Ways To Increase Networking Potential Via Webinars

With the technology available today, you have all the tools in your hands for creating a webinar experience which is more productive and dynamic for everyone. It enables people to use webinar as tools for socializing and networking. Incorporating the following networking strategies into the webinars can help achieve these results.

Confirmation Mail Should Include The Social Media Links

Normally the registration for the webinar is either confirmed by an automated email which a registrant receives in his inbox once they subscribe. That email comprises of all the relevant information regarding the webinar like webinar link, date, time etc. To make things more accessible and engaging, it should also include the link of social media profiles of the company. This is beneficial in various ways because it will directly impact the exposure of the company to the new audience on social networks, Facebook or Twitter. Companies can use social media to interact with their audience and audience can stay informed about the company.

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Speaker’s Social Media Profiles Should Be Promoted

The protocol to include a short bio of the speaker detailing his experience and topic on the landing page of the event is standard procedure. It is now being realized that speakers are an important aspect to engage everyone outside the main event which brings the opportunity of better networking possibilities. The promoting of speakers as much as event helps in building the connection between the audience and the speaker.

Social Media Feed Should Be Integrated With The Webinar Platform

The webinar platforms generally consist of in-built chat capabilities where people attending the webinar can submit their queries; communicate with each other and the speaker. This gives a chance of knowledge sharing and networking. Also adding a Twitter or Facebook feed to the webinar platform for the announcement or normal communication among the interested audience is a good idea.

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Hashtag Related To Event Should Be Promoted And Used

It has been understood by now that putting social media links in the emails and increasing engagement potential between the audience on social platforms as well as with the speaker. This can be further improved by the using the hashtags to aggregate all the posts. This categorization helps in keeping the flow of conversation going. The proper and correct usage results in maximum reach for the webinar’s because these hashtags foster event-related conversations among the people on the social network. This also helps in creating buzz for the event while raising the interest for the event and increased registration rate.

End Thoughts

The recent studies have shown the significant rise in the implementation of virtual events as a part of the B2B marketing strategies by the companies. Webinars have been playing an important part in this expansion.  The evolution of ways through which companies and their audience connect, professionally and personally has been happening for a long time. Social media is now considered an important part of that communication and is used to meet the networking needs. Even though creating a exclusivity and sense of inclusion in the domain so open is quite hard. This is why these webinars provide an efficient way for networking with people who share similar interests and goals.

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