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Live Streaming in 2020 – Top 5 Solutions That Are Changing The World

Live Streaming is quickly growing as a genuine marketing medium in today’s information-oriented world. The consumers of the present day like to be involved in the crucial moments of the event/brand they’re rooting for. Live broadcasting services have taken the world by storm, & continue to grow rapidly as we speak.

At a time when Internet connections are available to almost everyone, professional live streaming is making new waves with each passing day, & hooking millions of people around the world.

Around 74% of businesses attested to gaining an increased number of customer enquiries & sales after live streaming an event, with industry experts predicting an 80% increase in live video consumption around the globe, for both personal & professional reasons. And it isn’t just restricted to the top elite either. Professional live streaming costs have gone down significantly since its inception, catering to a million consumers worldwide.

This new wave of live streaming has contributed to the rise of some of the best live streaming services around the world.  Given the exponential success of live streaming services & solutions, live streaming trends arise & shape every concurrent year. 

Live streaming solutions constantly emerge & update themselves each year, & in this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 live streaming trends in 2020 that are touted to change our world for the better!

1. Ease of Internal Business Collaboration

Live broadcasting services are predicted to enhance the ease of Internal business collaboration among multinational companies that have employees sitting at various locations around the world. Live streaming AGMs, inter-organizational live video meetings, video streaming discussion forums, live video employee training & franchise communication from companies to clients, can really bring about a revolution in terms of inter-organizational handling.

Professional live streaming can help teams sitting at different locations achieve work collaboration easily & carry out tasks smoothly. Besides, the low live streaming costs practically mean that companies will not have to incur huge expenditures in maintaining a proper workflow among its various teams stationed at different locations. The ease of setting up live streaming sessions also has led organizations around the world to utilize the best live streaming services to hold smooth, seamless live video sessions with their clients across the globe.

Thus, an emerging live streaming trend that we are bound to see in 2020 has increased ease of doing business & smoother inter-organizational cooperation through professional live streaming services.

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2. Strengthening Education Through Live Streaming

Live broadcasting services have also made it easier for students in remote locations to get access to education through their laptops, mobile phones & other devices. With the help of live streaming services, students all over the world, from any part of the world can utilize educational services through live video sessions with their teachers/professors. They can engage in live discussions with their other classmates, & expedite their learning process. 

The low live streaming costs also ensure that educational institutes are able to aid their students from all over the world in their learning process by helping them through broadcasting live lessons, live video problem-solving sessions with their teachers & fellow students, & by giving them visual experiences to enrich their overall learning experience.

Experts predict that in the coming years, e-learning portals complete with the best live streaming services that enable students to learn from any part of the world through educational & informative live webinars, are the future of education.

Already 59% of students globally have completed their fundamental learning through an e-education portal & m-learning(mobile learning) platforms. Looking at this data, it isn’t hazardous to guess that live broadcasting services in education will emerge as the next big live-streaming trend of 2020!

3. Changing The Face of E-Commerce & Marketing

The e-commerce world has also not been untouched by the live streaming revolution either. Live product launches, store inaugurations, walk-through sessions & customer tutorials have all led to a massive increase in sales for e-commerce brands. Live Stream events like new launches & consumer workshops have as much impact on the sales & success of e-commerce brands as other regular marketing tactics. 

As many as 64% of consumers said that they bought a product from an e-commerce major after being a part of its launch through live videos &/or social media live streaming. About 81% of marketers pay explicit attention to mobile-first responses to make the mobile experience more adequate for their customers.

Experts predict that this surge in e-commerce purchases is massive because professional live streaming services offer an intimate brand connection & experience to the buyers, thus instilling confidence in them. This confidence translates to increased sales, which then prompts marketers to rely more & more on live broadcasting services.

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4. Better Healthcare Facilities Through Live Streaming

CDN live streaming services have also helped the healthcare sector make various leaps & technological strides. Patients can now live chat directly with their healthcare providers through the help of live broadcasting services, & get better diagnosis & treatment for their respective ailments. Not just patients, but top live streaming services also help healthcare professionals discuss cases together & exchange knowledge back & forth.

The best live streaming services around the world are already revamping the healthcare sector through cutting-edge live streaming technology to aid in better doctor-patient relationships. Reduced live streaming costs have also made live streaming services the most popular option for senior healthcare professionals to train new medical professionals in remote locations.

Looking at the deductions, it’s easy to say that live streaming in healthcare is one of the top live streaming trends in 2020!

5. Redefining Event Boundaries Through Live Streaming

It’s 2020, & you no longer have to be personally attending an event to witness it firsthand. The world has become smaller & every event, whether it be a high-wire concert, a popular game, a charity auction, a product launch, a conference, etc. is live streamed on the internet to reach millions of people across the world. 

Top live streaming services around the globe cash in on the whole virtual experience market, bringing fans of a game, an artist, a movie, etc. closer to the artisans by live-streaming every event through their agency. 

Social media live streaming also has a huge role to play in the success of the event industry, with thousands of new leads & fans pouring into the various live streams being broadcast across all social media live streaming platforms

The global success of the event industry brought on at least in part due to live broadcasting services has earned event live-streaming a place in the list of top 5 live streaming trends of 2020!

Live streaming is here to stay, & is poised to exert a more substantial influence on the masses with each passing year. It’s time to embrace its true potential, & unlock the doors of an inter-connected, information-oriented world that thrives on closer-than-ever human interactions & enriched experiences. 

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