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How To Live Stream Town Hall Meetings?

Every company knows the importance of town hall meetings and the role they play in ensuring all verticals of the organization are running efficiently and are in sync with the vision of the company. Live streaming town hall meetings has made it easier for companies to ensure the value provided by the company’s town hall meetings reaches every employee, especially if the company has a lot of remote workers or has several offices.

Live streaming for town hall meetings has allowed corporates to cut down on non-essential costs like travelling and accommodation while actually increasing the value provided by the town hall meetings. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how to live stream your town hall meetings.

Why Live Stream Town Hall Meetings?

Other than lowering the costs associated with the meetings, town hall live streaming also has many other benefits for the company including:

  • Most town hall webcasting services keep a recorded copy of the entire meeting. This recording can be viewed at any time on demand by any employee and the footage can also be later repurposed for other needs such as marketing and training.
  • Townhall webcasting solutions come with tools that enrich the user interface for the viewers and actually increases engagement for viewers due to tools which help in interaction during the stream.
  • Live streaming town hall meetings ensures every employee has the opportunity to access the valuable information shared in the meeting, as they can access the recorded footage even if they couldn’t attend the live stream.

Guide to Live Streaming Town Hall Meetings:

1. Set Up the Live Streaming Software

The first step towards live streaming town hall meetings or anything really is setting up the software that’ll be used to manage the live stream even though it is possible just to use a cellphone and go live on any social media platform, for an important corporate event that shouldn’t be considered as an option.

Most town hall webcasting solutions will set-up the software and configure it to run exactly as per your live streaming needs. Most live streaming software offers a host of features such as the ability to stream across multiple live streaming platforms at the same time and transcoding on the fly for each platform.

2. Decide What Camera to Use

The camera’s role is to capture what’s happening at the meeting and it is vital to use a great camera in order to ensure the live stream’s video quality would be top-notch. Some good cameras for live streaming include Sony PMW-300K1 or the Canon XA10. Once you have decided on the camera, you can then decide the placement of the camera to ensure the live stream shows what’s happening in the meeting accurately and in a positive light.

Some live streams use a multi-camera setup which can become complicated to set up but using a few solid guiding principles, multi-camera setups can be handled smoothly which leads to a better viewing experience for the stream’s viewers.

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3. Finalize Other Equipment Details

The camera is not the only equipment needed to live stream a town hall meeting. There are other pieces of equipment to take into consideration, for example, the cables used to connect the cameras to the live streaming system and the equipment used to handle the audio aspects of the stream.

The audio aspect is as important as the video itself, especially when it comes to a live webcast town hall meeting. There are many options for external microphones that can be used suitably for live streaming and if you want to take it to the next level, you can use a dedicated audio mixer plugged into the camera too which can take input from multiple microphones.

4. Finalize The Direction of The Stream

When you’re live-streaming a townhall meeting, the objective is to present the information in an informative and engaging manner so the viewer feels like he is a part of the meeting too. In order to do this, a bit of planning is required beforehand.

A dedicated company that provides the service of live streaming for town hall meetings usually ensures there is a proper sense of direction to the stream so it looks well put together and cohesive to the viewer. Everything plays into the mix from where the cameras are set up to how the mics are picking up the sounds. By spending a little time finalizing the direction of the live stream, you’ll ensure that not only will the viewers have a great viewing experience of the stream but that you’ll end up with some high-quality footage of the meeting that can be used later for other purposes too.

5. Final Preparations

There is no room for error when you’re live streaming town hall meetings because live streaming is, as evident by its name, broadcasted live. Before going live, it is prudent to do some final preparations like ensuring your network is working properly and all the equipment is charged and ready for streaming. It is also a good idea to have backups and a redundant system in place to ensure there are no glitches when you’re broadcasting your company’s town hall meeting.

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6. Start Streaming

Now that we’ve set up our equipment, finalized our camera and other equipment, created a proper direction plan for the stream, and have made our final checks, we’re ready to go live. As your town hall meeting is being live-streamed, monitoring it and ensuring everything is working properly is the last and one of the most important steps when it comes to live streaming for town hall meetings.

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