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YouTube Live Vs LinkedIn Live: Which is Best for B2B Events?

The ever-evolving nature of digital mass media and communication has significantly reshaped how we consume video-based content. This rapid transformation has lead for the host to change the way they used to stream their event content over social media or digital channels. Social media platforms like Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Linkedln live, Facebook Live, and Twitch have taken their place but are not limited to as there are many other platforms. But out of YouTube Live and Linkedln Live is one of the most popular.

The trend of video live streams has become a new norm in internet video consumption. As a result of this increasing popularity, many platforms are offering live-streaming services. The global live-streaming market is currently at USD 1219.19 million and is expected to rise by USD 6555.32 million by 2030 at an annual growth rate of 23.40%.

Live streaming of events offers advanced services and enables event hosts to live stream their events. This leads to a wider audience reach for the event facilitating real-time connections. It also establishes a communication window between the streamer and the audience.

From the title you might have guessed that in this article, we are going to discuss two major platforms; YouTube live streaming & LinkedIn live streaming services. Also, we’ll explore which one is best for you to live stream your video. So without further ado, let’s get started with a comparison between YouTube Live Streaming & LinkedIn Live streaming.

What is YouTube Live Streaming?

One of the world’s largest video streaming platforms, YouTube Live offers the ability to stream live content across a global audience. It offers extended reach and diverse content capabilities. Also, it is one of the platforms that’s used by a wide range of users, be they individuals, creators, or large corporations. YouTube Live Streaming offers features such as live chat, real-time data analytics, and branding options that can be customized accordingly. As a result, YouTube Live has become a versatile platform for hosting a variety of B2B events, product launches, corporate live conferences, gaming streams, etc.

What is YouTube Live Streaming?

Role of YouTube Live in B2B Events 

YouTube Live for B2B events offers significant benefits by providing a powerful platform for businesses to engage with their audience in real-time. Let’s explore.

1. Global Reach

With its massive global audience, it allows businesses to extend the b2b event reach to a diverse audience. Businesses can easily connect with potential customers, partners, and shareholders worldwide without any barriers.

2. Content Distribution

YouTube Live provides businesses with a convenient means of distributing their B2B event content. By eliminating the need for physical presence, it offers live-streaming seminars, product launches, and training workshops on YouTube. As a result, it ensures continuous engagement even after the event.

3. Engagement and Interaction

Through interactive features such as live chat and commenting, YouTube Live for B2B events facilitates direct interaction and engagement while fostering real-time conversation.

4. Analytics and Insights

YouTube provides robust analytics tools such as attendee behavior, subscriber growth, channel views, useful contact information, engagement ratio, playback locations, and other demographics. Through these metrics, event organizers can tailor their future B2B events for maximum output.

5. Branding and Visibility

YouTube Live for B2B events offers customizable branding options that enable businesses to showcase their brand identity and messaging. Event organizers can use your brand logos, and branding elements, along with promotional content in the live stream, which in return increases brand visibility and awareness.

B2B Event Live Streaming

LinkedIn Live Streaming

LinkedIn Live is known as one of the best professional networking platforms and offers live streaming services specifically for businesses, professionals, and corporations. It’s a platform primarily aimed at the professional community as it allows the organization of live events, seminars, interviews, webinars, and in-depth discussions. There is more emphasis on quality than quantity, with a focus on providing valuable data-driven insights to the audience. Compared to YouTube Live or other platforms, LinkedIn Live has unique advantages, such as targeting business professionals and finding out potential networking opportunities. It also promotes thought leadership within the industry.

Role of LinkedIn Live for B2B Events

LinkedIn Live for b2b events offers several advantages for the host if utilized along with professional live streaming services and marketing. Here’s how LinkedIn Live does it:

LinkedIn Live for B2B Events

1. Professional Networking

LinkedIn Live for events offers industry-based conferences with panel discussions, which further leads to more sessions on LinkedIn. This approach allows, businesses to connect with fellow professionals, industry experts, and potential individuals.

2. Targeted Audience

As it is clear that LinkedIn especially caters to business professionals, LinkedIn Live for B2B events also offers opportunities to exactly reach target attendees for B2B events. It allows businesses to connect with and engage with attendees who are interested in the services and industry they are offering.

3. Thought Leadership

LinkedIn Live provides a platform for businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders within their industry. LinkedIn Live streaming for B2B events enhances the brand’s credibility and reputation in the competitive marketplace by allowing businesses to freely share valuable content, expert opinion, and other industry insights through live events.

4. Brand Exposure

Hosting B2B events on LinkedIn provide businesses with an opportunity to increase brand exposure and visibility among a professional audience. By utilizing LinkedIn’s branding features, B2B event organisers can effectively reinforce their brand identity and convey message to viewers by integrating their promotional materials.

5. Analytics and Insights

LinkedIn Live for B2B events provides analytics tools that offer valuable insights such as the number of live viewers, page views, revenue generated, unique visitors, lead generation, and follower growth over time. 

