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Online Webinars or Online Meetings : What Should You Prefer ?

Online events have become popularly common these days. However, one thing that can still be seen is people mistaking different formats of online events for the other. 

One such confusion arises between webinars and online meetings. It has been noticed that several organizers and attendees tend to confuse these two different concepts. 

Though it can’t be denied that both of them have a few similarities, there are still a few differences between them, and it is what people need to know. 

While going through these cases, we decided to take the matter into our hands and compile a blog that would address this topic. 

Therefore, get your safety jackets on, and dive with us into the vast pool of information. We assure you of a sense of clarity by the end of the blog. 

Let us start with first defining and knowing webinars in detail. 

What is the Meaning of Webinars? 

One can understand webinars as simply seminars hosted over web spaces. In short, webinars are nothing but web seminars. The format of webinars is generally informative, and the intent behind hosting webinars online is to deliver information to the audience. 

In other terms, you can think of webinars as online presentations where the speakers address the audience, and the audience shows its participation via several audience engagement tools provided by the online webinar services. 

However, there’s a popular misconception among the audience about webinars. 

People think that webinars are not that interactive. But, misconceptions are meant to be debunked. 

Webinars are interactive, and they allow attendees to interact with the speakers. But it all depends on the format of the webinar. It means if the webinars are live, attendees can interact with the speakers in real time. 

When Should You Host Webinars? 

When it comes to where and when you can host a webinar, there’s a lot to count on.  Generally speaking, webinars are hosted to address a large group of people at one time. 

Here are a few most popular cases where you can host webinars. 

Organizers generally conduct webinars to address a large audience. So, you can host them to introduce your product and services in the market. Webinars are a great way to introduce your product and its capabilities to your target audience. Launching your product through a webinar has its advantages. The audience would get a chance to interact with the brand representatives directly and learn more about the product through several audience engagement tools provided by webinar platforms. 

The next most popular use case of webinars is to address the audience on a particular subject. It won’t only attract an audience to your brand but also help you build your authority among the audience. 

Since webinars and webinar platforms promote two-way communication among the speakers and attendees, organizers can host live webinars to connect and interact with the target audience in real-time. 

Another reason you can host a webinar is to boost the sales of your brand and generate more organic leads. Generally speaking, webinars are targeted towards a particular audience group. And it is why you can host them to meet your goals and objectives. 

What are Webinar Platforms and What are the Features One Should Look For in a Webinar Platform? 

Webinar platforms are simply online platforms that enable users to host sessions, seminars, and presentations online. These web-based platforms come with several tools and features that help users replicate real-life experiences on the internet. 

Webinar platforms have grown tremendously popular and grown exponentially in recent years. There are several kinds of webinar software available in the market enabling users to plan and deliver webinars as per their needs and requirements. 

Speaking of the features one should look for in a webinar platform, here are a few points one should consider: 

1. Customization: 

Where it is easier for organizers to deliver branded experiences, in reality, the same might get a bit challenging in the case of webinars. However, this is when platforms with customization capabilities come to your rescue. Also, to host sales and marketing webinars, it is necessary to design the platform in a way that reflects your brand values and objectives. 

2. Audience Engagement Tools: 

Do you know which is the most overlooked factor that can actually make your webinar successful? Audience engagement. Boost audience engagement in your webinar with a webinar software that lets you know your audience’s point of view with tools such as live polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions. 

3. Screen Sharing: 

To ensure that you deliver your content easily and that the audience understands everything you are delivering, choose a webinar platform that lets you share your screens. Webinar software with screen sharing functionality becomes more vital when your webinar is around demonstrations. 

4. Recording: 

To ensure that your webinar reaches the maximum audience and that the content you have prepared for the webinar to explore its full potential, it is advisable to use a platform with the recording feature. 

5. Live Analytics: 

How would you measure the success of your webinar? How would you analyze which feature impressed the audience and which strategy worked? Just by analyzing your data. It would only be possible when you have webinar software that comes with the live analytics feature. 

