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Live Streaming For Social Media Marketing – Platforms, Tips & Benefits

Social media marketing is becoming a part of event marketing. Social media is a platform that is available for all industries. With social media, a brand and organization can make an impact on its audience. Social media has various features that are useful for branding and marketing and video live streaming is one of them. With social media, you can create a better experience for your audience. Videos have become a strong part of marketing but video marketing is not limited to sharing or posting a well-edited video with high-quality visuals; it is more about engaging your audience and starting a conversation about your brand. A lot of brands have shifted to live-streaming videos instead of just posting a video they have started engaging with their audience through live streaming.

In this article, we are going to explore how video live streaming can help with social media marketing, platforms for live streaming, and some key points to remember before going live on social media platforms.

Overview Of Live Streaming

Video live streaming is a popular form of video content that is available on the internet. In simple words live streaming is transmitting live video over the internet in real time. It allows viewers to watch and engage with the video in real-time. Today there are various live-streaming platforms available in the market paid and free. Live streaming is becoming a marketing tool and that too a powerful one.

Overview Of Live Streaming

Organizers or hosts can record and share their live streams later with their target audience to get more engagement. Live streaming can offer various benefits and can support the marketing strategies of brands and organizations.

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Platforms For Live Streaming

Online video streaming is on the boom and that is the reason for the popularity of live streaming platforms, live streaming platforms are software or platforms that allow you to stream your video content online in real-time with your target audience. Here are some popular social video streaming platforms.

Platforms For Live Streaming

1. Instagram

The first platform we have on our list is Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. A lot of influencers, individuals, and organizers. All registered users can host a live video on the platform. Instagram limits the live video session to 60 minutes and allows hosts to engage with their audience. With Instagram, you have an option of sharing your live stream after your live session ends. Your live video will be available in the story for 24 hours, and if you want to have it permanently you can share it on your feed.

2. Facebook

Facebook live streaming is a popular feature of the platform. It helps marketers advertise their products or services through ads and other different features. Facebook allows all the users who are registered on the platform to host live video.

Facebook live streaming is a great way of engaging with the current audience and attracting new audiences. The platform offers various features that increase engagement. You can chat with the host of live-streaming sessions, and send a question, stickers, reactions, etc.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a platform that is famous for short content, you can tweet and share your thoughts, news, and ideas. The platform also allows live streaming features. Video live streaming is a great option if you want to stand out from Twitter. The platform also allows users to share the live stream after the session ends.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform. The LinkedIn live streaming feature is quite different from other social media platforms, LinkedIn doesn’t allow all its users to host live streaming sessions. You have to meet LinkedIn criteria for hosting a live-streaming session. You can post a request in LinkedIn’s Professional Community for hosting a live video and if you will meet the criteria of the professional community you will be able to host the live streaming session on LinkedIn.

5. YouTube

We all know that youtube is the biggest video streaming platform. Youtube Live streaming is a popular feature that anyone can use. YouTube live streaming is great for marketing. You can advertise your product or service during a live-streaming session. With YouTube, you can attract a huge audience and it allows users to interact with the host. You can also save your YouTube live stream on your channel.

Benefits Of Live Streaming For Social Media Marketing

Benefits Of Live Streaming

1. Engage the Audience

Audience engagement is necessary if you are marketing on social media. With engagement, you will be able to connect with your audience. Live streaming can help you engage with your audience in real-time. Live videos are great for engagement, you can talk and connect with your audience, and they can ask questions. Because videos are more appealing most of the time it becomes easier for the audience to remember video content. Live streaming enhances the sense of connectivity and increases the excitement among the audience.

With social media, there are various platforms and features available. If audience engagement is the main goal, you can compare different social media platforms and choose the one with the best engagement features.

2. Increase Reach

With live streaming, you can reach a global audience. With live streaming, you can attract more social media followers for your brand. Live streaming can help you not just reach your audience but also a new audience. With live streaming, you can reach millions of people.

Unlike pre-recorded videos, live streaming can support better interaction resulting in brand awareness. With your social media platforms, you show the brand or organization’s culture as it can build transparency. You can talk about your product or service with a larger audience.

3. Increase Conversion Rate

Video is a powerful tool and can help with conversions. Because people like to engage with video content the chance of conversion increases with live streaming. With live streaming, you can talk about your product or service without directly selling it. You can talk about the features of your product, or you can share how your product or service can change their lives, you can do a product demonstration, and when individuals will be able to see it live they will convert. Live streaming increases conversion rate and gives you competitive advantages.

4. Help With Promotion

The best part about live streaming on social media platforms is that it can help with promotions. You can use your social media live stream to launch a product or to promote a product or service, there is a lot that you can do for promotions with the help of live streaming.

For instance, if you have just launched your new product, you can host a live streaming session for product demonstration or product uses or reviews, in this way you will be able to promote your product. You can use multiple social media channels for streaming your live content. You can also advertise in between your live-streaming sessions to generate revenue.

5. Live Customer Support

Video live streaming can provide customer support. Of course, your audience will need 24*7 customer support and you can provide it with live streaming all the time. But once in a while, you can host a live-streaming session to answer the queries of the customers. It is one of the most engaging ways of providing customer support to your audience. Your audience might be having various questions regarding the brand, product, or service that you can answer personally.

With this, you will also be able to understand the perspective of the audience about your brand.

Tips To Remember Before Going Live On Social Media

Here are a few things that you should remember before going live on social media:

Goal Of Live Stream

For live streaming, the first step is to set a specific goal, and most of the hosts and presenters set goals for their live streaming session but because of various other factors, they can sometimes go off track so it is very crucial to remember the goal of your live streaming session. Try to stick to your goal. Your live stream can’t be random, make sure you have a set goal and convey your message to your audience.

Goal Of Live Stream

Internet Connection

A good internet connection is essential for any live-streaming session. So before you go live for your streaming session make sure you are checking your internet connection. Run a check for network speed and connectivity and have a backup network.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

There are different social media platforms available and to live stream your video session you will have to decide which one works for you. Do proper research and see which platform has your active audience, and test the features of the platform to see what can work for you and choose the platform accordingly.

Raise Awareness About Your Live Stream

Don’t forget to build the talk around your event. Make sure you are promoting your live stream before the event. Use social media stories, countdowns, and feeds to promote your event. You can mark the event on your Facebook wall and you can host content on Instagram to promote your event. Make use of different social media features for the promotion of your live-streaming session.

The Bottom Line

And it is wrapped for live streaming for social media marketing. Live streaming in social media is gaining importance because of several reasons it improves customer engagement and supports live interaction for building brand awareness. And with live streaming brands and organizations can use their social media to creatively market their product and services. With live streaming on social media, you can reach your audience so what you are waiting for is choosing a social media platform, frame your marketing strategies, and start live streaming.

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