Build Your Hype With a Successful Online Product Launch Event – 7 Step to Guaranteed Success

You have been working on a product for months now, and definitely can’t wait to launch it in the market. Yes, we can feel the excitement and nervousness that you have. 

Talking about launching your product, we are sure you would wish to introduce your product in a certain way and build the hype it deserves. After all, it would be during the virtual product launch of your event that your audience will get its first glimpse. As an organization, you can’t afford to lose the by-product of your hard work, dedication, and sincerity. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a virtual product launch strategically and in a well-planned manner. 

Here, in this blog, we have curated a step-by-step guide to a successful online product launch event. Let us see what these steps ask you to do: 

1.Know Your Market: 

You can’t shoot an arrow blindly and expect it to hit the target, especially when your brand reputation is at stake. We can’t emphasize enough how vital it is to know the market you are targeting. Hence, the first step you should take if you wish to smash all the sales records as soon as you launch your product is understanding your market. Know and try to understand your target market, their expectations, interests, disinterests, and other necessary information. You don’t know how each and every factor can have an impact on the success of your online product launch as well as the product itself. 

 2.Choose the Best Online Product Launch Platform:

In the next step, choose a suitable online product launch event platform. Though the virtual product launch event platform you would choose will be the venue of the event as a physical event, pursuing it would need a set of different approaches and tactics.

There is a wide range of online platforms available in the market that can help you deliver an unforgettable experience. However, choose nothing but the best. It would require some patience, a well-planned strategy, and time.

Speaking of the best online product launch platform, Mixhub is a powerful name that can help you deliver unique and immersive experiences. It is a customizable platform with touchpoints, helping organizers promote their brand seamlessly. Not only this, but it also comes with virtual booth functionality, enabling brands to display their product impressively. 

3.Schedule the Virtual Product Launch Carefully: 

Moving on to the next step, it’s time you schedule your event. With virtual product launches, one can reach out to a wider range of audiences, and that too beyond geography. However, reaching the minds of a global audience needs a proper approach. One of the most overlooked factors is how you schedule the event. 

When it comes to scheduling the event, make sure you consider the time zones of your targeted countries. Not only this, but make sure any reputed firm is also not coming up with any significant event, especially a product launch, when you schedule your event. 

4.Set a Theme; Make Your Product Launch Unique: 

Given the vastness of the market, it is necessary to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is by setting a theme for your virtual product launch event. Design your online product launch platform in such a way that the audience feels connected to your product as soon as they log on to the platform. 

Along with it, you can also collaborate with famous influencers and celebrities. Invite them to your event, and build hype in the market. 

5.Make Full Use of Different Platforms: 

Show how active and excited you and your organization are for the launch event. Stay active across several platforms, be it online or offline. Use different marketing techniques that would draw the audience’s attention to your product. Build anticipation and make them believe that something big is coming up soon. 

You can also come up with a dedicated social media page, hashtag, and even filters related to your product. In addition, to encourage people to participate, you can conduct social media contests and announce special prizes for the winners. 

6.Boost Interactivity in the Online Product Launch Event: 

It is extremely necessary to deliver an event that is interactive and engaging. After all, inviting people to your launch event and unveiling the product is not enough. Make use of the audience engagement tools provided by the online event platform to boost the liveliness of the event. 

Use tools such as Q&A, Surveys, Polls, and other features, and encourage your attendees to share and participate actively in the event. 

7.Take Feedback, Always! 

After the completion of your online product launch event, don’t forget to take the feedback of your attendees, guests, and speakers. While many organizers follow pre-event and mid-event strategies carefully, they often forget that the post-event strategies have their own impact. Following up with your attendees not only helps you know their reviews but also helps you create long-lasting bonds with them. It would make them feel that you care for their opinions and hence, more connected to your brand. 

Bonus Point: 

As we mentioned, it is necessary to keep the audience at your online product launch event engaged. Therefore, we are sharing the most sought-after online product launch ideas to keep the attendees hooked to the event till the end. 

  1. Leverage Social media and make full use of social walls. 
  2. Host live quizzes and polls; announce prizes for the winners. 
  3. Make the most of the technology; ask your attendees to get themselves clicked at the virtual photo booths. 
  4. Use breakout room features to engage your attendees in groups and discussions. 
  5. Host Social Media contests; swag your attendees with your merchandise. 
  6. Include games such as scavenger hunts; you can also host a musical concert. 

Go With the Best Online Product Launch Platform, Mixhub

If you think your product is the best and deserves the best sales and audience attention, why compromise with a virtual product launch platform that is not the best? 

Choose Mixhub for your next online launch and give life and identity to your product in the most effective and glitch-free way. 

The features of Mixhub makes it a suitable platform for all kinds of online events, including product launch. Also, what is the best thing about this platform? It comes with a free one-month trial. If you wish to know more about the platform, book your free demo session today. 

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