A Comprehensive Guide to Hosting Online Yoga Classes

The ancient Indian physical and mental practice of yoga has gained immense popularity around the globe lately. Around 36 million Americans practice Yoga on a regular basis. Thanks to the immersive and quick technology that we have. We are sure we don’t need to explain the importance and impact yoga can have in one’s life. However, with the evolution of technology, what has become popular is online yoga classes. 

Yoga has been existing in the world since time immemorial; however, the concept of online streaming for yoga classes is something that gained popularity in recent years. Now that the geographical boundaries are almost non-existent, yoga practitioners across the world have been hosting online yoga classes in abundance. 

But is it really possible to host online yoga classes? Are they as efficient and effective as in-person classes? Can you host yoga classes online and teach yoga online? We know you have a lot of questions going on in your mind. And to answer these questions, we have come up with an entire blog that will guide you through this concept. Not only this, but this blog also talks about some of the Best platforms to host online yoga classes. Read On. 

Let us start with the benefits of hosting Yoga Classes Online. 

What are the Benefits of Yoga Online Training? 

Hosting yoga classes online has several advantages. Let us go through a few of them. 

1. Widen Your Reach: 

If you are a yoga teacher and wish to expand your reach, hosting yoga classes online is one of the best ideas to do so. As we said, geographical boundaries are almost non-existent today, thanks to advanced technology. If technology is allowing you to expand your horizons, why should you limit yourself to one studio? 

You can make use of online yoga platforms and teach yoga online without worrying about geographical constraints or any other factor related to offline yoga classes. 

2. Flexible: 

The other advantage of online yoga training is that they are flexible. During the pandemic, the percentage of students and teachers engaged in virtual yoga soared to 91% and 86%, respectively. By going online with your yoga classes, you can target international students. Not only this, but with some of the best online yoga class platforms, you can record your sessions and play them during your classes. In addition, to attend your online classes, your students don’t need to travel and spend hefty sums of money. They can simply do that from the comfort of their homes. 

3. Extensive Growth: 

As we said earlier, with online classes, you can reach out to an extensive audience. Now that there are no restrictions in the case of online yoga classes, you can expand the horizons of your brand. In short, going online means extensive growth for your business and brand. 

What are the Best Platforms to Host Online Yoga Classes for Free?

1. DC Mixhub

The first online yoga platform that comes to our mind is Mixhub. It is a self-managed online platform that enables users to host their events all by themselves. It comes with a 3D interface that lets organizers bring their events closer to reality. Not only this, Mixhub is a completely customizable platform; it means users can add a personal touch to their online experiences via Mixhub. 

Talking about hosting online yoga classes, there couldn’t be any better option than Mixhub. There are several reasons behind it. 

  1. Mixhub provides HD video streaming, which means you get to deliver your online classes in the best video quality. 
  1. Talking about the next feature, Mixhub comes with top-class networking and engagement tools. It means your students will be able to connect with you in real time in case of any query and get them solved in real-time. 
  1. Mixhub is a secure online event solution that means you don’t need to worry about any external online threat. You can conduct your regular online yoga classes on this platform with utmost safety. 
  1. Next, it is compatible with hosting both live and pre-recorded yoga classes. It means you can host your classes live or pre-recorded them, and play the videos later. 
  1. In addition to this, Mixhub lets you record your sessions, save them and share them across other platforms. It would allow you to utilize your content in more ways than one. 
  1. Last but not least, Mixhub comes with a free trial. It means you can conduct your online yoga classes on Mixhub for one month free of cost.

2. Facebook Live: 

We all have heard of Facebook and Facebook Live, but do you know it is also one of the Best Online Yoga Classes Platforms you can consider? You can create your own page and host regular online yoga classes. When it comes to the maximum duration, you can host live streaming yoga classes for 8 hours on desktop and 4 hours on mobile. We are sure this much time would be more than enough for your one session. 

Since Facebook Live is one of the most popular social media platforms, there won’t be any issue about your students having an account on Facebook. Every other person has a Facebook account these days. 

 3. Instagram Live: 

The next most popular and one of the best online yoga teaching platforms is Instagram. You can conduct live sessions on this platform and host your live-streaming yoga classes daily. With Instagram Live, you will be able to host live sessions for 60 minutes. 

Since Instagram is a free tool and most of the audience has an Instagram account, hosting yoga classes on Instagram Live would help you expand your reach. 

One of the most notable features of Instagram Live is that as soon as you start your live session, your audience will get a notification about the same. 

4. Zoom: 

Zoom is one online event platform that gained popularity in recent years. It is a free and easy-to-access platform that would enable you to conduct your online yoga training with utmost ease. With Zoom, you can host sessions for as long as 40 minutes. 

Now, when it comes to audience engagement and interaction, Zoom does provide its users with a few tools, such as live chat and breakout sessions. Apart from it, it is a multi-browser and multi-device accessible online platform, which means you and your students can join it from any device of their choice. 

In addition, Zoom is a fully password-protected platform; it means only those with the link and the credentials to the platform would be able to join it. This feature eliminates the chances of your platform getting hacked by hackers. 

5. Google Meet: 

Last but not least, we have Google Meet, another prominent platform for online yoga classes. One of the top reasons why Google Meet makes it the best online yoga classes platform is it lets you host sessions without any maximum duration. Like Mixhub, Google Meet is also a password-protected online platform, which means only those with the correct credentials will be able to join your sessions. 

Though it has its own application, you can access it directly from the browser. Doesn’t this make it a convenient platform for hosting yoga classes online? 

Over to You: 

Since everything is now available online, why should you restrict yourself? Go online with your yoga classes because that is the new in. 

Though there are more online platforms for hosting yoga classes online, our favorite picks are listed above. However, when it comes to the best online yoga teaching platform, you can choose Mixhub. Apart from all the cool features, it comes with, one thing that makes it a top choice among many yoga instructors is its free trial. Mixhub offers a free trial to its users for one month. Isn’t it a deal worth grabbing? 


Q. How should I promote and market my online yoga classes?

To promote your online yoga classes, you can utilize social media platforms, create a website or blog, collaborate with influencers or other wellness professionals, offer free introductory sessions, and encourage word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied participants.

Q. How long should an online yoga class typically be? 

The duration of an online yoga class can vary, but most classes range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. It is important to consider participants’ attention spans and their availability when determining the length of the class.

Q. How to create a conducive environment for online yoga classes?

Creating a conducive environment for online yoga classes involves ensuring proper lighting, minimizing distractions, having a clutter-free space, using soothing music or nature sounds, and providing clear audio and video instructions.

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