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Why You Need To Host A Virtual Event?

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting the entire world, it is easy to see how hosting a physical event is, if not impossible, really hard in these times. However, virtual events are an alternative that actually comes with some added benefits. This is why companies prefer to host a virtual event to connect with target audience these days.

Before we move forward, watch this ‘Virtual Event Walkthrough’ to get an idea about virtual events.

Now, let’s talk about why hosting a virtual event or virtual conference is preferred by organizations around the world.

Reasons To Host A Virtual Event In 2020

#1 – Make Events More Accessible for Global Audience

A lot of events are not aimed at a local audience but instead at an audience that spans across different countries/continents. 

For a global audience, live virtual events are one of the best options. They are accessible by people all over the world by reducing the travel costs associated with attending the event.

By using a virtual events platform, you don’t have to worry about complying with social distancing norms. They provide a safe place for all attendees to enjoy the event from anywhere with zero risks of getting infection. 

Conducting a virtual meeting has become a common practice for many businesses across the world. It is very likely that events will be going the same route.

With proper virtual event management, a virtual event is not only safe and more accessible but can also be more beneficial and fun for your attendees across the world. 

#2 – Plan and Execute Quickly

The best thing about virtual events is that you don’t have to worry about a lot of things such as negotiating with the venue, setting up the stage, training staff to help your attendees navigate through the venue.

In fact, planning and executing a virtual event takes only a fraction of the time that would be spent in planning and executing a physical event of the same audience size.

With virtual event platforms, the process of setting up a virtual event is just a matter of a few clicks. You can also customize every part of the virtual event to create a special experience for your audience but doing that also takes very little time when compared to creating a physical experience that provides the same value.

#3 – Shrink Your Budget

Hosting a physical event involves a lot of costs such as venue costs, hospitality costs, traveling costs, etc. With virtual events, you can eliminate most of these costs. Also you can create an experience that is just as exciting and enjoyable for your attendees.

Hosting a virtual conference is much, much cheaper than hosting a physical one. You can use this amount for other purposes. You may use this saving for marketing and creating better content or getting better speakers for your event.

Not a long time ago, a virtual event used to feel like an alternative to real events. But, as the world starts getting used to the new normal, most attendees have accepted virtual events as new reality.

Live virtual events are an extremely cost-effective option. It provide just as much value as a physical event might provide to your audience.

#4 – Hyper Personal Experience

A virtual events platform allows you to create a personalized journey for every single attendee and gives them the flexibility that simply cannot be matched by physical events. For example, every attendee gets personalized messages and doesn’t have to wait in long lines waiting for a conference or seminar to start.

A virtual conference can actually feel more personal than a physical conference as the speakers are directly speaking to every single attendee.

With proper virtual event management, it is possible to provide an experience that is highly tailored and specific for every single attendee in the audience. Additionally, promotions and marketing can also be personalized by using user data. 

While a virtual meeting is a matter of convenience, a virtual event is all about providing a hyper person experience to every single attendee and this is one of the major advantages if you prefer to host a virtual event over a physical one.

#5 – Detailed Analytics

While physical promotional events and marketing conferences are an excellent opportunity to collect leads, they are nothing when compared to virtual events and conferences.

A virtual event allows you to collect data at every step in the journey of the attendee. It is also easier to provide personalized CTAs and incentives for attendees to sign-up as you already have their user data and can identify every single attendee seamlessly.

Another aspect where a virtual event beat physical events is in the reporting and analytics department. Most virtual event platforms allow you to create amazing reports about the event seamlessly. Whereas, in the case of physical events, creating reports, and collecting important analytics is nothing short of a challenge.

It is also easier to provide quantifiable metrics easily with a virtual event than it is with physical events.

#6 – The Content Never Dies!

Lastly, content creation is a large part of any event but it is particularly an important part of a virtual event. There’s a lot of content that needs to be created such as introductory video, webinar slides, ebooks, and handouts, etc.

The good thing with a virtual event is that all the event content is digital. There is no printing material involved. Digital content can be remastered and repurposed indefinitely and in essence, the content never dies.

When it comes to content for virtual events, it is a gift that keeps on giving!

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