Virtual Events

Unique & Creative Strategies for Virtual Attendee Engagement

Having amplified engagement during the virtual event is the key to a successful event. Driving engagements is one of the most important tasks for virtual event planners. By incorporating innovative and creative strategies one can boost better virtual attendee engagements.

Organising a virtual event on a comprehensive virtual event platform is not solely enough to achieve the desired result. If attendees are not happy with your event and are not eager to watch it more, it will not result in anything. Identifying your potential target audience and what they want is a must, before creating a strategy for engaging virtual attendees. Once you have identified their needs, make strategies to satisfy them with your event. It helps in driving engagements during and even after the event. Moreover, better engagements will result in generating better leads and revenues.

Today, organising virtual events has become a new normal. What makes your event stand out is how effective your event strategy is? and what is the percentage of your virtual attendee engagement? Event organisers and planners are working towards choosing the right virtual event platform and creating unique and exciting virtual attendee engagement strategies. It helps in keeping attendees hooked throughout the event, thus resulting in great engagement and networking

Virtual Event Engagement Strategies

In this post, we have listed some of the most unique and creative strategies to boost your virtual attendee engagement. To know more keep reading:

#1. Utilize Push Notifications

Even before when virtual events became the new normal in 2020, event planners have played with it. Not every event has streamed live or being hosted online, but many events have been hosted online earlier too. With the advancements in technology, the best thing about virtual events apps is Push notifications. As you receive notifications and reminders from other apps such as Facebook it works the same way. It helps in keeping attendees updated about the upcoming events in which they are interested.

To attend an online event, attendees participate virtually via any device from their remote locations. The risk of unwanted distraction always prevails with virtual events as attendees tune in  from their homes. It becomes very easy to get distracted due to house chores or due to kids. But, push notifications about the upcoming exciting sessions keep them updated and remind them to tune in again to participate. With the advancements in technology, options of personalization are enabled. It helps you to personalize your reminders as per the attendee’s interests.

#2. Evoke An Element of Entertainment

Adding an element of fun and entertainment to the entire event makes attendees excited to be a part of the event. Offering them a tiny free show via social media channels makes attendees excited. If your virtual event is entertaining it prevails the element of excitement among the attendees thus keeping them hooked.  

Content is the king whether we talk about a blog post or a video content or a virtual event. Quality content plays a major role in the overall success of the event but it’s not the only thing that keeps your attendees interested. If your event allows you to organise live music, happy hours, etc. include that in your virtual events. It helps in making your event exciting and moreover ensures to boost virtual attendee’s engagement.

#3. Gamify Your Virtual Events

Gamification wins with virtual events. It is one of the greatest ways to keep attendees hooked with the event without letting them fall amid the event. Get creative and gamify your event to deliver immersive experiences. Incorporate games like spin the wheel, trivia game, etc. that prevails throughout the virtual event. Additionally, you can even opt to organise a friendly competition between attendees to boost virtual attendee engagement. Give them a chance to win the hampers or gift cards at the end of the contest. In short, it helps in boosting excitement and amplifying your virtual attendee engagement.

#4. Live Polling Works Well

Polling definitely matters a lot when you are organising an online event. It helps in gaining the audience’s opinion about the particular topic or event. It is considered as one of the best tools to boost virtual attendee engagement. You can organise polling at the start of the event, during the event, or at the end of the event as per the event’s need. 

Live polling drives better virtual attendee engagement. It involves the attendees in doing an activity and offers them a chance to share their opinions. Additionally, polling even helps you to tweak your event if it seems like it is not holding much attention from attendees. As polling enables you to receive instant inputs from attendees, you can instantly tweak your event and add something exciting.

#5. FAQs and Short Videos

Initially, planners and attendees both were in flux as virtual events became the new norm. Attendees were clueless about the fact of remote settings. Not every attendee is tech-savvy and they found it difficult even to deal with the most user-friendly platforms at first. It resulted in making them frustrated and unhappy as they were not aware of how to deal with technology. Add little something to your events that enables your attendees to experience a seamless virtual event without any hassle. 

You can add a FAQs (frequently asked questions) page or short videos that demonstrate how to navigate throughout the event. Make it as easy as possible to deliver immersive experiences and boost engagements.

#6. Break the Ice between Attendees

Breaking the ice between attendees who don’t know each other helps them to connect virtually. Ice breakers always work well in boosting interactions and engagements during virtual events. It offers an opportunity for attendees to get familiar with each other and have fun at the event. You can opt to divide people into small groups or plan an ice-breaker activity where everyone is involved at once.

Think of something unique and creative to drive engagement. You can plan something like Trivia games, Q&A sessions, mosaic wall & photo booths, mindful exercise sessions, and more. Just be creative with whatever you offer to your attendees.

#7. Organise Team-Building Activities

Organising a team building activity is one of the most promising strategies for virtual attendee engagement. Team-building activities are designed as per your event goals. Planning these activities are quite effective as they go a long way in boosting engagements. Create an unforgettable experience for your virtual attendees right from virtual escape rooms, booths, to customisable games that hold an element of your organisation, thus, results in great team networking.

If you are planning to host a virtual event or meeting then choose the right virtual event management company to make your event a huge success. Make sure your virtual event partner offers amazing attendee engagement tools & features and customised solutions as per the unique event needs.