Mixhub – Latest Product Updates

Our monthly updates are finally here, and we can’t wait to share them with you. This platform has revamped many of its features, and all these features together are going to make it a lot easier for you to host online events on this platform. 

At Mixhub, we have always strived to improve ourselves and do better than we were yesterday. A platform solely dedicated to user convenience, Mixhub brings to you many exciting features that will enhance your overall experience of using it and hosting your events. 

So, without any ado, let us dive into our own pandora’s box of updates and see what we have in store for you.

1. Consolidated Feed to Attendees 

Mixhub is now all set to introduce a consolidated feed for attendees. Also, this upgrade will only add to the convenience of the attendees. With the help of this update, the attendees would be able to watch the session at their convenience. 

Not only this, this feature would redefine one’s way of attending an online event. Now, attending an event would resemble watching a movie. It means that the attendees could pause the session and play it whenever they want.

2.New Mobile UI For Stage

The new mobile UI for the stage would allow the attendees to access the set of engagement tools with more ease and convenience. The new mobile Ui for the stage would enable attendees to attend the session and access the audience engagement tools simultaneously. It means they would no longer have to compromise either with engagement opportunities or miss out on any prominent segment of the session.

3.Networking Table Invites

Finding a networking room so interesting that you wish your friends could join you? Well, our next update lets you do that. If any of your attendees are a part of a networking table and they wish their friends present in the session to join them, they can do that. All they have to do is invite their peers. We all know discussions with complete strangers might feel a bit awkward at first. In this case, your attendees would definitely wish for having a friend. This feature would make it easier for them to attend a networking table and add value to their overall experience.

4.Tag Filters

We understand scrolling through the platform and finding your way to your favorite session can get a bit overwhelming in case of online events. Well, not anymore. With our newly introduced Tag Filters, the attendees could filter out the sessions to make the entire experience a lot easier and more convenient for them.

5.Free Unlimited Recording

Talking about our next feature update, our platform would now allow its users to record the entire event. With this latest upgrade, users would be able to record their events, download the recordings and use them however they want to. 

What makes this feature interesting is that users won’t have to pay extra to get the recordings. They would be able to access the recorded sessions absolutely free. To understand the updates more clearly and know how you can use them to enhance your overall experience, try our platform The most prominent advantage of using this platform is you get the first month absolutely free. Learn more by booking your demo today.

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