Top 5 Cvent Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

In 2024 planning and execution of events require an event management platform, event tech solution, and services. Have you ever thought about which are the top recommended event tech solution providers & Cvent alternatives in the market to create and host a seamless event? 

We all have seen that Cvent is a big name in the market and always shines in the spotlight. But as the saying goes no company can be able to cater and offer all kinds of services and solutions required, more to say there is nothing like one-size-fits-all. From event registrations to virtual, check-in, webinar, hybrid, mobile event apps, WhatsApp automation, and other comprehensive tools. Here in this blog, we are going to explore the top five Cvent alternatives and competitors you can leverage services from to host your next events. But before that know the key functionalities and features of event technology can provide.

Features & Functionalities of Cvent Alternatives: You Can Find!

There can be array of advantages and features that event tech suite offers ranging from; smart online registration systems to mobile event app, microsites, check-in system’s, badges, live streaming, virtual event platform and more.

Key Features:

  • Event Registration: Robust software with an intuitive interface, customizable forms, and conditional logic for tailored attendee experiences.
  • Event Marketing & Management: Streamlined promotional activities, registration management, and attendee communication for seamless event success.
  • Matchmaking: Connects event planners with a broad network of suppliers, venues, and professionals for collaboration and sourcing.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly merge event data with business systems or third-party tools integration for enhanced lead management, insights and others.
  • Event & Attendee Insights: Store event data, calculate ROI, and collect timely feedback to refine event strategy.

This set of comprehensive solution for event organizers, can empower them to create seamless events through streamlined processes, personalized experiences, and actionable insights.

Top 5 Alternatives & Competitors of Cvent 

In the globalized market of 2024, there are many big names of good startups and established event management and event tech solution providers who provide best-in-class products and tools. The variety is so different that it makes the life of event organizers create seamless events based on their unique requirements. Here next, we will delve into the top five names in the market that offer value-added event management and technology-related tools to simplify all your efforts as a host you put in organizing events. So, let’s get started;


There are many Cvent alternatives for sure, but when finding the best fit match Dreamcast is the alternative to Cvent. In recent years they emerge as the standout choice. Dreamcast is an event tech solution provider with a wide range of solutions including; mobile event apps to event registration systems (both offline and online), microsites, check-in solutions (like turnstile), WhatsApp Automation, CRM, Cashless systems, Badging, and many others. With the commitment to provide the robust technological advanced innovative tools to end-to-end customisable solutions to cater the unique requirements. All become a vision for Dreamcast. Let’s look at the core features and functionality any host can leverage creating a seamless experience for their attendees while executing effortlessly. 

Key Technology and Features  of Dreamcast

1. Event Registration Systems

There are events like from virtual to in-person and hybrid or sometimes webinars too. For all that there is one thing common that is to have an intuitive registration system. Dreamcast offers multi-diverse registration systems in the form of mobile event apps, microsties, on-spot registration kiosks and more. All these systems can possibly integrate multi-tier ticketing options and secure standard payment gateways. Additionally, this app and sites can leverage showcasing the event details to users, as well as keep them updated with push notifications and engage them with interactive elements.

Event Registration Systems at event

2. Live Streaming Services

Every event has its own set of KPIs. However, expanding the reach is one of the key factors to include. Dreamcast’s live streaming services, offering multi-camera streaming, multi-streaming platforms, and 360-degree streaming with high-end quality, can extend your physical events’ presence to a global reach. Furthermore, leveraging the ‘Multi-language & Transcription Support’ can make any event international.

3. Event Check-in & Badging

On the event day, it is crucial to manage the attendees and ensure a seamless check-in experience for the attendees. In many events like; conferences, expo, trade shows and other requires badges. There are many uses of it and both event check-in and badging are interconnected somehow. 

Some key technologies that can be utilized are; Turnstiles, Facial recognition kiosks, RFID based check-in solutions and others. In the same context there are many types of badges available like; QR-based badges, RFID integrated badges, PVC, paper based and other. Based on the unique needs any of the following can be taken into use. 

4. Virtual Meetings and Webinars

Virtual meetings and webinars offer versatile solutions in our multi-diverse world where hosting high-attendance in-person events isn’t always feasible. Embracing hybrid events extends event presence, fostering interaction between physical and virtual attendees. Moreover, opting for virtual events and webinars proves cost-effective, making them viable alternatives for diverse audiences and budget constraints.

