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Why Use Social Wall for Virtual Events and Venues?

As we all know by now hosting virtual events have become a new normal with the course of pandemic. The event industry rapidly adapted to the new innovations of tech-freaks and pivot to virtual events leaving physical events behind.

Virtual events hosted on a comprehensive virtual event platform enable attendees to partake in virtual events at their convenience! Undoubtedly, virtual sessions are a lot cost-effective in comparison to online formats. Additionally, it facilitates a large number of audience to join online sessions at once from the comfort of their own homes or work desks.

Incorporating social media walls in virtual events has proved to be an efficient way to enhance the ambiance of virtual venues. At the same time, powerful social media aggregators elevate the entire event experiences and boost engagements at the event. However, resulting in generating quantum leads. The social wall for virtual events and venues have drastically made their space and are rapidly evolving with time.

What is a Social Wall for Virtual Events and Venues?

Modern technology innovations enable you to narrate your event story in the most enticing and interactive way. It helps in catching the attendee’s attention seamlessly while keeping them hooked and entertained throughout the event. A social wall for virtual events and venues are the perfect tool to boost engagements, attract sponsors and exhibitors, and deliver immersive experiences. 

Social media walls work by perfectly curating the valuable user-generated content across all social media platforms (via hashtags and social handles) in a single place.  It helps in bridging the gap between live physical and online events.

Simply put, social media aggregators enable individuals to embed social media profiles in the form of a single feed. It not only helps in grabbing attendees’ attention but results in boosting traffic at the virtual event effortlessly. Utilising the power of social media walls in virtual events in the right way holds utmost importance. Master the art of creating live social media walls for virtual events and venues to amplify its effect and achieve optimal results.

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Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


Quick Steps to Create Social Media Walls for Virtual Events and Venues:

Here are quick steps to create social media walls for virtual events to elevate attendees experience and foster communications and engagements:

  • Accumulate valuable User-Generated content (UGC)

Gather valuable user-generated content across various social media handles via hashtags.

  • Aggregate and Customise

Aggregate the quality feeds and curate them on your social walls to boost engagements and grab attendee’s attention.

  • Display on any Digital Signage

Display your Social media walls in virtual events on different digital signages effortlessly.

Events Where We Can Embed Social Walls:

Social media walls for virtual events can be embedded in any event, whether you are hosting an event with 1000+ attendees or hosting a small-scale event with a limited number of attendees.

  • Virtual Events
  • Internal and External Hybrid Events
  • Virtual Product Launches
  • Virtual Weddings and Festivals
  • Online Congress, Conferences, Conclaves, etc.
  • Virtual Trade Fairs, Expos, Exhibitions, etc.
  • Networking Fairs and more.

Benefits of Using Social Wall for Virtual Events and Venues

Embedding social media walls in virtual events and venues offer enormous benefits. It opens a new realm of communications thus resulting in fostering engagements at virtual events. You can simply display social media posts and feeds shared by attendees, sponsors, speakers from diverse social media channels at a single place and reap the benefits it serves.

Advantages of using  social walls for virtual events and venues:

1. Sponsored Posts Results in Boosting Revenue

Sponsors are the lifeline of any event. Attract sponsors to buy attractive space on social walls in your event to display their ads as Sponsored Posts. Social walls help in enhancing the visibility of sponsored posts by grabbing the attention of a lot of viewers. However, monetizing social media wall for events and venues results in maximising sponsorship revenues and grabbing enticing sponsorship deals. Strategically showcasing social media feeds along with Live streams during virtual events will lure a lot of attention from people.

2. Organise Contests to Encourage Users

Incorporating social walls in virtual events enables you to organise contests, leaderboards, and so forth. It helps in motivating viewers to post about the event on their social handles with a unique hashtag. It helps in boosting engagements at the event effortlessly thus resulting in making the event successful.

3. Promote Your Upcoming Virtual Event

Utilisinga Social wall for virtual events and venues help in creating a buzz about your upcoming virtual event. It helps in creating superlative branding experiences along with valuable UGC. Social media aggregators help in promoting your upcoming event seamlessly. You can simply upload a sneak peek of the upcoming event creatively on the social walls of your event. It helps in reaching a wider segment of attendees thus resulting in amplifying your event reach.

4. Boost Networking

Introducing Social walls in virtual events helps in boosting healthy communication between attendees. Amalgamate communication features offered by social walls to your benefit. Social walls enable attendees to have open discussions with each other without disrupting the live stream. However, embedding social walls in virtual events and venues helps in creating a sense of community thus enabling participants to collaborate actively. They can simply share posts and comments. A social wall for virtual events and venues helps in developing a bond between the organisation and attendees. Social media walls enable attendees to keep on interacting even after the event gets over.

5. Keep Attendees Engaged

Social walls bridge the gap between online and offline events seamlessly. You can ask your audience to share questions while using event hashtags. It can be displayed on the social wall in virtual events that can be seen by everyone attending an event. Additionally, you can even utilise social media walls for ice-breaker games encouraging people to start conversations and collaborate seamlessly with other attendees. It helps in boosting the virtual attendee engagement while keeping them hooked throughout the event.

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


6. Measure the Performance of the Event

The social media aggregator enables you to measure the performance of the event.  It helps in analysing the detailed metrics of audience behavior and engagement at your virtual event.

7. A User-friendly Alternative to Enhance Virtual Event Set up

Social walls for virtual venues are a user-friendly alternative that does not require any software installations. It can be easily embedded in a virtual event set up. Combining live streaming with social media walls opens new possibilities for attendees to interact and have free-flowing communications.


It’s a known fact to all that virtual events have gained significant popularity in the past few months. Utilisinga Social wall for virtual venues helps in enhancing your virtual event set up and amplify the online visibility of an organisation. Curating social walls for your events helps in enhancing your reach and grabbing attention from attendees effortlessly.  Dreamcast virtual event platform enables you to set up an interactive and attractive Social wall for virtual events. In the above-mentioned article, we have penned down the benefits of embedding social walls in virtual events. Hope this article will offer you valuable information about social media walls and the benefits it serves!

In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats