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13 Essential Features for Conference Mobile App for Events

Conferences are professional events where a group of audience with similar interests gathers to discuss a particular topic. To host and deliver seamless and engaging experiences, the role of technology has become paramount. The conference mobile app is an indispensable tool that has changed the dynamic landscape of hosting these events. It is no longer a secret that an event app can break your event because the audience spends most of their time on mobile apps. The use of conference management apps can completely transform the whole event experience with their features and enhanced flexibility. 

In this blog, we will delve into the essential features of a mobile conference app that can shape events into unforgettable experiences. No matter if you are hosting an event or attending one, having these features is key to unlocking the full potential of the event.

What Are the Essential Features of a Conference Mobile App?

Mobile event apps have revolutionized the whole hosting experience for event planners and also for attendees. These apps are built to facilitate enhanced flexibility and convenience to gather and access information. With the event app market to hit $2.64 billion by 2028, these apps are constantly advancing to provide more prominent features. The most essential features of conference apps are:

1. User-Friendly Interface

The gateway to hosting a successful conference by incorporating an app lies in its user interface. An intuitive and user-friendly design ensures that attendees can effortlessly navigate through the app. Conference management apps with a clean interface not only simplify the attendee experience but also set the tone for the entire event. From event registration and ticketing to accessing the schedules and agendas. An easy-to-use interface lays a foundation for a positive and stress-free event experience.

2. Real-Time Agenda Updates

Conferences can be dynamic and can adapt in real-time. An event app for the conference provides real-time updates to empower both organizers and attendees to stay informed. Whether there is a sudden change in the session schedule or any impromptu addition to the agenda, real-time updates ensure that every participant stays on the same page. This feature of the conference mobile app caters to the unpredictability of events and adds a layer of flexibility.

3. Interactive Maps and Floor Plans

Conferences can be hosted in multiple types, sizes, and shapes, also there can be multiple sessions. Navigating through the conference venue can be a daunting task for attendees. With interactive maps and floor plans, a feature of the conference mobile app serves as a virtual compass. It can easily navigate the attendees to their desired destination, session, speaker,  exhibitor, and other points of interest. This feature of the app not only reduces confusion but also elevates the overall experience.

4. Speaker Profiles and Social Integration

Hosting a conference is not just about the discussion, it’s about getting insights or knowledge. There are professionals, leaders, and speakers who make the event interesting to provide all the information. A robust conference management app feature with detailed speaker profiles offers attendees a glimpse into the details and expertise of each speaker. Social media integrations take the whole experience a step further. It allows attendees to connect with speakers on various social media platforms directly through the app. This fosters networking opportunities and allows attendees to engage with them beyond the confines of the event.

5. Live Polls and Surveys

Keeping the attendees engaged is the heart of any successful event, live polls and surveys are a convenient way to ensure that. They can also be used for feedback, and 64% of event organizers rely on them to analyze attendee satisfaction. Having these features in the conference app ensures attendees actively participate in sessions by responding to real-time polls and survey questions. These interactive elements not only keep them engaged but also offer instant insights into attendee preferences and opinions. 

6. Networking Features

Conferences are a prime networking tool, and a feature-rich app can significantly enhance this aspect. Networking features in the conference mobile app can facilitate direct interaction and communication between attendees. Exchanging information and attendee directories can further enhance networking to turn the vast crowd into a pool of potential collaborators. By enabling them to connect, share insights, schedule meetups, and more. A well-implemented networking feature is a great way to elevate the attendee experience and ensure valuable connections are made.

7. Personalized Schedules

Every attendee comes to the conference with their unique interests and objectives. Giving them a personalized scheduling feature allows them to tailor the event experience according to their preferences. Attendees can easily bookmark the sessions, workshops, and networking events in their conference management apps to create customized agendas that align with their goals. This not only adds a layer of personalization but also ensures attendees make the most out of their time by focusing on the content that matters most.

8. Push Notifications

The environment of a conference is dynamic and timely communication is crucial. Push notifications serve as an instant update system, delivering important information directly to attendees. The conference mobile app is capable of passing information and engaging the attendees with the event. Whether it is a change in schedule, reminder, or any important announcements from event organizers. This feature ensures that attendees are always in the loop and also helps organizers stay connected with attendees, enhancing overall engagement.

9. Sponsor and Exhibitor Visibility

Almost 65% of event organizers utilize sponsorships and exhibitors for their events as they play a crucial role in the success of it. A well-customized app gives them the visibility they need, with a dedicated section for showcasing them. Along with promotional features of the conference mobile app like banners and sponsored content. A platform like this for these stakeholders allows them to connect with the audience. Attendees also benefit from discovering relevant products, services, and innovations and fostering a relationship between event organizers, attendees, and sponsors.

10. Live Streaming and Virtual Attendance

Hybrid events are gaining popularity, and the conference management app should support live streaming and virtual attendance. This feature allows attendees who can’t be present physically to join sessions remotely. By eliminating geographical constraints, it increases the reach of the event and accommodates a diverse audience. Integrations with live streaming and virtual participation feature ensure the remote audience feels seamlessly connected to the on-site experience.

11. Gamification Features

Gamification features to the conference mobile app can transform the event into an interactive and engaging experience. Features such as challenges, leaderboards, quizzes, and rewards encourage active participation in sessions. This not only adds a fun element but also incentivizes attendees to maximize their involvement and contribute to a memorable event experience. 

12. Offline Access

It is not necessary for your event attendees or the conference venues to have consistent internet connectivity. Offline access capabilities of the conference mobile app, are a crucial feature for attendees to access essential information. Such as schedules, speaker bios, maps, and more to ensure attendees can navigate the event seamlessly regardless of connectivity challenges.

13.  Help Desk & Chat Bot

It is very common for your event attendees to face difficulties or challenges while navigating through the app, registration and ticketing, or accessing information. Even though tutorials and helpdesk counters are helpful, having a virtual help desk or chatbot is essential to elevate the experience and reduce hecticness for attendees. They are an effective way to increase conversions and reduce bounce rate, and can easily assist attendees with any queries or other matters. This is a necessary feature of the conference event app that can elevate the whole experience for attendees to host successfully.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a conference requires a lot of planning and successful execution. Incorporating and conference mobile app can help enhance the whole event experience. These apps are specifically designed to foster engagement, networking, streamlined management, and much more. Having all the suitable and essential features in the app can help event planners to host seamlessly and attendees to access every detail and information about the event. Furthermore, for conference event mobile app development, you should hire a professional event tech suite like Dreamcast. That can help you with robust integrations with tailored and customized solutions. Book a demo now to learn more and leverage a robust event app for your next conference.

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