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Tips for Live Streaming Your Next Company Event

Live streaming company events are becoming the norm for most corporations. There are multiple reasons for it, including:

  • It increases the reach of the event to every employee, regardless of where they are located in the world.
  • It is a cost-effective option to the traditional method of hosting company events which create additional and non-essential travelling and accommodation costs.
  • It provides a high-quality video recording of the entire event which can then later be used for other purposes like marketing.

7 Tips For Live Streaming Company Event

Live company events webcasting is undoubtedly cheaper, more effective and highly valuable for corporations across the world. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at 7 tips for live streaming your next company event:

Tip #1 – Planning and preparation are vital

When it comes to live streaming an event, a lot of things can go wrong. The cameras could malfunction, the network could create issues and increase latency, the transcoding could stop working, etc. Since multiple things can potentially go wrong in live company events webcasting, sometimes simultaneously, it is important to plan and prepare in advance.

Since company events are usually highly important, it is necessary to ensure that nothing would go wrong during the stream and if it does, it would be fixed instantly. By planning and preparing for the stream in advance, you remove a lot of negative potentialities from the process of live streaming company events. 

Tip #2 – Support all devices

In today’s digital age, people use a lot of different devices and it is highly possible that the live stream of your company’s event would be viewed on different types of devices by different people. It is important for company events streaming services to ensure that the live stream is compatible with all types of modern devices.

If your live stream isn’t mobile-friendly, you can expect to lose a lot of potential viewers. It is also important to ensure your live stream is as accessible as possible and that can only happen when you ensure that your live stream can be viewed on devices of all kinds.

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Tip #3 – Learn to utilize analytics

One of the major benefits of live video is its ability to record analytics extremely precisely. Company events webcasting solutions take it a step further by providing features like a real-time dashboard during the stream so companies can get a better understanding of how the live stream is being received by the viewers. 

In today’s age, everything is data-driven and the analytics from the live stream can be used to optimize the company’s next live streams and the data can be further used for other purposes too.

Tip #4 – Focus on creating engagement

Even though live video has been proven to be the most engaging form of communication on today’s internet, that doesn’t mean you should not focus on creating engagement on your live stream. Integrating engagement features like questions, reactions, and others provided by modern company events streaming services will help make your live stream much more engaging which in turn will provide a better experience for both the company and the viewers of the stream.

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Tip #5 – Quality is important

According to market research, the most important factor that determines the user experience of the viewer of a live stream is video quality. The video quality offered by company events webcasting solutions matters a lot due to a number of reasons like:

  • It is the primary indicator of the quality of the video.
  • Since the video content is often used for other purposes like marketing, a high video quality becomes important.
  • Low-quality video does not look professional and does not look good on a professional corporate presentation. 

Tip #6 – Stream to multiple platforms at the same time

Modern live streaming solutions allow your live stream to be streamed across multiple platforms at the same time. In the case of an event that is not only for employees to live streaming to multiple social media platforms at the same time is a great way to increase the reach of your event’s live stream.

By not sticking to any one platform, your live stream will not be limited to the inherent limitations of any single live streaming platform. 

Tip #7 – Pick a live streaming partner you’re comfortable with

Lastly, you should partner up with a dedicated streaming company for your event’s live streaming needs. There are many things to consider before deciding on your live streaming partner like:

  • The company’s reputation with past clients and projects.
  • The customer support offered by the live streaming company.
  • The range of services provided by them, for example, can they fulfil all your live streaming needs or would you have to hire another third party company to deal with another aspect of the process?

By partnering up with a dedicated live streaming company you’re comfortable with, you’ll ensure that your event live streaming would be smooth, seamless, and truly engaging.

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