Virtual Meetings and Webinars


Eventbrite is an event management and ticketing website. This allows users to browse, create, and promote their local events. Their major services include online ticketing and providing a platform where people come together to unlock the magic of sharing experiences. They are known for hosting a variety of events across different categories. Like music, nightlife, performing arts, holidays, health, hobbies, business, and food & drink. Additionally, Eventbrite offers a mobile app called Eventbrite Organizer, which allows event planners to manage events on the go, create and edit events, track and sell tickets, and check-in guests. 

Key Features: 

  • User-Friendly Interface: Eventbrite simplifies event creation, management, and ticket sales with its clean and intuitive interface.
  • Robust Ticketing System: Eventbrite offers various ticketing options and integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Promotional Tools: Eventbrite provides social media sharing and email marketing tools to help users reach potential attendees.
  • Trusted Platform: Eventbrite is a well-established platform with a strong reputation, making it a reliable choice for event organizers.
  • Mobile Entry Management: Eventbrite enhances the event experience with mobile entry management tools for seamless on-the-day operations.


Stova is an event technology ecosystem that offers end-to-end solutions designed to cater to events of various sizes and locations. It provides event management solutions with the flexibility and scalability needed by global enterprises and event organizers. Stova’s platform supports every step of the event life cycle, from planning to measurement, and is dedicated to the success of its partners. The company focuses on simplifying event planning for a wide range of events, including; sales kick-offs, field marketing programs, user conferences, and trade shows. Stova emphasizes virtual and hybrid events and aims to elevate the audience experience through its event management solutions.

  • End-to-End Event Management: Stova offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing events from start to finish, including planning, promotion, registration, attendee engagement, and post-event analysis.
  • Virtual and Hybrid Event Support: Stova specializes in virtual and hybrid events, providing features tailored to enhance the experience of online attendees and seamlessly integrate virtual components into traditional events.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Stova’s platform is designed to scale with the needs of events of varying sizes and complexities, offering flexibility to adapt to different event formats and requirements.
  • Audience Engagement Tools: Stova includes features to boost audience engagement, such as interactive sessions, networking opportunities, live polls, Q&A sessions, and gamification elements to keep attendees actively involved.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Stova provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing event organizers to track key metrics, measure event success, and gain insights for future event planning and optimization.


Whova is an award-winning event and conference app that helps attendees gain insights about people they meet at events. It is one of the most widely used mobile apps by professionals for networking at conferences, trade shows, expos, summits, conventions, business meetings, corporate events, association events, and community gatherings

  • Building comprehensive profiles of attendees so users can view all attendee profiles before even arriving at the event
  • Allowing users to plan whom to meet at an event, what to talk about with each attendee, and reach out via in-app messages before, during and after the event
  • Enabling users to create casual meetups and arrange social activities with other groups of attendees
  • Digitizing and managing business cards received at events, automatically building full profiles using Whova’s ‘Smart Profile’ technology
  • Providing instant notifications from event organizers, interactive floor maps, surveys, and access to presentations.

Whova has received the Event Technology Awards for five years in a row (2016-2021). It is SOC2 Type II and PCI compliant, recognizing Whova’s practice of reliable, safe, secure, and trustworthy management of user data protection and privacy.


Eventify, a London-based event management agency, specializes in corporate and private events, offering services like; venue finding, face-to-face celebrations, and hybrid and virtual events. Their forte lies in crafting bespoke experiences irrespective of event scale, with a strong emphasis on free venue-finding services across the UK and abroad. Eventify ensures maximum engagement and unforgettable guest experiences through end-to-end event management solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. They cater to a wide array of events, including meetings, exhibitions, and team-building activities, among others.

Offers venue-finding services across the UK and internationally, assisting clients in securing ideal locations without extra costs.

They provide comprehensive event management solutions, handling all aspects of planning, coordination, and execution to ensure seamless and successful events.

Eventify prioritizes guest engagement and experience, aiming to create events that captivate attendees, foster connections, and leave a lasting impression, ultimately enhancing the event’s overall impact.

The Best Cvent Alternatives: Waiting For You!

Undoubtedly, there are many Cvent alternatives and competitors that offer a wide range of event management solutions. Without a doubt, they shine in their place. However, Dreamcast emerged as the standout choice, and with many G2 category awards winners. They know how to offer custom solutions by understanding the unique needs of every event host. If you are also the host who is looking to craft an impeccable event that effortlessly attracts the higher ROI you are at the right place.

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