What is the Meaning of Online Meetings? 

You can define online meetings as discussions or regular meetings that happen online on a web platform. Online meetings are generally hosted when all the participants are separated by distance and can’t come together physically. 

Online meetings have become extensively popular in recent years. With the trend of online meetings, people now don’t need to spend money and time to be together. It is why remote meetings are on a boom right now. 

With online meetings, you can stay connected with your colleagues and business partners easily, no matter your physical location. 

When Should You Host an Online Meeting? 

While most people tend to confuse online meetings with other concepts, let us understand online meetings as regular meetings are conducted over the internet. 

To attend regular meetings, the participants need to travel to the venue; in the case of online meetings, all they have to do is have access to an online event platform. No need to book tickets, get jet lagged, and travel. 

But where can you host online meetings? Let us have a look: 

If you are working in a remote setup and wish to connect with your employees, you can quickly conduct an online meeting, and connect with all of your employees, no matter how distant you are. 

You can conduct an online meeting to share company updates with your employees by conducting online town hall meetings. 

Also, suppose you have a new project on board. In this case, you can gather online through online meetings, share ideas with each other, and complete the project as efficiently as similar to a physical work setup. 

What are Online Meeting Platforms? What are the Features You Should Look For in an Online Meeting Software?

Online meeting platforms are web platforms that enable users to facilitate online meetings. In other words, online meeting tools are web platforms that let people come together, irrespective of their physical location. 

Since online meetings and online meeting platforms are excessively popular in the market, it becomes challenging to choose one particular platform. However, while looking for an online meeting tool, make sure it has these features: 

1. Desired Audience Capacity: 

The first and foremost thing you should consider in an online meeting tool is its audience capacity. For example, if you are planning to host an online meeting addressing all your employees, say 150 employees, make sure that the software you choose comes with this much audience capacity. 

2. Screen Sharing: 

What if you wish to share your latest reports with all the employees? And what about pitching in your new idea? We are sure you’d need an online platform with a screen-sharing feature. Wouldn’t it make everything a lot easier? 

3. Recording: 

To accomplish something, there are always two ways! One is working hard, and the other is working smart. The same goes for making meeting minutes. One way is typing everything down, and another is simply recording it. 

One more advantage of recording meetings is that it would eliminate the chances of missing out on important information. Hence, always look for an online meeting tool that offers recording functionality. 

Online Meetings & Online Webinars: What Suits You More?

Choosing one thing over another can be tricky, and answering the question, “ Which one should you choose?” never gets easy. 

However, now that we have seen the best possible cases where you can host a webinar and online meeting, it can be said that it all depends on your objectives that you should pick one thing. 

So, if you are planning to connect with people on a personal level, for example, connect with your employees and have discussions with them on a personal level, you should host online meetings. 

However, if the intent behind connecting with the audience is to share some information with them, webinars are the best choice. Webinars are conducted for a large audience. So, if you want to address a large group of people, host a webinar. 

Online Meetings or Online Webinars: Leverage the Best Online Platform, Webinar Plus

Webinars and online meetings are two very different formats, and there’s no comparison between them. Online meetings are held to achieve one type of goal, while webinars are held to achieve the other. It all depends completely on the goals and objectives that you want to achieve. 

But, no matter your choice, you can plan online meetings, webinars, and even more online events with Webinar Plus. 

Webinar Plus is an all-in-one and one of the best online meeting platforms, offering a self-managed interface that gives its users the freedom to plan and host their events all by themselves. This industry-leading online meeting platform, suitable for both large groups and small groups, has all the features that one needs to deliver exclusive experiences to the audience. 

There’s a lot more that this webinar platform, which is compatible for online meetings as well, offers its users; what all? Know yourself. 

You can subscribe to this platform! Best part? It offers a 30-day free trial to all its users.

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