Difference between YouTube Live Streaming and LinkedIn Live Streaming

Here are the differences between both platforms’ live streaming to clear up any confusion. Let’s explore more:

FeaturesYouTube Live Streaming LinkedIn Live Streaming
Audience Reach Wider reach due to a larger audience base from everywhereProfessionals, businesses, and organizations primarily interested in professional networking and industry-related content
Platform usage Targets diverse audience, including B2C and B2B eventsThe main focus is on targeted professional networks and B2B audiences
Content FormatSupports various content formats like live webinars, product demos, promotional videos, tutorials, vlogs, music, and more Emphasize professional content format like corporate events, panel discussions, leadership-based discussions, community gatherings, and more.
Interaction Options Provides live chat, Super Chat, and other interactive features for engaging with viewers. Offers limited interactive features, primarily focused on professional networking and engagement through comments and reactions
Analytics and InsightsComprehensive analytics tools for tracking viewership, engagement, and revenue.Limited analytics tools focused on audience demographics, engagement metrics, and stream performance. 
Customization & BrandingAllows customization of channel branding including banners, logos, and colors. Offers options for customizing live stream overlays and graphics.Provides limited branding options with the ability to add company logos and banners to streams. Limited customization options for stream overlays and graphics.
Monetization Opportunities YouTube Live offers various monetization options including ads, channel memberships, and Super Chat donations.LinkedIn Live offers limited monetization options which is primarily focused on brand awareness and lead generation.
Access and Discovery   YouTube Live videos are discoverable through YouTube’s search engine and recommendations algorithm.Live Streams on LinkedIn are primarily discoverable through LinkedIn’s feed and notifications to connections. 
Integration         It can be integrated with other Google services such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Workspace.It can be integrated with LinkedIn’s professional networking features including connections, messaging, and profile visibility.

Top Considerations for B2B Event Organizers When Choosing Live Streaming Services

Here are the top considerations for event organizers while selecting live-streaming platforms for B2B events:

1. Top-Notch Customization

Tailoring live streams to specific preferences and requirements is crucial. Organizers can customize the design and style of their broadcast to align perfectly with their brand identity and event theme.

2. Brilliant Branding

Meticulously designed live streaming platforms prioritize brand and sponsor visibility. From layout to messaging, seamless integration of branding elements ensures a cohesive and professional presentation.

3. Real-Time Archiving

Enabling real-time archiving allows late-joiners to catch up on missed content. Archived clips in preferred formats ensure every viewer can engage fully with the event experience.

4. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

High-quality content delivery, availability, and performance are guaranteed with a robust CDN. Leveraging CDN technology optimizes streaming efficiency for a seamless viewing experience.

5. Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding

Overcoming bandwidth fluctuations with multi-bitrate IP encoding ensures consistent video quality. Smooth playback across devices and network speeds enhance viewer satisfaction.

6. Internet Connectivity Solutions

Reliable internet connectivity solutions minimize the risk of lagging or interruptions during webcasts. A stable, high-speed connection maintains the integrity of the live stream.

7. Parallel Multi-Platform Streaming

Expanding event reach through simultaneous streaming on multiple platforms is essential. Broadcasting live streams across social media channels and streaming platforms maximizes engagement and audience reach.

Parallel Multi-Platform Streaming

8. Enriching Engagement

Elevating live streams with interactive elements like live polls and Q&A sessions captivates viewers. Meaningful interaction fosters engagement throughout the event.

9. Dynamic Device Support

Seamless compatibility with all devices and browsers ensures a smooth execution of live streams. Consistent and optimized viewing experiences across desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are guaranteed.

10. Insightful Data and Analytics

Valuable insights into viewer behavior and engagement drive informed decisions. Tracking metrics such as demographics and engagement levels optimizes future live streams for maximum impact.

11. 24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance ensures a smooth and successful event experience. Dedicated backend support and troubleshooting address any issues promptly.

12. 100% Secure

Complete data encryption and security measures to maintain a safe environment for live streams. Compliance with regulatory requirements protects sensitive information, ensuring viewer trust and confidence.

13. Immersive Experience

To provide an unforgettable experience, leverage a 360-degree Live Streaming and multi-streaming platform designed to keep participants and viewers engaged throughout the event broadcast.

How Dreamcast Can Help You With Live Streaming Services?

At Dreamcast, we’re here to assist you in hosting successful B2B events. Our platform offers extensive customization options to tailor your live stream as per your event’s unique needs and requirements.

With meticulous attention to branding, we ensure seamless integration for sponsors and partners. Multi-streaming, real-time content archiving, and robust security measures are all standard features. You can also rely on our 24/7 support team for assistance at any stage.

We offer robust live streaming services, from 360-degree event coverage to multi-camera, multi-platform services ensuring high-quality audio and videos streaming.


In summary, both YouTube Live and LinkedIn Live present valuable options for B2B event live streaming, each with distinct advantages. YouTube Live offers a vast global audience, versatile content options, and interactive features, making it suitable for engaging a wide array of viewers. However, LinkedIn Live emphasizes professional networking, thought leadership, and targeted B2B audiences, catering to businesses seeking industry-specific connections. Event planners should weigh their objectives, audience demographics, and engagement preferences when selecting between the platforms. By leveraging the key considerations highlighted above organizers can ensure a successful and impactful B2B event experience.

B2B Event Live Streaming

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