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How To Create Effective Marketing Videos For Live Streaming?

Today’s internet is mostly visual, and video content is often considered to be the most engaging and effective form of content. 

Due to the rapid developments in technology and internet accessibility, live video streaming has also become a mainstream method of communication for both brands and people. 

Most video streaming solutions and live video webcasting services also provide interactivity features that further boost the engagement factor of video.

Some Tips To Create an Effective Marketing Video For Live Streaming

One of the main aspects of effective live streaming these days is promotions and creating marketing videos for streaming is becoming more and more important. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some tips to create an effective marketing video for live streaming!

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Tip #1 – Tell a story 

One of the most important aspects of creating a marketing video for live video streaming is to focus on creating a story-telling based approach.

As human beings, we are naturally attracted to stories, and our view of the world is mostly affected by the stories we hear and the stories we tell. This is why it is imperative to tell a story with your marketing video that clearly demonstrates the value of your live stream.

By following a story-telling approach, not only will your live marketing videos be more effective but also more engaging and immersive to the viewer.

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Tip #2 – Ensure the viewer is hooked right from the introduction! 

The first few seconds of any video are the most critical as most viewers will perceive the rest of the video based on how the first few seconds affected them.

This is why live marketing videos need to have a catchy and engaging introduction. The effectiveness of the entire video rests on how well the watcher receives the introduction.

While it might be tempting to engineer the video in such a way that the first few seconds will be super engaging to the viewer, you still have to ensure that the rest of the video matches up with the starting to create a cohesive viewing experience.

Tip #3 – Focus on the mission but don’t be boring! 

The objective of live marketing videos is to demonstrate the key selling points of your live stream, and if the video is unable to do so, then it should be considered to be a failure. However, more often than not, most viewers do not like a video that feels like its only about selling a product, and it can often end up boring the viewer. 

To create the most effective marketing videos for live video streaming, the video needs to be engaging. However, it is possible to get carried a bit too far when you’re trying to make your video as engaging as possible.

The trick is to find the right balance between focusing on the mission for the video and focusing on making the video as engaging as possible!

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Tip #4 – Make it mobile-friendly 

When it comes to marketing videos for streaming, it is essential to make it mobile-friendly as most of the viewers would be watching the video on mobile devices. By not optimizing your video for mobile, you’re losing out on a lot of viewers.

Due to the mass adaption of cell phones in today’s world, most content needs to be optimized for mobile to increase the engagement factor for the video. 

According to statistics, mobile video consumption is increasing almost by 100% every year and if you’re not a part of the wave, your marketing videos will fall behind when it comes to spreading your message.

Tip #5 – Focus heavily on the music 

One of the most common problems of marketing videos for streaming is that the music in the video is not on par with the quality of other aspects of the video such as the narration, content, and graphics.

Music is one of the most critical aspects of videos, and it can often end up making or breaking the marketing video. It can significantly affect the engagement and the quality of the final video.  

Tip #6 – Have a strong call to action in the video

When it comes to marketing videos for live video streaming, it is also super important to have a solid call to action. 

Just like all marketing materials, a great call to action is required; otherwise, the video might not be useful at all. A solid call to action drives user engagement and further leads to the video being more useful for marketing purposes.

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Tip #7 – Keep it short and professional

When it comes to creating marketing videos for live streaming, it is important to keep the video as short as possible. Nobody wants to watch a marketing video that keeps stretching on and on. 

A great marketing video is short, to the point, and extremely effective. It is also important to have a professional tone in the video for it to be the most effective. While it can be tempting to take some risks and make the tone a bit more casual, going too relaxed in the video will turn away a lot of viewers. 

Tip #8 – Focus on production quality but do not get stuck chasing perfection

Lastly, the production quality is often the most critical aspect of any video. If your video lacks good production, it will not be nearly as engaging as it can be. However, a common trap that a lot of creators often fall into is chasing perfection.

It is better to have a high-quality video that is created on time instead of a perfect video that never gets made. So while you should focus on production quality, don’t get stuck in the never-ending chase of perfection.


Creating a great, engaging marketing video is no easy feat, and it takes a lot of time and resources to plan and execute the perfect marketing video. We hope these tips were helpful to you. Keep reading this blog for the latest news in the world of live streaming, video streaming solutions and live video webcasting services.

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