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Top Features of Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform You Must Know

Today, hosting the virtual hybrid event has gained momentum and has become a new norm. More than 70% of events have gone virtual whereas others opted for a hybrid event format to experience the same look and feel of in-person interactions. With the increase in the demand for virtual hybrid events, an upsurge in the demand for virtual event platforms has upscaled.

Dreamcast: All-in-One Virtual Event Platform – Trusted by Businesses Globally

Dreamcast, a top leading virtual event platform offers comprehensive features and customisable services to host any type of live physical event into a visually captivating virtual format. Our platform is built on a safe, secure, and scalable foundation that enables organisers to set up a 3D virtual event while keeping privacy intact. Right from hosting virtual meetings, conferences, AGMs, town halls, trade shows, exhibitions, expos, job & career fairs, product launches, onboarding fairs, product demos, networking events, and more, Dreamcast serves all. Additionally, live streaming and webcasting services offered by our platform helps in broadcasting your event and seminars to enhance the reach and amplifying business revenues.

The brilliant services and features offered by our platform make any event stand out by giving it the much-desired hype. Earlier we have discussed the engagement features offered by Dreamcast that helps in keeping attendees hooked throughout the event.

In this post, we will discuss the excellent series of features offered by our platform (Dreamcast virtual event platform) that made it the first choice of many organisations to host their virtual hybrid events and deliver life-like experiences. The advanced features offered by the platform have received a great response from the organisers and helps in delivering immersive experiences to attendees that closely match those of live physical events. From local to global clients, we have been trusted by many big brands for offering advanced and high-tech virtual event solutions. 

In this article, we have listed the top 16 advanced features offered by Dreamcast virtual event platform that you must know. To have a brief overview of all the features, scroll down to read:

Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform Features

1.Virtual Networking Tables

The brand new feature offered by our platform enables participants to network freely and experience life like interactions. The virtual networking tables offered by our platform enables participants to set 1:1 or group meetings to have a discussion on a common topic. Additionally, the feature enables organisers to brand the networking lounge for sponsors and exhibitors as per the image and reserve seats in advance for them.

2. Dynamic Clickable Banners

Dreamcast offers dynamically clickable banners over boring static banners that transport you to desired locations seamlessly. One of the best features offered by the platform that helps in delivering life-like experiences.

3. Teleportation


Not every attendee is tech-savvy and finds it difficult to navigate their way to attend a virtual event. The easy navigation feature offered by the platform enables attendees to navigate throughout the virtual event seamlessly. The power of a single tap makes teleporting simple and makes it easy for attendees to access every corner of the event.

4. Document Download

The platform offers an impressive feature of document or presentation download. Whether you want to download an important presentation that holds much value to you or want to download an exhibitors’ product document for future references or to gain a better understanding, you can download it all with the help of the download button with Dreamcast virtual event platform. The document downloader feature offered by our platform enables you to download all the data you require from your virtual & hybrid event.

5. Digital Attendee Footprinting

The digital attendee footprinting feature offered by our platform helps in keeping a track of every digital attendee move right from – How they registered? How they navigated throughout the event? On which booths they interacted? and so on. The platform offers real-time attendee data to measure the success of the event.

6. Seamless Networking

Seamless Networking

The platform enables attendees to have direct Live audio & video chats, Live tech chats, along with request callback feature, the ability to schedule direct appointments to deliver a seamless networking experience that closely matches real human interactions at the event and gives the vibe and feel of live physical events.

7. Audio/Video Feed Integration

Audio and Video Feed Integration

Dreamcast offers an audio/video feed integration feature that can be customised as per business needs. The feed integration feature offered by our platform enables organisers to integrate audio-video feeds from any platform without any hassle.

8. Attendee Access Control

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers a brilliant feature that’s a perfect fit for any virtual event known as attendee access control that you can not miss on. The Push-button feature offered by our platform enables you to control the location of all your attendees virtually. 

9. Custom Environment

Custom Environment

Creating the custom environment for your virtual or hybrid event suiting the brand is one of the top features of Dreamcast that helps in replicating physical events closely and helps in delivering life-like experiences to attendees. The platform integrates any type of design brief as per the brand or organisation requirements.

10. Briefcase

The briefcase feature offered by our platform allows attendees to add any important session or video you don’t wish to miss from the virtual event to it. The videos saved in the briefcase can be downloaded and saved forever for future references.

11. Automatic Feedback Form

Feedbacks from attendees are a crucial part of any event that helps in gaining audience insight about the event and helps in measuring the performance metrics of an event. If you wish to know what your audience thinks about your latest exhibition stall or what are the most engaging hotspots at the event, we offer you an automatic feedback form that enables you to gather your attendee’s feedback instantly.

12. Notifications

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers notification features that make sure you remind every detail about the upcoming sessions and do not miss out on anything. The platform will send notifications to all the registered attendees 2-3 days prior to the event and right before the session along with a link to redirect you to the session directly. Instant notifications keep attendees updated with the further happenings at the event.

13. Music In The Lobby

Our platform (Dreamcast) allows you to decide the vibe of your event with the music of your choice to match the feel of live physical events. Introduce the music of your choice in the lobby area to welcome your attendees and accompany them while navigating the event throughout.

14. Browser-Based Solution

Browser - Based Solution

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers a browser-based solution for your virtual events. The virtual and hybrid events hosted with Dreamcast are compatible with all the devices. Attendees can access the event from the comfort of their own space via any device or browser. You do not need to install any additional software to access the event virtually.

15. Standard Microsite Structure

We aim to deliver the best to our attendees and offer best-in-class features and services.

Dreamcast virtual event platform offers a standard microsite structure for every virtual & hybrid event you host to make it professional and memorable. The platform enables you to design a custom microsite for your brand event seamlessly.

16. Real-Time Support

The platform offers real-time support to assist your needs during your virtual or hybrid event. Dreamcast virtual event platform offers the feature of 24*7 support to assist attendees during the virtual hybrid event. It helps your attendees to access the event with undivided attention seamlessly. Apart from the above-mentioned features, the platform offers various engagement tools and features as well. Customising the event as per business requirements is the USP of the Dreamcast virtual event platform. Whether you are planning to host a virtual conference with global delegates or planning to transform your live physical trade show into a virtual or hybrid event format, Dreamcast virtual event platform serves all and offers a handful of comprehensive features to deliver real-life immersive experiences.

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