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Top 5 Live Streaming Apps For Special Event Broadcast

The rapid increment in live event broadcasting or broadcast solutions has really changed the traditional methods of meetings and seminars. Today, the widespread possibilities to broadcast live video streaming has penetrated nearly every second meeting and the event of the world. This rapidly evolving broadcast service should definitely be in mind for any future programming. If you plan your next event without implementing a secure broadcast solution, you are going to miss out on a lot of potential viewers. The live streaming apps are all set to take over the event segment, and there are a lot of possibilities to gain the advantage of this new era’s broadcast service.

Some Various Factors To Broadcast Live Video Streaming

Let’s discuss one by one, the various factors that are being considered as scoring criteria to select the best 5 live streaming apps to broadcast live video streaming:


Whether the broadcast solution is available as an app on your device or whether it is available for computers only. All the top 5 apps selected here are compatible with PCs, tablets and mobile phones too. Well, Periscope live streaming service providers only thought of creating a mobile app for it. There are many others like Facebook live video streaming solutions that provide their streaming service on all kinds of platforms.

2. Event Management Tools

What kind of features does the broadcast service provider distribute? Whether they are helpful in general or are they specifically built for live event broadcasting mostly decides what kind of features will be provided by the app. Live stream on periscope live is specially designed for online video streaming.

3. Complexity

Does the application provides features like monetization, VOD (video on demand), pay per view and multiple bitrate handling etc? YouTube live streaming service provider has always been on top of their game in providing complex features like monetization and pay per view. 

4. Integration

Is the broadcast service provider allowing integration with other popular webcasting software and social media sites? or does it keep the live streaming separate? Live broadcast services for Instagram have been considered the best to link up with any account, be it on Facebook, YouTube or any website; it can easily integrate with other services. 

5. Virality

Is the live streaming app likely to create a viral opportunity for your content to widespread over social media? Remember live stream on periscope live, it was one of the most viral apps of 2016.

6. Ease of use

How convenient is the live event broadcasting app? Is it user-friendly? Well, live broadcasting service for Instagram is completely user-friendly.

7. Rating

How well is the app rated in each segment decides the overall rating? Facebook tops the list again over this. Periscope live streaming service providers worked really hard for Apple to announce periscope as the iPhone app of the year in 2016.

Top 5 Live Streaming Apps

Now that the criteria to nominate the top 5 apps have been discussed, let’s move forward with the top 5 list:

Facebook Live

Facebook live is one such app that fulfills all the criteria. Facebook webcasting providers have made this app is so user-friendly that even if you are broadcasting your event for the first time, you won’t face any kind of trouble. With Facebook live video streaming solutions, you will be able to connect with most of your social media members. Facebook webcasting providers have always emphasized on response and engagements. Facebook live video streaming solutions will provide you with the potential social audience at your fingertips. This highest-rated live streaming app is truly the king of online promotions overtaking television and print advertisement.

Youtube Live

Youtube is the 2nd most used website in the world. Also, it has nearly 5 billion visits every day, so, with the help of Youtube video streaming solutions, you will not only be able to interact with your existing viewers but will also be able to find new audiences. YouTube live streaming service providers have always focused on seamless webcasting. This enhances the overall viewing experience allowing users to stay connected. If you are planning for a social media event and want as much audience involvement as possible, Youtube video streaming solution is the best option out there.

Instagram Live

With almost around 700 million users all around the world, Instagram is growing rapidly as the most influential social media app. With the recent launch of live broadcast service for Instagram, the benefits for businesses and organizations have doubled. With a convenient app as an Instagram live streaming service provider, the widespread growth of fanbase is sure to increase. Instagram live can turn out to be very helpful for social media influencers. Instagram live streaming service provider has provided features like live comments and likes along with adding multiple people in a single live stream make Instagram the most advanced app in live streaming services.

Google Hangouts On Air :

This is another international brand name in the top 5 list. Google being the second largest internet company, has many apps and features under its umbrella, Hangouts on air being one of them. Google hangout live streaming is the best app for putting up a group chat on streaming. With as many as 10 people being accommodated together on the live stream, it is the best app for group discussions stream and meeting live casting. Google hangouts live streaming is a really helpful app if you are planning to put up your conference or meeting on a live stream. 


This is the only application in the top 5 list that is designed for live streaming of sports events. The app basically focuses on video game live streaming and online broadcast of Sports events. Twitch can be very useful if you are planning to start a career in Sports. It has 15 million daily users making it the biggest app in the game streaming department. This platform not only allows you to share your screen online but also supports webcam broadcast. With this app, you can show the world your gaming skills. It also provides a separate segment for live comments and reactions. Overall this is the best app to stream your game online.

There are many other apps and services that provide excellent live streaming services like Periscope, Ustream, InterCall, ON24 and many more. Live streaming and broadcasting of events are a growing trend. With these apps and websites being on top of their games, this trend is going to become a daily habit for millions of internet users. If you are planning for streaming your events online, there is no better time than now. As the number of online stream viewers is rapidly growing, there are a lot of possibilities to find a potential audience and improve your business using this amazing technological advancement.