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Virtual Classes: Future Of Education

With the transition from the workplace to work from home and classroom to class at home, we are adjusting in the new normal. It seems to be working out better than expected. This transition has made us realise one thing for sure- that businesses can still run without needing to transport, students can still learn without needing to waste time travelling, and we can still build ourselves up without hampering the environment. 

The new normal has shifted our lives to a virtual world. Virtual classes are emerging as a solution to the standstill this pandemic has caused in the field of education. Sooner or later, every institution is understand the benefits of virtual classrooms and resuming their classes despite the lockdown. 

The new announcement made by the Ministry of Education on March 30 clarifies that all UAE schools and universities will continue the remote learning programme until the end of the current academic year. This decision has somehow impelled institutions to look at the brighter side of conducting remote learning sessions and live streaming academic events. Staying safe from the outbreak is not the only benefit of this trending fashion of virtual classrooms.

Why e-learning?

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When the worldwide web spread its legs across the globe, people experimented with different benefits of the internet. Ever since the idea of online classes was first introduced, it has been gaining popularity and freelance tutors started utilising it. There are certain reasons why students and teachers prefer virtual classes.


Remote learning sessions allow teachers and learners to be in sync in terms of time and duration of the lecture. The traditional learning method bounds a learner to a time and place. Online classrooms provide the flexibility of learning at one’s comfort and convenience. Which in turns improves the quality of what the learner would grasp from the lessons. Education through live streaming is one of the top 5 solutions that are changing the world in 2020.


Travelling to the institute involves time which is only wasted. The idea of e-learning allows a student to grasp 5 times more knowledge than they would do in a conventional classroom. 


The time saved from travelling also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. Through live streaming classrooms, a tutor can assemble all the students during the lecture and instil the soft skill of teamwork in them. 

Parents’ Engagement

Especially for the kids of younger age, parents’ contribution to their studies is as important as a teacher’s teachings. With online learning, parents would have to become part-time teachers to help kids in solving their problems and completing home works. 


Virtual classrooms remove the need for infrastructure. With minimum expenditure on material and training, an institution can conduct a virtual class. Thus, this method is way too affordable and cost-effective for both learners and educators. So if you are an online A-level English tutor, leveraging virtual classrooms can significantly enhance your teaching capabilities and reach a wider audience.

Better Comprehension

With the least distraction and comfortable surroundings, a learner is enabled to comprehend the material 60% faster. The Integration of tools and visuals helps improve the effectiveness of learning too. 

Benefits of Virtual Classes



One of the major benefits of online classes is, the subject is taught in small fractions of topics. The students can customize the classes based on their requirements. Thus, they will have to pay only for the topics that they are learning. From an institution’s point of view, they can organise live learning sessions for the subjects that most the students have opted for. Virtual learning is cost-effective for both learners and education providers. 

Accessibility To Multiple Courses

The constrained schedule of conventional classes merely leaves space for extra courses. Whereas, access to remote learning sessions provides much extra time at hand to invest in other courses. Institutes can also form packages of courses curated based on demands. With the integration of robust content management systems, students can be notified about the best courses related to their interests. 

Unrestrained Access To Materials 

The classes are no longer restrained by the four walls of a classroom. E-learning providers grant access to the training materials despite the location. That means learners can watch videos, download handouts, and complete assignments from anywhere. Online materials can be viewed on any device. It drives more engagement allowing the people who aren’t able to attend physical classes to learn from the virtual classes on-the-go. 

Enhanced Career Growth Opportunities

Every person employed in any sector is required to upscale their skills to remain ahead of the game. Skill development is crucially important for every job role. With the help of enhanced skills, job seekers can stand greater chances of landing better job roles with amazing payouts. But the only restriction in this affair is for people employed in an organised sector. It is impossible for them to attend regular classes. Online sessions provide them with an opportunity to learn at their own convenience and pace. 

Comfortable Surroundings

A pre-decided schedule might not be the best for every learner. Not everyone feels as productive and creative as others at a particular time. A virtual classroom provides this flexibility to the students. Learners can choose to take the sessions at their preferred time at their own comfortable place. The comfort of home imparts minimum to no distractions allowing them to comprehend 5 times more effectively. 

Practical Implementation Of The Lessons

Students are left with plenty of time when they do not have to attend school or colleges. This time can be utilised in the practical implementation of the lessons through meaningful and well-planned assignments. The practical application improves the understanding of the subject making the process more impactful. 


Live streaming classrooms and remote learning sessions are the future of the education sector. With all the benefits of online learning, the industry is looking forward to great success. Online classrooms are a great opportunity for every prospect including universities, teachers, and the students. 

The modules can be designed to be more effective with the integration of the latest technologies and learning tools. Customized e-learning platforms will also help people to improve their skill set along with accomplishing their other goals. From freelance tutors to universities like Harvard and Oxford are now providing virtual classes.