Virtual Event Survey does not only tell you about all the possible improvements but also ideas to implicate in your future events. 

Let’s move ahead and dive into the concept of event evaluation and survey. 

What is a Post Event Evaluation?

In the simplest of terms, event evaluations refer to the process of determining the efficacy of your event. Evaluating your virtual event can not only help you ensure its success but also gain a better insight into your planning and strategy. It facilitates you with more beneficial details of your online event through the perspective of your attendees. Event evaluation also refers to the comparison of pre-decided goals and achieved aims. Hence, it is very significant to evaluate a virtual event by making a relevant list of Virtual Event Survey Questions for attendees.

What is a Virtual Event Feedback Survey?

A Virtual Event Feedback Survey is a questionnaire shared with your virtual attendees to comprehend their event experience. This virtual event questionnaire can have different types and formats based on the organizer’s requirements. A virtual event feedback survey is usually shared through email to all the attendees including, the audience, exhibitors, speakers, talents, people who registered but did not attend, etc. The key purpose behind sharing post-event survey questions for attendees is to understand the event through their eyes. It can especially be worthwhile for the organizers who follow or are adapting to a more customer-centered approach in their virtual events.

What is a Virtual Event Questionnaire?

A virtual event questionnaire is an instrument that helps you analyze the attendees’ experience through a series of questions. A virtual event questionnaire is similar to any other type of questionnaire, except that it is available digitally on the virtual platform.

Importance of Post Virtual Event Survey Questions

Event Evaluation is a very critical part of organizing a virtual event. It enables you to understand the impact of your event and the efficacy of various strategies you used in the execution of your event. With the right and most suitable questions, a virtual event feedback survey can gauge the success of your virtual event. In addition, the valuable collected data can also render you with many action items for your future online events. 

According to a study, 91% measure the success of their events on attendee satisfaction. 61% measure according to their specific event objectives, and 60% determine results based on staying within budget. All in all, Post Event Survey Questions are so effective that many institutions have outgrown their previous events with far more improvement. 

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How Long Should a Post Event Survey Be?

If you have ever filled in survey forms, you must know how tedious the process can get if the questionnaire is lengthy. Therefore, it is significant to ensure that your virtual event feedback survey does not require excessive time and effort. Studies also show that respondents are more likely to leave the survey midway if it is lengthy. 

How Many Questions Should a Post Event Survey Have?

With a combination of multiple formats, your questionnaire shouldn’t exceed the number of 10 post virtual event survey questions. It must always be ten or fewer than that. 

Types of Virtual Event Survey Questions

Deciding on the types of post-event survey questions for attendees is one of the most vital aspects of creating the questionnaire. You have to keep your attendees’ satisfaction in mind throughout the event, and this situation is no exception. To assist you in the process, we have mentioned the top types of questions below:

#1 NPS or Net Promoter Score Questions

It is a type of multiple-choice question that asks your attendees to judge or rank something on a scale of 1-10. This format of virtual event feedback survey is not just straightforward and easy to study but also provides you a better insight into the efficacy of your virtual event.

#2 Multiple Choice Questions

Through this format of survey questions, your attendees are facilitated with options and it also saves their time. However, it can also limit the scope of your attendees’ perspectives. This type is best for questions that can only have 4-5 answers. 

#3 Yes/No Questions

These types of questions are the easiest and the simplest for your participants to answer. Also, you can add a third ‘Not Sure’ option to the question to remove any friction from your virtual event feedback survey.

#4 Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions take a long time but provide you with a clear perspective of your attendees. It also takes an extended time to analyze the responses but adds more value to the virtual event survey questions for employees, speakers, exhibitors, and other participants. 

#5 Virtual Event Poll Questions

Virtual event poll question is not a part of the main types of survey questions. However, it is a very helpful way to collect attendee feedback. You can run virtual event poll questions during the event and the attendees can answer these questions. And, you can analyze the answers to track the attendee experience after the event.

A Bonus Tip-  We have a productive solution for you! Try to incorporate multiple types of questions instead of just a common type. It will not only eliminate a boring experience but also make your questionnaire more fun and interesting.

Moving forward, let’s explore some of the best survey questions to ask at the end of your virtual event.

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Top 20 Post Virtual Event Survey Questions

Post-Event Survey Questions for Attendees

#1 How would you rate the virtual event overall?

Question Type: NPS

#2 Where did you first get to know about the event?

Question Type: MCQ

#3 Which elements or features of the event did you like the most?

Question Type: MCQ/Open-Ended

#4 Please rate the content quality shared with you during the event.

Question Type: NPS

#5 Was the event easily accessible to you?

Question Type: Yes/No

#6 Was it easy to navigate over the virtual event platform?

Question Type: Yes/No

#7 How was your experience with the exhibitors and sponsors?

Question Type: MCQ

#8 How satisfied are you with the virtual networking opportunities provided to you at the virtual event platform?

Question Type: NPS

#9 What are some event aspects we can improve for our upcoming events?

Question Type: Open-Ended

#10 Do you have any other feedback or suggestions related to the event?

Question Type: Open-Ended

Post Event Survey Questions for Employees

#11 What do you suggest should be done differently next time?

Question Type: Open-Ended

#12 Which aspects of the virtual event do you think were good?

Question Type: Open-Ended

#13 Do you think the event achieved our goal?

Question Type: Yes/No

#14 Are you satisfied with the event overall?

Question Type: Yes/No 

#15 How satisfied are you with the virtual event platform experience?

Question Type: NPS

Post Event Survey Questions for Exhibitors & Sponsors

#16 Did the event meet your expectations and goal?

Question Type: Combination of Yes/No & Open-Ended if the respondent chooses the No option. 

#17 Did you like the event experience as a whole?

Question Type: MCQ

#18 Were you able to generate leads through the event?

Question Type: Yes/No

#19 Will we see you at our future event?

Question Type: Yes/No

#20 Is there anything else you wish to share with us as feedback?

Question Type: Open-Ended

8 Tips to Create a Successful Post-Event Survey

Follow these tips to frame an efficient event survey for your virtual event:

  • Begin the survey with a general and easy question.
  • Be precise and to the point.
  • Use the NPS questions early.
  • Send the survey at the right time. Also, ensure that you send out the questionnaire after around 48 hours post the event.
  • Use active voice sentences to create a communicative questionnaire.
  • Apply a combination of format types.
  • Use limited open-ended questions.
  • Keep the survey short.

Go on and make the most out of your post-event survey! Contact Dreamcast today to ensure positive feedback and a successful Virtual Event.

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