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Virtual Expo – Best Ideas, Tips, and Practices to Ensure a Seamless Event Execution

A virtual expo is nothing but an exposition event hosted over an immersive virtual environment instead of a physical location or venue. Organizing a virtual expo would have sounded bizarre a few years back, but now it has become the go-to choice of every event organizer. It is so because a 3D virtual expo provides the exhibitors & audience with a super convenient way to connect & interact. The excellent virtual functionalities of a virtual event platform provide users the opportunity to create a seamless & memorable event experience for all. However, to ensure the success, efficacy, and productivity of an online expo event, the organizers should follow a few measures. In this blog, we have strategically covered some of the best ways to help you organize an event to remember.

Explore these best curated virtual expo ideas, tips, and best practices to host a successful event.

Excellent Virtual Expo Ideas to Boost Engagement

Gamify Your Virtual Expo

Gamification is one of the most significant elements of a virtual event platform that enhances engagement at any online event. From integrating various games to gamifying the entire virtual venue’s touchpoints, the functionality can be used in your event in several ways. It will not only boost engagement at your online event but also spread a competitive vibe amongst the participants, motivating them to interact & engage at the event.

Gamify Your Virtual Expo

Live Poll & Quizzes

Interactivity plays a substantial role in ensuring attendee engagement during the virtual expo. Be it during the live sessions or anywhere at the virtual venue, live polls & quizzes are two functionalities that can keep your attendees updated & hooked to the event. You can also use the live polling tool to ask your attendees if they are having a good time at the event. Doing this will also help you improve the event execution & attendee experience.

Include an Entertainment Session

Including an entertainment session during the virtual expo will break the monotony and elevate audience engagement. To make the entertainment session more fun & exciting, you can invite any industry expert and enable two-way interaction. Doing this will help your attendees have an engaging event experience with better value. You can also incorporate the feature of live emoticons & sound reactions to further boost the audience engagement.

Set Up Engaging Virtual Expo Booths

Enable the exhibitors to set up their separate branded expo booths. Incorporating attractive exhibitor booths at your virtual event enables your attendees to find all the relevant information & details in one place. An excellent virtual expo platform provides the users with a library of booth templates along with the option to custom-create the designs as per your exhibitor’s requirements. Enrich your virtual expo with the following elements:

Set Up Engaging Virtual Expo Booths
  • Live chat or call with the exhibitor’s support team
  • Video demonstrations
  • Product or service details
  • Necessary informative documents
  • Branding aspects at the booth

Incorporate a Virtual Photo Booth

A virtual photo booth is a customized virtual functionality where your event attendees can capture pictures. While attending any event, attendees and participants love to capture the memories and share them with their social groups. Therefore, create an opportunity for your online event attendees by providing them with a photo booth feature, helping them seize the moment!

Any virtual event receives success by following some measures that help you ensure a smooth implementation. Here are some tips that can further magnify the success prospects of your event.

Most Helpful Virtual Expo Tips to Ensure an Excellent Event Experience

Include Multi-Format Content

A single content type or format can become too monotonous for your virtual expo attendees. For example, if you only provide images all over the virtual venue, the lack of content variety will lessen the audience engagement. However, if you include a combination of images, gifs, video clips, ppts, documents, etc., at the virtual venue, it will break the redundancy and improve engagement during the event.

Pro Tip: Follow the same tip in the context of your virtual expo booths too. It simply means that you should try to provide multi-format content at the virtual exhibit booths, so the exhibitors also get the opportunity to drive more engagement.

Create a Branded Virtual Environment

Incorporating the branding aspects at the virtual event platform can further improve your attendees’ event experience. The most renowned virtual expo platforms provide users the flexibility to add as many branding elements to the venue as they prefer. So, use this functionality and create a branded environment for the users that sets all your exhibitors, sponsors, and even your event’s identity apart. Doing this not only enhances your attendees’ experience but also improves the brand presence & reach of your organization.

Include Live Sessions

Including some engaging & collaborative live sessions will help your event participants feel a sense of eagerness to participate in the event. From informative sessions and valuable discussions to certifying webinars, you can incorporate various types of live sessions at the event. In addition, you can amplify the engagement during these live sessions by incorporating real-time interactive features.

Enable Seamless Navigation

A fundamental aspect that defines the attendee satisfaction rate at any online event is the user experience created at the virtual venue. For the participants to understand the functionalities & have a frictionless event experience, it is vital that you ensure easy navigation. Therefore, ask your virtual event service provider to ensure an easy-to-understand virtual venue.

Include the Advanced Search Filter Functionality

With the help of the Advanced Search Filter feature, your exhibitors & attendees get the option to directly find the relevant connection without wasting any time. They can easily add filters in the search bar and find out the closest match to their preference. Incorporating this feature will essentially elevate your attendees’ event experience.

Ensure the perfection of your event execution, maximize your attendees’ satisfaction, and elevate the success possibility of the expo with the help of the following measures.

Virtual Expo Best Practices to Boost Your Attendees’ Satisfaction

Make the Event Highly Interactive

Interactivity plays one of the most significant roles in ensuring the users’ satisfaction. If your virtual expo lacks interactive opportunities, your attendees would automatically begin to have a bland event experience. Therefore, make sure your virtual expo gives enough interactive prospects to the attendees throughout the 3D virtual expo. Mentioned below are some of the best interactive functionalities provided by the top virtual expo platforms:

  • Live 1:1 & Group Chat
  • Real-Time Networking
  • Live Polling
  • Quizzes
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Multi-Format Communication Tools
  • And a lot more.

Make Networking Super-Easy

From sponsors & exhibitors to the speakers & audiences, every event participant looks ahead to build valuable connections & generate leads. And therefore, to ensure your user’s satisfaction, it is significant to provide them with exceptional networking possibilities during the event. Here are some of the best and the most effective networking functionalities provided by the best online event platforms:

Make Networking Super-Easy
  • B2B Meeting Schedulers
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Networking Tables
  • 1:1 Audio, Video, or Text Chat
  • Gamification Aspects
  • And many more.

Swag Bags & Virtual Goodies

Provide your event participants with swag bags & goodies before or after the event. You can include various exciting event-related items & goodies in these swag bags. If you do not prefer sending physical items, you can also share stuff over mail like free coupons, a digital greeting card, event agenda, branded event-related documents, etc. Doing this will help you encourage the attendees to participate in the event and feel engrossed during the event.

Promotional Activities

Begin promoting your virtual expo event at the right time. It is also significant to ensure that you choose the right marketing strategies to reach the relevant target audience. For example, one of the best ways to promote your virtual expo is to create a buzz over social media and your official website. Another reason why promotional activities can play a major role in your virtual event is that it helps you gain better audience participation. This aspect benefits all the event participants as your exhibitors also get the opportunity to maximize their presence & generate more leads.

Get the access to Virtual Event Data Analytics & Reports

Virtual Event Data Analytics & Reports

One of the greatest benefits of any virtual event platform is that it provides the organizer with complete event data reports & analytics. Using this feature, users can not only analyze the efficacy of each event aspect but also measure the success prospects. Therefore, make sure you ask your virtual expo platform provider to enable this functionality. With the help of this data, you can also take well-thought and more practical decisions while organizing future events. While it may seem a little difficult to organize a virtual expo that includes all the positive aspects, the reality is different. All you need to do is get in touch with a managed and experienced virtual event platform that provides you with a complete package of solutions. Go on and organize a memorable virtual expo. Have any doubts at all? Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll solve all your queries!

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