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Virtual Hiring Fair – Ideas, Tips, and Best Practices

The events industry is evolving at an unparalleled pace as more & more types of events are moving to the virtual format. A Virtual Career fair is one such event type that has been witnessing great success & outcomes ever since it went digital. While the concept used to sound bizarre a few years back, virtual hiring fairs are so prevalent today that every next organization is planning to organize one. Hosting these events is super easy today, as all you have to do is find a fully managed virtual career fair platform that provides you with a complete solution.

In this blog, we will help you explore some of the most beneficial tips, ideas, and best practices to host a successful virtual career fair. Let’s begin by understanding the essence of a virtual hiring event.

What is a Virtual Hiring Fair?

A virtual hiring fair refers to any virtual recruitment drive that is organized over an immersive 3D virtual environment. Various different types of events fall under the category of a virtual hiring event like:

  • Virtual Recruiting Fair
  • Virtual Career Fair
  • Virtual Job Fair
  • Virtual Hiring Fair
  • Virtual Recruitment Drive

Referred by different names, the purpose of organizing any virtual hiring event is to recruit relevant candidates on a global level. A virtual career fair platform is power-packed with excellent interactive & engaging virtual features to ensure the success of your event. Not just this but the most excellent virtual event platform provides 100% customizability & flexibility to create an event as per your requirements, preferences, and budget.

15 Outstanding Virtual Fair Ideas, Tips, and Best Practices

Virtual Hiring Fair Ideas

Let’s explore some of the best virtual fair ideas to elevate the success prospects of your virtual hiring event.

1) Include Informative Sessions

Webinars & informative live sessions are one of the most proven audience-engagement ideas. Provide your event participants with an informative session that is not just engaging but also interactive. Enable two-way communication and include features like raise hand & live chat so users can share their questions in real-time. Another excellent idea is to invite an industry expert to drive more engagement & provide greater value to the candidates.

2) Real-Time Updates & Notifications

Use live event updates & notifications to ensure that your event attendees are updated throughout the virtual hiring event. Make the live job listings & vacant position updates available for the candidates & employers to simplify their experience.

3) Social Wall

Incorporate a social wall feature to make the event experience more engaging. With the help of this feature, you can easily curate all the social media posts shared by the event attendees and present them on a common wall. It will not only lighten up the vibe at your virtual hiring event but also keep your attendees engaged.

4) Eye-Catching Virtual Booths

An experienced virtual event platform provides you with the opportunity to design dynamic booths. So, utilize this chance and create eye-catching out-of-the-box virtual exhibit booths that make your attendees want to explore more about the organizations.

5) Provide Motivating Swag Bags

The virtual career fair can bring lots of great opportunities for the candidates & employers. However, there’s a possibility that not everybody got their expectations fulfilled through the recruitment drive. Therefore, provide all the users with motivating swag bags to ensure that nobody feels disheartened if they could not land a job or hire the preferred candidate.

Virtual Hiring Fair Tips

Follow the mentioned virtual hiring fair tips to ensure the seamless execution of your virtual event.

1) Drive Registrations through a Compelling Landing Page

Create a compelling landing page for your virtual career fair. Also, provide all the necessary event-related information on the landing page. With the help of this tip, you can not only drive more registrations but also provide all the candidates with relevant information.

2) Create an Engaging Agenda

Your event agenda should reflect your event goals and engage the audience. An engaging event agenda must include interactive sessions like live polls and Q&A sessions. Not just this, but you should also provide breaks & engagement zones so your attendees get more value during the event.

3) Provide a Brief Roadmap of the Event

Provide a brief roadmap of the virtual career fair so it is easy for your attendees to navigate through the venue. Your attendees’ event experience and satisfaction are amongst the main factors that define the success prospect of your event. Therefore, ensuring frictionless event navigation is very significant. Apart from providing an event roadmap, also ensure that your event venue makes all the significant information easily accessible.

4) Make Networking Easy

Networking is one of the most significant aspects of any event. It is even more important in the case of a virtual job fair or any other virtual hiring event. Therefore, ensure that you provide helpful networking functionalities at the virtual recruiting fair. Mentioned below are some of the best networking features that every virtual hiring event must have:

  • Meeting Scheduler
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Networking Tables
  • Multi-Format Chat
  • Business Card Exchange

5) Use Advanced Search Filters

The virtual hiring event is all about employers finding the most suitable candidate for their job openings and job-seekers landing up at their preferred jobs. Therefore, make this whole process easy by using the feature of an advanced search filter. It is a tool that you can personalize based on your requirement and help the candidates find jobs by adding the filters.

Virtual Hiring Fair Best Practices

Here are some of the best practices that can help you enhance your virtual hiring fair:

1) Pre-Define Your Event Objectives & Plan

Determine your event objectives before doing anything else. Specifying your event goals will help you create an efficient event plan that further ensures a smooth event execution. So, to ensure that your event gets executed without any errors, pre-determine your complete event objectives & create a defined plan.

2) Begin the Event Promotion & Marketing at the Right Time

Start promoting your virtual hiring event at the right time. Not just the time but it is also significant to use the right marketing strategies to promote your event. Doing this will help you reach the relevant employers & candidates for your virtual career fair. From mailing announcements to social media contests, you can use various effective strategies to ensure the success of your virtual career fair.

Pro Tip: Have enough time between your event promotion & final event day. However, remember to ensure that the gap is not so long that the candidates forget about attending the event.

3) Provide all the Necessary Company Details

As shared in prior points, attendee experience matters the most when it comes to ensuring the success of your event. Hence, simplify the event experience of the candidates by making all the requisite details of the employer company easily accessible. The employer booths should be so informative that the candidates can explore all the details at the booth itself and do not need to connect with the representative for basic queries.

4) Make the Support Team Available Throughout the Event

Another virtual career fair best practice is to make a backend support team available for the users at times. Doing this will ensure that if anything goes wrong or the users have any queries, your team is available to solve the issues.

5) Use the Provided Event Analytics & Reports Feature

Almost all experienced virtual fair platforms provide the feature of entire event analytics & reports. So, ensure that you include this functionality at your virtual event as it can help you in various ways. You can not use these data reports to scrutinize the efficacy of your event elements but also to make a well-thought decision in your future events. Combine these virtual hiring fair ideas, tips, and best practices, and we assure you of an excellent online event. Need to know anything at all, reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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