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A Step-by-Step Checklist for Webinar Planning and Hosting

Make it easier for you to plan and host webinars with our ultimate webinar planning and hosting checklist.

Webinars are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of expanding your brand’s reach. They let you promote your product and brand in the most subtle yet effective ways. Owing to these advantages and benefits that webinars offer users, webinars have now become one of the most integral parts of the marketing strategies of organizations across the globe. 

Webinars are called one of the most organized and systematic ways to reach out to a wider audience through the means of the internet. But, what is the way to plan and host webinars systematically? Well, to ensure smooth and seamless execution of your webinars, there are two ways to get the assurance, one is using an expert webinar hosting service like Webinar Plus, and another is creating an organized webinar checklist before the webinar. 

We are sure you know the advantages of using a webinar platform like Webinar Plus. But creating a webinar checklist has its own advantages. 

Some of those advantages are: 

  • With a webinar checklist, you get to set your own standards that would make it easier for you to move ahead with further steps. 
  • Organizers can focus on individual tasks separately, eliminating the chances of missing out on anything. 
  • Bring everyone together, and all the team members stay on the same page. Hence, boosting transparency. 

Now that you know the advantages of putting in some effort and creating a webinar checklist. 

Let us begin with our webinar checklist that will surely ensure you guaranteed success.


1. Set Clear and Well-Defined Objectives: 

It is always the foundation that defines how strong the building will be. Therefore, always focus on creating a strong foundation. In this case, selecting a webinar subject would be the foundation. Think, Identify and define your webinar objectives clearly. Start by asking yourself questions such as why do you want to host the webinar? What do you want to achieve with this webinar? And so on. 

Also, while defining the objectives of the webinar, make sure you define your KPIs. Having a clear idea of the KPIs in the beginning itself will help you focus better on your strategies. 

2. Know Your Audience, Understand Them: 

Research, research, and research. Conduct research and learn about the interests of your audience. Know that having a clear and fair idea of what your audience expects from you always helps. 

It would assist you with almost all the aspects of your webinar. For example, the kind of webinars the audience likes to attend, which speaker they would like to listen to, and so many more. Once you have the idea about your audience’s interest in detail, tweak and spin your webinar strategies around your webinar. It will ensure the maximum audience shows interest in your webinar. 

3. Begin Your Hunt For the Best Webinar Platform: 

Now that you are clear with your objectives and the target audience group, it’s time to start looking for a webinar platform that would have the most significant impact in making your plans a reality. 

The market these days is filled with webinar services that promise you a successful webinar execution. However, in the end, what matters is which platform actually delivers successful webinars. We don’t know about others, but one platform that would surely deliver great results is Webinar Plus. And, it is a guarantee.

4. Look For a Keynote Speaker: 

The next thing you need to include in your webinar checklist is looking for a speaker. Remember, the speaker you choose will be the face of your webinar; we are sure you would want to choose names that will catch your audience’s attention. Also, look for one who is well-acquainted with the industry and your webinar’s subject; going with an industry expert might be a good idea. 

Always remember, when you host a webinar or any other online event, you are risking your brand by keeping it at stake in front of the entire world. Make sure you take calculated risks. 

Not only this, while you are looking for a speaker for your webinar, look for a skilled host too. 

Though both the roles have different sets of skills required, one thing that remains common between them is they should be good at communicating and know how to keep the audience engaged throughout the session. 

5. Bring Everyone On the Same Page: 

After deciding on the names of your speakers and hosts, it’s time to move ahead and brief them about the event. Make sure your speakers and hosts have a clear idea of what you are expecting from them and what they are supposed to do. 

In addition to this, make sure all your speakers, panelists, and hosts are familiar with each other. For that, you can conduct a collective meeting with all of them. 

6. Create a Hype in the Market: 

Let the world know that something big is coming up. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating hype around your webinar. For this, you can use social media to the best of your capabilities. You can create your own hashtag, a separate page for your event, and follow other trends to match the steps of the world. In addition, motivate your audience to join you in this journey and promote the webinar.

7. Conduct a Dry-Run: 

We all have grown up hearing how important it is to rehearse before attempting an exam. Well, hosting a webinar online is no less than an exam. Hence, it is important to rehearse before going live in front of the audience. The reason behind this is not practicing enough for your webinar might lead to things going wrong on the D-day. It won’t only affect your webinar but also your brand’s reputation. Don’t worry; hosting a practice session on webinar tools like Webinar Plus is quite simple. 

Never host a webinar without conducting a dry run. With this, let us move to our next webinar checklist point. Shall we? 

8. Design follow-up emails

Hosting a webinar is only half the battle. Converting leads into customers requires immediate and regular follow-up. So prepare a follow-up email in advance so that you can send it immediately after the webinar ends.

Create three email versions. For those who attended, missed, or were interested but requested “slides only”. Add webinar recordings, slides, and other information related to the webinar topic.

Webinar Checklist for Your Final Day:

We hope you are clear about things you should do before your webinar. Now, we will quickly take you through the webinar checklist for the main day. 

1. Use Social Media in Full Swing: 

Now is the time to pull up your socks and step into the field. Get in your webinar host mode, and make sure you leave no chances of delivering a webinar worth remembering. Therefore, use your social media in full swing and post about your event across your social media channels. Make your audience feel that they are missing out on something important by not attending your webinar. 

And, it’s okay to give the feeling of FOMO for your brand’s growth. Right? 

In fact, being active across your social media channels might help you assist your attendees as well, in case they approach you on your social media channels. 

2. Drop a Final Reminder: 

Now that it’s almost time for your webinar, as a host, make sure to drop in the final reminder to your registrants. However, the time for sending those reminders depends on you; you can remind your attendees a few minutes before the webinar or even a few hours before the webinar. 

Webinar Checklist Post Webinar: 

1. Send a Follow-Up Mail to Your Attendees: 

Now that the webinar is over, it’s time to send post-event follow-up emails. It is a great way to not only know how your attendees liked the webinar but also a great way to build connections with your attendees. Following up with the attendees would make them feel valued and important. 

2. Analyzing Webinar Statistics: 

The last step and checkpoint on your checklist is to analyze the webinar statistics. With an advanced live webinar platform like Webinar Plus, you can gather statistics around your webinar easily. Therefore, go through the data and check if you have achieved the KPIs you defined at the beginning.

Quick Recap: 

We have compiled a list of all the necessary things you should include in your webinar checklist. Let us quickly go through it. 

  • Set clear and definite goals for your webinar. 
  • Define your Key Performance Indicators.
  • Define your audience; understand their interest. 
  • Look for the best webinar tool. 
  • Schedule the webinar carefully. 
  • Look for a renowned speaker. 
  • Debrief the speaker and the host. 
  • Create hype on social media. 
  • Host a practice session. 
  • Be active on social media on the day of the webinar. 
  • Send follow-up emails, post webinars. 

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