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8 Best Practices To Create and Run LinkedIn Webinars

Among various platforms available, LinkedIn webinars are one of the most efficient mediums for hosting webinars. Linkedin says, there is a 75% increase in the number of LinkedIn Live events year over year. It has been leveraged to reach a wide range of professionals and clients. 

To ensure the success of your LinkedIn webinar platform, it is essential to follow best practices that maximize engagement and provide valuable content. In this article, we will explore the best practices to create and run a webinar on LinkedIn, enabling you to make the most out of Linkedin Event.

What is LinkedIn Webinar

What is LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn webinar is a virtual event platform to help businesses connect with their target audience. It can be used to market their products and services, share insights, and other relevant information with their audience. The goal of the Linkedin webinars can be ranged from generating leads to brand awareness with engagement and interaction.

Running a Webinar on Linkedin: 8 Best Practices To Follow

Achieving the desired goal is what every professional or business wants when using Linkedin Live Events for Webinars. So, following Linkedin Webinars’ best practices has significance in achieving those goals. Here are 7 tips to follow when you create an event on Linkedin.

1. Set up Linkedin Events for your Webinar

For your target audience, the first impression of a webinar is a LinkedIn event. So, while setting up your webinar on the LinkedIn event, make sure to provide complete information about your event including purpose, date, time, and topic. This information is crucial for you to share with the audience to make them excited about the webinar, and attract as many registrants as possible.

LinkedIn Events offer many opportunities to not only conceptualize your insights but structure all your information. You can use this LinkedIn feature to set up your event page, invite potential attendees, add speakers, and post updates on the platform.

LinkedIn events can also be set up to help your team find information about upcoming events.

Setting up an event also comes with the responsibility to gain as many attendees as possible. With the many registrations you get, make the list of attendees public to create more interest among your potential customers. If they will witness the high people attendance, no one would want to miss the event.

2. Use Paid LinkedIn Ads To Promote a Webinar on Linkedin

According to HootSuite, LinkedIn ads reach 12% of the world’s population and 62% of the American population. So, how do you achieve more leads when hosting events on LinkedIn? The good news is, you have LinkedIn Ads for Linkedin webinar promotion. It helps to not only increase your audience reach but also get leads. You can run campaigns to reach the right people even more.

Promote a Webinar on linkedin

Linkedin Ads helps specifically target the people who fit your buyer’s persona and gain more signs ups and registrants for your webinar.

Ads on Linkedin come with great features to make them highly customized, showcase visuals and add details about your webinar in an engaging way. The more engaging your ads will be, the more they will have conversions.

3. Create a Webinar Landing Page

There are many marketing solutions you can use to drive traffic, but landing pages are the most effective when it comes to connecting with the right audience.

The landing page is typically more detailed than the LinkedIn event page, but it can also be used for webinars to add additional information that doesn’t fit on the LinkedIn event page, such as speaker bios and session agendas.

Here you can also post information about previous webinars, business details, tips, and resources for professionals attending the webinar.

Another advantage to it is that you can place a special registration form on your website and generate email leads for future contact. This can also reduce the hassle for your sales team.

4. Use Email Outreach to Send Invitations About your Webinars

When it comes to email outreach, you can use a list of previously interacted people to help with LinkedIn webinar promotion.

Anyone who has attended previous meetings or LinkedIn webinar platform, or who has worked for your company, should receive a notification in their inbox.

Once you do, you’ll find that following this short method is much more effective than randomly contacting people outside your network. However, when you decide to outreach to new potential customers, remember to check your email sender reputation as it plays an important role in establishing trust.

Then you can create some e-mail sequences to promote a webinar on Linkedin and let everyone know the details. To close the deal, you can also add additional incentives to attract more people, such as bonuses or discounts for early birds who sign up first. If you are planning for hosting events on LinkedIn in the future, you can also mention it in your email to create get more attention from the attendees.

5. Leverage Social Media To Increase Webinar Attendance with Linkedin

Just one post on social media can have a big impact and generate more registrations for your webinar. Also, even if you do it on LinkedIn, you’ll still need to use a different social media platform, such as to cover events.

Below are six simple practices you can try:

·       Schedule quotes from the speakers.

·       Post interesting images that illustrate the main topic of your talk.

·       Post the same content on all your social media accounts.

·       Tag other industry experts in this area in related posts.

·       Share updates with people who have already registered for the event.

·       Post special offers exclusive to your market-savvy community.

You can also try other marketing activities such as blogging or publishing to platforms like Medium, Quora, Reddit. Join the relevant Facebook groups (and LinkedIn communities) and post there as well. 

96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing. With Linkedin webinar promotion, you can get results when the goal is to increase webinar attendance with Linkedin. For example, if your specialty is life coaching, you should target the communities where your target audience hangs out. This makes it easier to reach your ideal target group.

Using forums related to your topic can lead to additional registrations as people already participating in the discussion are more likely to be interested in gaining new insights. For them, it’s just a quick change to where they want to operate, and webinars can serve as the perfect new channel for engaging with them.

6. Collaborate with Linkedin Influencers 

Connect with industry influencers who can provide value to your Linkedin webinars or even do word-of-mouth marketing for your Linkedin event. Influencer collaboration has proven benefits in increasing your audience reach.

