Are Your Events Still Lacking in Event Technology?

Event planning and management are constantly challenged by technology. Yet even professionals are finding it difficult to keep up with the speed of innovation.  Many also feel that they don’t have the time or skills to effectively manage all the different technology systems they now use for their events.

However, with Dreamcast, you get the top smart event-tech solutions for upcoming events. Dreamcast is a trusted event tech solution ranging from in-person and hybrid/Virtual events to all meeting solutions. We have more than 12+ years of experience delivering amazing events. 

What would you gain from choosing the Dreamcast?

To answer the question, here are the Top-Notch tech solutions for an amazing event experience.

Starting with event CRM services, the entire lead capture process is streamlined, saving time. The Dreamcast is best suited for capturing the deep insights of any event. How would you respond to the WhatsApp notification? An effective and seamless solution for attendees and event management. Also for. Webinars, virtual events, exhibitions, and hybrid events are the exclusive solutions offered by the platform.

In addition, registration for events has become hassle-free with the digital ticketing system. And remember to be cashless at an event. Among other services, this platform also offers the possibility of cashless events with RFID badges. Hosting exclusive events, whether in-person or virtual, and offering attendees personalized live-streaming solutions, personalized mobile apps and badges.

Further, you can experience hybrid events as well as 3D event solutions. Dreamcast ensures a dynamic experience with interactive networking lounges for virtual events. All captivating content can be live-streamed by the audience for better reach and engagement. 

Why choose Dreamcast for your events?

  • Delighted customer service 24*7
  • Personalization according to event type
  • Quick, free, Customized demonstration 
  • In-depth data-driven analysis
  • Social Integration 
  • Cashless event solutions
  • Seamless On-spot event registration
  • Increased engagement tips and tricks
  • Event CRM to Boost the Event Experience

For a more comprehensive look at the results. Check out the infographic below:

smart event-tech solutions for upcoming events
In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual

Create an Extraordinary Event Experience
Across All Event Formats


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