How To Record A Webinar On Mac?

Webinars have turned into such essential parts of our lives that it is hard to overlook them. This fact is quite evident from the increasing number of live streaming service providers who are openly getting into webcast in Dubai. Live webcasts present an amazing way to learn something new and also get a professional opinion in real-time. It is for this reason that hundreds and thousands of webinars on so many topics are being viewed every single day. However, this method of learning has a big drawback as well – once the webinar session is over, you cannot view it again.

Most social live-streaming service providers don’t provide this option. There is one simple solution to this problem you need to get a webinar session recorder that works in your favour. In case you’re on a Mac there are a number of ways using weights you can share the recorded screen later with your all employees.

Recording Webinar on Mac

The first method is by making use of a webinar screen recorder. It will allow you to record any webinar at its best. You will need to start by installing the software into your computer and open it. Almost every software maker provides some installation instructions that you will come through as you scroll through the setup process. as and when it is done the program word start running on its own.

The next thing that you will have to do with draw the recording frame who were the zone that will be captured. There are specific settings that will allow you to customize the screen, recording, and other parameters as per your preference. Just ensure that the audio icon is green and microphone icon is not. It will allow you to capture only the output coming from speakers without disturbing it with some background noise. Tab REC as soon as the webinar begins and the software will start recording webinar on mac within a few seconds.

Try not to switch to any different tab while this session is being recorded because most software are designed to record only the specific part of screen that has been selected.

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