They may be interested in participating (as a participant, co-moderator, speaker, or as a sponsor). Or just share your content with your followers if they resonate with you.

LinkedIn is full of micro and nano influencers who don’t have many followers around the world. You have a passionate audience in your industry, and you can find people who would like to attend LinkedIn webinars. These influencers can help you reach even more of the right groups without spending a fortune growing them yourself.

7. Follow up After Your Linkedin Live Events for Webinars

Most marketers made the mistake of not following up with their attendees after their webinars. Follow-ups bring interest to the attendees and encourage them to take the required action after the Linkedin live events for webinars. If your ultimate goal is to generate revenue through webinars, follow-ups must be used with best practices for conversion.

You can even ask for feedback and use their feedback for performance-based optimization. Customer data eliminates guesswork out of optimization and give areas for improvement.

Send out emails with thank you note with some additional resources that might help them further explore the topic.

8. Make On-Demand Version of the Webinar Available After the Event 

Most Linkedin live webinars are also preferred to be watched once it’s over. The value of the evergreen webinars has been increasing since they offer recorded webinars for those who missed the event. 

The Live webinars have been recorded to make them accessible at any time when new viewers come. With on-demand webinars, companies also wish to grow their marketing initiatives and ensure to prevent their LinkedIn webinar promotion go in vain.

Webinar Promotion on Linkedin Using 5 Actionable Strategies

Here are some of the best strategies you can use to promote your webinars on Linkedin.

1.Use Industry Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn groups helps you connect with your target audience and share industry-relevant insights. So, you can use the platform to spread the word about your webinar and let people know about it. However, don’t just join any random groups and share the details of your webinar rather ensure they are relevant to your industry.

Let your team or members get engaged in the conversations and participate in the discussions. Consider Linkedin groups as a great opportunity to build and strengthen your network. When they are a part of a community with common interests, they will be interested in showing up for your webinar.

2.Connect with Industry Influencers

Influencers have worked for years to gain a lot of followers and come to a point where most people are interested in listening to what they have to say. So, when you connect with industry-specific influencers, your webinar gets access to your niche audience. It reaches to wider audience and helps increase registrants on the webinar. 

You can partner with LinkedIn influencers to directly promote your webinar on Linkedin through dedicated posts and videos or you can choose to invite them to the webinar to say a word or two. 

3.Share Engaging Content that Relates to Your Webinar

The best and most direct way to promote your webinar on Linkedin is by creating original content on the same or related topic that your webinar is going to be about. You can play with different formats of content including images, videos or LinkedIn polls.

Remember, whatever you choose to post, it has to be engaging and interactive for the audience. Use the art of storytelling in your videos and captions to keep the viewers hooked. 

On the other side, Linkedin polls are another great option to get different opinions and know about the questions people have in mind. LinkedIn is a great place for different forms of content to perform well. In addition to posting content on your LinkedIn business page, always use the best practices, keep it consistent, and don’t forget the hashtags. 

4.Run Lead Generation Ads on Linkedin

Paid advertising on social media is becoming the best way of promotion that drives results. And, Linkedin is no different. Running LinkedIn ads for webinar promotion allows you to target specifically, and pull the right audience on your webinar landing page.

Decide on your budget and choose between CPC and CPM so that your budget can be utilized on time. Make sure to create a high-quality copy in addition to an eye-catching call to action. To track the performance of your ad and get complete management, you get a campaign manager from Linkedin. It allows you to decide on how long you want your ad to run and reviews the list of audience targets.

5.Use Sponsored Updates

Linkedin has also come up with an interesting advertising solution that allows brands to promote any post from a Linkedin company page to a specific set of people. You do targeting based on different demographics such as location, company, member groups, etc. It allows you to let your company’s updates reach more people and attract new followers.

The best part is, you can set your own budget for sponsoring and choose from either cost per click or cost per impression. By sponsoring updates you will capture the attention of engaged people and drive traffic to your company page or your main landing page.


Hosting Events on LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to engage with your audience and showcase your expertise. By following the best practices, you can Increase Webinar Attendance with Linkedin and leave a lasting impact on participants.

Remember to focus on delivering valuable content, leveraging LinkedIn’s features, and using Linkedin webinar promotion strategies effectively.

So, it’s time to harness the power of the LinkedIn webinar platform. And, unlock the full potential of your next Linkedin webinar for business growth.


Q1. How long should a LinkedIn webinar be?

The ideal webinar duration on LinkedIn typically ranges from 45 minutes to one hour, including time for Q&A sessions. However, the length can vary depending on the complexity of the topic and the engagement level of the audience.

Q2. How to increase audience engagement during a LinkedIn webinar?

Engage your audience by adding interactive elements, such as polls, Q&A sessions, live chat, and real-time feedback. Encourage participation, address audience questions, and provide valuable insights to keep them engaged throughout the session.

Q3. What are the key benefits of hosting a webinar on LinkedIn?

Hosting a webinar on LinkedIn offers several benefits, such as reaching a professional audience, establishing thought leadership, building brand awareness, fostering valuable connections, and gaining insights through analytics and engagement metrics.

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