30+ Webinar FAQs – Answers to All Your Questions at One Place

Webinars have become the most preferred choice of most brands & organizations as the world has witnessed its advantages in the last few years. The word webinar comes from the blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’, which literally refers to an informative & interactive session organized over the web.

In this blog, we have accumulated the most frequently asked questions around webinars to help you find answers to all your queries in one place!

Webinar FAQs

1) What is a Webinar? 

A Webinar is an online or web-based seminar event held over an online platform. Webinars can also be referred to as webcasts, online video presentations, seminars, online training sessions, or online classes.
These events enable the presenters or speakers to interact with the viewers or audiences in real-time.

2) How Does a Webinar Work?

A webinar works on any interactive online conferencing or webinar platform that helps the organizers engage with their target audience while accomplishing their goal of educating or informing them.

3) What are the webinar rules?

Webinar rules are some fundamental online event etiquettes that all webinar participants should follow. Here are some of the most important webinar rules that everyone must know:

Muting & Unmuting at the right time
Clean & professional background
Ensuring a disturbance-free environment
Right camera positioning
Confirming the quality & functioning of all equipment

4) What should you not do in a webinar?

Here are the five things that you should not do in a webinar:
Don’t be late
Don’t neglect the importance of practicing & being prepared
Don’t use only the audio without any visuals
Don’t forget to provide interactive opportunities like Q&A sessions, live polls, etc.
Don’t keep the sessions too long
Don’t bore your attendees by not providing enough breaks

5) What questions should I ask a webinar attendee?

Here are some questions you can ask your webinar attendees to get the interaction going:
Which webinar sessions are you eager to attend?
What do you expect from the webinar?
Which speaker or presenter are you excited about?
What made you register for the webinar?
Where did you get to know about the event?

6) What should be included in a webinar?

Here are the three most important aspects that should be included in a webinar:
Excellently Customized Webinar Platform
Informative & Valuable Content
Interactive Opportunities During the Webinar

7) What is the best length for a webinar?

Approximately 60 Minutes

8) What is the difference between a webinar and a meeting?

The main difference between a webinar and a meeting is the purpose behind organizing them. A webinar is usually hosted with the purpose of educating or informing the attendees about a certain topic, while a meeting is hosted with the purpose of collaboration.

9)Do you show your face in a webinar?

Showing your face during a webinar can lead to a better interaction during the Webinar.

10) How many slides should be in a webinar?

A webinar should include at least around 30+ slides to maintain audience engagement.

11) How can I make my webinar interesting?

Top 5 ideas to make your webinar interesting:
Include interactive functionalities
Enable emoticon reactions
Provide a live group chat option
Enable 2-way interaction between speakers & attendees
Create a custom environment for the webinar

12) What are the indicators of a successful webinar?

Here are the top indicators of a successful webinar:
Engaged Audience
Improved Attendee Retention Rate
Positive Attendee Feedback
Lead Generation & Conversion

13) Can I be seen on a webinar?

You can be seen on a webinar if you turn your camera on. However, it is suggested to turn the camera as it improves the chances of better connection building & interaction.

14) How do you end a webinar presentation?

You should always end a webinar presentation with an engaging Call to Action.

15) What should you not do when presenting?

5 things that you should not do when presenting:
Repeat the points written in the presentation and not give deeper insights
Not looking at the camera while presenting
Get distracted while presenting
Not have a flow to the content while presenting
Not interacting with the attendees or providing them with the option to ask questions

16) How do you structure a webinar?

Here are five simple steps to structuring a webinar:
Define Your Goals
Create a Well-Defined Plan for the Webinar
Define the Content Strategy
Determine the Flow of Content & Information
Create a Well-Defined Structure for the Webinar

17) Can other people hear you on a webinar?

People can hear you on a webinar only if you have turned the mic. A tip is to turn on your mic or unmute yourself during the webinar only when you have to react or say something.

18) Is a webinar just listening?

A webinar is not only about attendees listening to the speakers but also interacting and sharing their views & questions.

19) Do webinars have breaks?

Yes, webinars have breaks to make sure that the attendees don’t feel the webinar fatigue.

20) What can I expect from a webinar?

You can expect a highly engaging, informative, and interactive webinar session when the event is organized over an immersive & managed webinar platform.

21) Do you need a camera on your computer for a webinar?

Yes, you need a camera on your computer for a webinar if you wish to interact with the speakers & presenters.

22) Are Webinars safe?

Webinars are completely safe when hosted on a reliable & secure webinar platform.

23) Can I attend a webinar on my phone?

Yes, you can attend a webinar event from a phone if the organizer has chosen a webinar platform that provides multi-device support & compatibility.

24) What is the purpose of a webinar?

The purpose of a webinar is to educate and inform the attendees about a specific topic or theme that is being discussed in the webinar session.

25) What are the benefits of attending webinars?

Here are the top benefits of attending webinars:
Helps you upskill
Gain knowledge
Highly Accessible
Access to Valuable Content
Helps you Keep Up with the Industry Trends

26) Is a webinar live or recorded?

A webinar can be both live or pre-recorded based on your event’s preference.

27) What app can I use for a webinar?

You should choose the most experienced, interactive, engaging, and fully managed webinar platform to host a successful webinar event.

28) What is webinar training?

Webinar training refers to an online learning or training session or event held over an interactive webinar.

29) What is an attendee called in a webinar?

The attendees in a webinar are called registrants or audiences who have registered for the webinar.

30) What is the difference between a seminar and a webinar?

A seminar is a meet-up organized to educate, inform, and interact with the audiences around a specific topic whereas a webinar is an educational or informative meet-up organized over the web.

31) Why is it called a webinar?

It is called a webinar as it is a seminar that is organized over a web-based solution or network.

32) What is the advantage of using a managed webinar service or platform?

A managed webinar platform or service helps you save a lot of time and cost by taking complete responsibility for your webinar. A fully managed webinar event means you can share all your event needs & requirements with the platform, dedicating the saved time to plan & strategize the content.

33) What is the best webinar platform?

The best webinar platform for your online event is the one that provides a seamless onboarding process and takes complete responsibility for your webinar. You should choose a platform that helps you with exceptional virtual tools & functionalities, enabling easy interactivity & engagement. Have any queries or doubts, reach out to us and we’ll clear them all out!

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