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Benefits of Periscope Live Video Streaming

With the world slowly and surely going online, influencers and brands alike have started honing in on the power of social media platforms. And is there’s one thing that all social media experts swear by, it’s the sheer appeal and success of live videos.

Live videos have garnered an impressive fanbase, and the reasons are pretty clear too.

Live videos are authentic, well-timed and offer viewers a window into the real-time world of their favorite celebrities, or brands for that matter.

Social media live streaming guides and live video experts predict a fruitful future for this particular aspect of social media. Naturally, with the steep rise in the popularity of live videos, social media platforms have all began to cash in on the fad.

Periscope, launched a few years back, is a live video streaming app that lets users share real-time, live content. It facilitates live video sharing, real-time comments and the ‘hearts’ feature, that lets users like any particular part of the video, then and there.

While initially being individual creator centric, Periscope live video streaming is also widely utilized by big brands and industries alike. Not only does live broadcast on periscope lets brands share authentic, real-time content with their viewers, but also lets brands know just what their users like to see!

Live Streaming on Periscope lets both small and huge brands share real-time content with their users, thus establishing trust and driving up sales.

In this blog, we bring you some benefits of Periscope live video streaming.

1. Provides An Authentic Medium

Periscope live video streaming lets individual creators and brands alike, stream real-time live video content to their audience that stems authentically.

Although social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Hangouts give their users an opportunity to live stream their content to audience, Periscope live video streaming lets you do that in a purely authentic way.

It has special features like hearts that lets your users ‘heart’ or like a particular part of the video, which you can then use to further direct your live video strategy.

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6. User-Friendly

You’d be tempted to think that all live video streaming apps provide their users with this feature, but you’d be wrong. Most live video streaming apps have an interface that favours professionals while not giving the same features to amateur users.

Periscope live video streaming is a very user-friendly app, and lets professionals as well as amateurs alike live stream their videos. Its close intimacy with Twitter is just another plus point to this user-favourite live video streaming app.

These few features and specialities make Periscope the go-to live video streaming platform for individual creators as well as small and huge brands.

Its user-friendliness, easily accessible interface, seamless Twitter integration and fun, casual way of live video streaming topples Periscope to the top of the live video streaming app chain.

Using Periscope live streaming can be a great boost for your business as well as is a boon for individual creators. It helps get your brand and your name out there, increases fan following, and gives users/audience an authentic glimpse into their lives as well as the decision making process of brands.

It helps gain user trust, and makes your brand easily accessible for consumers. These two factors combined, have definite potential to increase sales and your reach worldwide.